One day meeting kicked off in Hargeisa, was launched a 16-day campaign on
violence against women, and included officials from Nagaad Women’s
Network, Nafis Network, Save the Children and other officials. And
other civil society organizations in Somaliland.

Khadra Ali Hassan, Vice Chairman of Nagaad Women’s Umbrella
Association, who spoke there, explained the purpose of the meeting for
women in Hargeisa, and said; “God willing this month (December 2019)
and until next year (December 2020),

β€œWe will come back with action, starting with our neighborhoods and
when you go back to the neighborhoods where you come from a
five-member committee, then deal with the neighbors and the situation
of women, , and I will discuss this with the experts who are sitting
here in her immediate family and if we were to do something every year
we would think little or no other ways to think about it, so what you
are posting here today and the information that you produce must
change with action and action ”, she said

Mr. Mohamed Dhamc, representative of Y-Peer and Save the Children
representative stated that the meetingΒ  aims to produce solutions . 6