HARGEISA, 25 January 2010 (Somalilandpress) – In 2009 many people mainly married women have been robbed off their money in a swindle way- an irregular banking system which has been operating for the last two years in Somaliland. In this peculiar system, clients used to receive 15% of their capital per month. Later on, things grew ominously worse when the whole system collapsed and its agents vanished. This money scam has left many families split-up in Hargeisa. Hundreds of families were seprated each other relating to the money scam in Hargeisa; therefore a lot of men divorced their wifes while others beaten their wifes seriously, when they put some money without noticing their husbands to this irregular banking system. We recognize 2009 a year of domestic violence in Somaliland.

Hargeisa residents faced fear and puzzle after they heard that Cannibal person seek with leprosy had appeared and injured two persons at Sheikh Nour village in Hargeisa. This tragedy caused that Children living in the streets (Homeless) of Hargeisa are fleeing their sleeping places due to dread of people who have leprosy infection that were reported to hurt 8 years old girl at Masalaha Village in Hargeisa. For the last two days of November 2009 police captured two men who have leprosy and accused that they are the cannibals who ate the man and injured the people including the young girl in Hargeisa. Doctors were identified these two leprosy affected- Cases.

While young people are recognized as an important sector of society, in reality they often lack the moral and financial support of their government and their people. One of the main challenges faced Somaliland’s young people is lack of social centers that provide them reading opportunities and even to share their circumstances, and also providing those who suffer for psychosocial counseling and even to meet their role-models or get guest lectures. In 2009, after long suffering the students in different districts in Hargeisa established community libraries in their villages. Each village’s students came together with the help of their elders, educators and businessmen. They rent physical buildings and collect books for their own. This is really good initiative that will keep many young people who spent their costly time in sitting cafes and chatting meaningless words.

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What Diaspora can do is that to support community libraries which locate the different villages in Hargeisa. Diaspora must support financial and moral, predominantly supporting books and establishing programmes inspiring youth in Somaliland. Especially the starting Diaspora Youth Partnership Program (DYPP), which provides youth in the country for different services. Such as paying fee schools the most vulnerable youth in the displaced villages who always less quality of life.

Shaqo- Doon is a project funded by Education Development Center (EDC) and implemented by many youth organizations such as Somaliland National Youth Organization – which is network that meets more than 30 local youth organization in the six regions in Somaliland. The project’s beneficiaries are young people which they equip skills training, job preparation ( training for computer literacy, and also developing their language by providing intensive English courses to help them to simplify to sit interviews and communicate with both UN & international NGO’s which are the two main source of employment. Apart from these, there are many young boys and girls which they provide internship period and work them as volunteering for development. Those who are trained more they seek job opportunities from UN & international NGO’s and other institutions such as private and public sectors.

On 10th august 2009, SONYO umbrella organized a meeting between University students inside and outside the country. The ceremony took place at Ambassador Hotel in Hargeisa. After that the chairperson of SONYO umbrella started the speech and talked about the importance of such meetings. He indicated the necessity of exchanging experience with their local people to contribute for the development of the country. He also urged the foreign based students to have close friends to their host nations to establish a sustainable relationship which will ultimately be beneficial to our country. Somaliland Minster of internal affairs was invited to the stage, he told those who are studying abroad to respect the rules and the regulations of their host countries as they are ambassadors of their country. If you behave the people you live with good character, it is good for us. Other wise will spoil the name of your country. Later on, the session begun with presentation by different students from different universities in abroad.

To be continued ………………………………………………………………….

Written by: Farhan Abdi Suleiman (oday)


Farhan Abdi Suleiman is a social worker, a graduate of the University of Hargeisa and youth activist. He is also a regular contributor to Somalilandpress. He can be reached at:

Tell: 252-2-4401132
Hargeisa, Somaliland


  1. Farhan I really enjoy your articles and you always talk about subjects of interest rather than politics, 2009 was a difficult year for everyone around the world, let's hope 2010 brings prosperity and happiness to the people of Somaliland.

    This village view of the leprosy disease needs to be addressed, I heard villages in Ethiopia believe if they drink the blood of another human (cannibals) their disease would be cured, this is what drives them to cannibalism.

    I am also concerned about the number of street kids in Hargeisa both Somalis and Ethiopians.

    We need to address these things and also stop the people flooding into Somaliland because we can not sustain all these refugees as we are struggling our selves. Most people just want peace but Somaliland gets no international help.

  2. This is serious matter and the government should not take it lightly. They should not allow cannibals and people with contagious diseases into the country. Homeless kids are vulnerable to be attacked or eaten by these cannibals. We have enough problems on our own and we don't need other people's problems to distracting us from concentrating on our problems.

    I agree that young people need libraries and recreation activities to keep them busy. The diaspora could have helped with some book, but the problem is how to get them to Somaliland. Previously, people tried to ship books to Hargeisa but I heard that it was not an easy task because there is no direct shipment facility.

    Good job Farhan.

  3. It's true shipping books to Somaliland is huge complex task and costly one, I remember writing to this American organisation who were happy to donate more than 20,000 volume of books but someone had to cover the shipment cost which was almost $8000, thus I thought it would be cheaper to buy them than to ship them at such cost.

    And that $8k is not even from USA but from neighbouring Djibouti, if you think you can cover the cost for such books then contact Somalilandpress, they will forward your email to mine they have my email.

    Somaliland diasporas also need to establish an organisation that just deals with children recreation such as building them playgrounds, donating toys, building them toys, courts, even swimming pools, this is all possible if we all come together.

  4. I still have all my University text books packed in boxes in the hope that I will bring them home for the libraries one day when shipment and connections gets easy.

  5. Jubba, an individual alone would not make that much difference. We need a collective force to contribute and make a difference together.

  6. Iam very pleased with your prompt concern of your country both Jubba & Gobad. It certainly was nice to be remembered a time that all social sectors let alone educational were dead and functionless and especially nice to send your donate books to the community libraries in Hargeisa. I understand the problem of shipment as u were highlighted both of u.

    Hargeisa has only two libariers which is full of old donated books that were written 30 years before. Let alone books no enough desks and tables. One of them called Gandi public library who has lots of old books, students only came to this library to read their own books due to his nearer than the other one.

    The other one was established ILO and works for the concern of ILO. This library was intended to provide social books for only those who work in the field of NGOs and business people. He also works as local economic development resource center. Unfortunately ILO mentioned that they don’t have any funds for his sustainability and it is near to close as ILO left the country.

    Yours Concern,
    Farhan Abdi
    Hargeisa, Somaliland

  7. You Jubba and Gobad take the responsibility of lobbying community libraries in the country. The idea of volunteerism is missed to our Somaliland’s except few of them. Let’s transform Somaliland’s brain drain into brain hope.