As a human and as a country we face many challenges and hardship in life but it depends how we/you challenge it. And after all everything happens for a reason. Unjust destroys families and states. Injustice was the only cause of the destruction of previous nations and kingdoms: { So the people that committed wrong were eliminated. And praise to Allah, lord of the worlds}[Quran 6:45]. In another ayat: Verily Allah will never change the condition of a people until they change themselves(13:11)
There is a great scale of injustice that took place in somaliland recently and still taking place.
We faced many problems in the past and will face challenges and problems in the future.The problems that we have faced in the past were far worse than any challenges that we may have now. We have been through problems such as Siyad Bare’s atrocities, tribal bloody wars, economy problems, recognition problems as well as every other problems under the sun, but out of all the problems we faced as a country, this security threat claimed by the British and the likes seems to be the one that annoys us the most, it is the most terrible issue that we have ever faced in the entire twenty two years that we have existed. It is not that other issues or problems are not important to us or are somehow less annoying; it is indeed, but this threat issue raised by the British is just a complex issue which needs an immediate remedy or attention. After all, this is a national crisis or should I say national disaster. When I heard this threat news I started shaking and trembling with shock, it was like if the whole skies has fell on me. In the end u said to myself, this is a wakeup call for us all
However, when there are problems, there is also always a solution. When there is a problem, no matter how big, small or complex it may be, you always assess, evaluate and investigate the problem with an expert to that particular issue or the problem, then in the end you simply try solving the problem.
Some issues or problems are required been solved by, may be one department, ministry or may be the government as a whole but this problem is national issue, therefore requires a unity, whether we are young or old, educated or uneducated, government or a nation. We all need to stand shoulder to shoulder and hold hands …. United we stand divides we fall.
We must forget all our differences for this issue and every issue that may arise as this has directly affected the whole country.
Few days back I was sitting with some friends, they were all from Somaliland, representatives from kulmiye, Wadani and new ucid discussing this so called security threat issue, I was pleasantly surprised that our political parties are beginning to show signs of maturity and started talking this issues openly and with honesty shadowed by true patriotism.. All six of us agreed that is this is a national issue, therefore it requires national unity and working together as one body.. Together we can. So if all six of believed and realised that this is a nationwide crisis, then how come that I see people with a different view and to some extent blaming individuals or the government, my point here is that it’s not a time for blaming, it’s a time to be united and act as one body.
I don’t see this unity taking place in Somaliland as a whole, especially in the government as well as the nation, in fact the government has divided in to groups in the past two or three days for one problem or the other.
I see a government who are busy with some irrelevant matters when the nation is in crisis.
I see a blame culture that is taking place. I see people blaming other people for this security threat issue. Let me tell you something here, the British and USA don’t and will not take information or listen to or from individuals. Even if they do, they will assess, evaluate and investigate thoroughly by an expert and then take action. The British take this issue very seriously and believed the joint amisom and Somali government claim that alshabab has run away in to puntland and Somaliland. But the question that I would like to ask you is, did you see anyone from the government denying this claim soon after this claim was made by amisom and Somalia?. I think the silence on this has led the world to believe that these people who run away from Mogadishu are now in puntland and Somaliland. If someone accuses you for anything or any matter, especially your national security publicly, then you tend to reply it publicly, but if you don’t reply, then I am afraid that is a sign of acceptance. Don’t you think so? We, as well as the whole world know that Somaliland have had relatively enjoyed peace and stability in the past 22 years. As the unexpected happened from the British then perhaps, we need to show the world that we have peace in Somaliland by inviting all the media including BBC and VOA in our country. It’s our responsibility to show the world that the peace we have enjoyed for the past 22 years is still here with us and that as government and as nation will do anything to maintain it.
The other questions that come to my mind or ask myself are as follows
We, all aware that we Somaliland are in a crisis situation but I don’t see the following steps taking place
A. I don’t see a crisis meeting took place at all. The government should have instantly called for an emergency crisis meeting to analyze, asses, investigate and action.
B. I don’t see the two houses, the house of Guurti and the parliament debating on it, all I see is division and punch ups and blame culture amongst us
C. I don’t see the government inviting the international media bodies in to our country to show the world that the peace and stability that we have enjoyed is still here with us.
D. I don’t see our intellectuals, elders, government, and parliamentarian, house of elders debating on the issue. We need to find and agree what steps we should take as nation for this matter
E. We should have Bullet points to identify the key facts and guidelines after the debate.
Without fulfilling the above objectives and steps, then I am afraid that we will become ready meal for anyone who doesn’t like us; especially our neighbours in Somalia who are now attacking us left right and centre with a political game
Message to President Ahmed Siilaanyo, as president of our country you should take every step and role necessary to show your leadership in this regard. As a government you should convince and show the world that peace and stability is our food and drink. You must shine and put the country on its feet again. That history of peace and stability is now under threat. .. We need to have a framework for this issue, we need to think forward and convince the world that peace is still with us.
Message to our nation; United we stand, Divided we fall. Be strong. End tribalism. Don’t worry too much about changing and swapping of the officials as there is a good indication in that. We should be happy for the army ranks; there will be 5000 more official to be announced. It’s good for the country
Message to our neighbours in Somalia. You declared a political war with us and still have the mentality of 1960. Your recent VOA interview, you claimed Somaliland as one of the provinces of your Somalia, Greater Somalia became abortive at the end by your own hands. Your ignorance and arrogance is what makes you believe that Somaliland will be dismantled by calling of Mo Farrah, Fosia and the likes. You are trying to take advantage of Somaliland current problems, the problems that you yourself and your amisom created. You told the world that alshabaabs are in somaliland, you cannot see alshababs in mogadisho who are destroying your state house, vila Somalia where you live yourself, how on earth you can see the shababs who are in Somaliland. Maybe you know because you have sent them to us. Tell us where they are and show the whole world where they are in Somaliland. Let me tell you something, if anything happen in Somaliland, then you are responsible. We will not let you take the advantage; we survived for the past 22 years with little help from outside world. We are stronger now than we were when we kicked the mighty Somali army, so keep singing my friend… It is a question of self-determination of a nation that shoulders its destiny. Somalia and the whole world understand that we mean business. We understand your appointments of fosia and the likes is your self-desperation attempt to make the world believe that Somaliland is part of Somalia.
Somaliland suffered enough aggression and cruelty by you own hands. We will never forget the oppression, the displacement, destruction of our cities, the genocide over 60,000 bodies in mass graves:. We cannot forget the innocent civilians that were taken out of their homes late at night and executed in the years 1984,1985, 1986, 1987, and 1988 because of whom they were.
by AhmedYasin Sheikh Mohamed Jama


  1. kkkkkkkk …. that is ridiculous … my friend you are really singing yourself. You know we dont care what happened to you, the same way you dont care what you are doing in buuhoodle. you are happy when those freedom-fighters are killed and massacred. what is that you think you are doing. are you feeding them with food or bullets. You just talk about xasuuq and at the same time doing it with pride. I dont believe what you call Somaliland is going to work. Puntland is more peaceful now. Mogadishu is more peaceful. 22 years of lost time with khat and begging. what is that you call development. Mogadishu was in trouble for 22 years and is now more developed than the your 7 km sq town. I have seen Hargeisa … what did you do. You say we have peace. No where is at peace in the world. Even USA and EU have security problems. Nothing comes with peace. The arms embargo will be lifted and i will one of those who will come to liberate you from the tribal ideology.

    • May Allah make you feel the pain of WAR yourself. You seem to think it is fun and enjoyable?

      Weapons mean nothing if the coward holding the weapon does not have the heart nor an objective. Those who live by the gun die by the gun.

      For every fool who wants war he will find 10 fools more hungry for that war waiting to share his desire.

      All talk and no action… 🙂

  2. The problem we ahve here is that eveyone is trying to talk nonenses and tell that he/she can do a thing that he/she cannot do. Everyone simply says that I will do this and that without having the will or the strength to do this and that. When Puntland people will get the strength to liberate S/Landers? When EDBIYE and people like him did free themselve from tribal intrigues and ill intentions? It is better for you to keep your mouth shut and hide yoursefl in Garowe

    • Majority of the Anti-Somaliland Harti are Powerless former pirates who have learnt muuqdishu properties will never be returned to them and that they are always going to be second class citizens in Somalia-Italia.

      • im digil and mirile, everyone knows darood runs somali politics apart from djubouti and isaakland the 3 towns of burco, berbera and haragaysa

  3. Amisom forces are too strong and Al shababa inept youths will not do stupid things like confronting the Amisom so they would tactically retreat flee from the Amison forces as far as they and regroup somewhere safe like galgala or war torn khaatumo state. Northern Somalia was a haven of peace but nowadays its a conflict-ridden region hell on earth and the Issaq should be blamed for the instability for their illegal expansion into another clan territory for proposing a white trash colonial village border. Today there isnt one single majeerteen in Khaatumo state, puntland has returned severely districts to khatumo state and it does not occupy any khaatumo strip but Issaq occupies las anod and some other towns.

    • The Galgala Terrorists are Majority Majeerteen. Their leader Sheik Atom is also a son of Puntland who was smuggling arms since 1993 for the islamic courts and for Abdullahi Yusuf via Yemen.

      All conflicts that begin in eastern Somaliland will eventually conclude in Bossasso and Gerowe as the chances of expanding eastwards is a higher likelihood then westwards.

    • LOOOL PuntlandGeezer, Why do you sound like Faroole brotha there is no Alshabab in Khaatumo state, UN are well informed what is going on in Khaatumo state is clan-related violence,(unionist vs separatist) there's no single alshashab leader who originate from SSC. How can they regroup a place where they have no allies what so ever?

      • Sheik Atom's Militia are 99% Majeerteen from Gerowe and Gaalkaciyo. There has alwasy been links between Sheik Atom the arms smuggler and his cousin Fuad Shangoole who is a top Shabab official and currently believed to be in debrief in Gerowe Pis head quarters.

        Al-Itixaad created Islamic militancy or islamic-political organisation in 1993. Al-Itixaad was created in Bossasso and Gerowe region where even Hassan Dahir Cawys received his education and insurgence training along with Fuad Shangole, Kabakutukade, Abu Mansor, Ali dheere and Ceyro. Militancy was masterminded in Gerowe in order to overthrow the WARLORDS who maintained a monopoly in and around Muuqdishu economic zone.

        It has always been about who controls Muuqdishu and it looks like Abgaal-Hawiye have gained a monopoly in the governance of Muuqdishu indefinitely. I suspect Gerowe is cooking up another STRAIN of militancy to offset the new realities?

        PIS is Shabab.

        • stop changing the subject Buuxiye Please explain why the Ethiopian stooge (SNM) are in Las Anod?

          • waryaa dolbahante are outside lasanod, all sub clans are united since early 2012. the 3 habro adminstration tells their people bs all the time, they khatumo is with us because of xaartoosiye
            soon they will leave or die

  4. I`m a Darood boy! Proud of it and to inferiority you even further I`m MJ, Hate me, Love me it doesn't `t matter secessionist.

    I want you secessionist to listen carefully, if the Daroods in Puntland wanted war, they would have attacked you on a large scale already. But the truth is they don`t, they are focused on bigger and better things. Lets be honest war would be disaster for both Somaliland and Puntland. So cut the BS.

    Also I know you secessionist like to hide under the Isaaq name but the truth is people can differentiate between the two, so go kill yourself secessionist, the jig is up, the world is crumbling around you, face the facts don`t lash out on others, be anger with yourself.

    • Mad Mullah Said it best:

      1. Majeerteen majnuun inuu yahaan, marag u haystaaye
      2. Waa niman masakhan oon ahayn, midhaha Daaroode
      3. Waa niman siddii Moolaadhabe, miciya dheerdheere
      4. Waa niman maddada oo cir weyn, oo masiiba ahe
      5. Waa niman lafaha mudhuxsadoon, muruqna reebayne
      6. Waa niman haddad min u furtoo, malab durduursiiso
      7. Ama aad maqaarreyda geel, xero u meegaarto
      8. Waa niman inay mahad naqaan, laga malaynayne
      9. Cir milshiyey dhulkoo malaf ka baxay, maalka oo dararay
      10. Waa niman martidu eeyan tegin, madal ay joogaane
      11. Waa niman madaal inay baxshaan, loogu muhanayne
      12. Waa niman haddaad gabadh markab ah, maqaasiinka u geyso
      13. Wuxuu fiidka horre mayracoo, marakabeeyaaba
      14. Waa niman masaladood jabtoo, hooyadood mira e
      15. Waa niman misciliisha ugu jira, sina u meerkeede
      16. waa niman candhada laga maraa, milil ka dhiiqaaye
      17. Waa niman maruubada la’oo, minidu dhaaftaaye
      18. Waa niman siddiii mowle bahal, laga mareertaaye
      19. Waa niman mareeg lagu dabraa, sida maliid awre
      20. Waa niman madhuushoodu tahay, mooye qaab darane
      21. Waa niman margigu siiban yahay, iyo mataanuhuye
      22. Waa niman macaankii jannada, meel aan ku lahayne
      23. Waa niman futadu maastahoo, duud maloogna ahe
      24. Waa niman miskaha lagala dhacay, qaare madax weyne
      25. Waa niman minjuhu ay yihiin, miiqan taag darane
      26. Gabaygaa ha laguu maadsadee, mariya oo geeya
      27. Markab nagaga sii qaada oo, meel walba u dhoofsha
      28. Nimankii makhaayadaha fadhiyey, naga mihiibsiiya

      Majareerteens are not Midhaha Darood… Ma Jareertii Zanzibar laga iib keenay ba Gudakubiirsi Darood ku dambeysey?

      Ma Jareerti xidhanjirtey Jawanka Jeexjeexneyde.

      🙂 i guess you need to remind us of your pride

      The Biggest Sheegato Sub clan among all Somalis. At least Hawiye admit they are a confederation.

      • Buuxiye,

        Thank for this historic facts. I didn't knew about. Now, I know and I will forward this facts to all my friends that I have their email addresses.
        Good job, please, keep on informing us things or two about this anti-somali, Somaliland group.

    • If you believe in your own comments, do not hide under a fake name , show your true identity and then call yourself a Darood boy. Who cares whether you are Darood or Midgan. What I am very sure is I am a true Somalilander and Somaliland is my tribe and my clan.

      I have Darood in me, Isak in me, Gadabursi in me and Isse in me.Long live Somaliland and its people. Death to enemies of Somaliland within and without.

  5. Folks..cut off the craps and slow down a bit…btw mj'tenia puntland is part of failed Somalia…
    btw Somaliland and Somalia are the only two sovereignty as far as the failed and collapsed
    sdr of 1991 is concerned…btw all these so called semi-enclaves renegades would have no
    real resumates in the real big time political issues of the 1960s Somali Republic unified
    amalgations between the two Northern and Southern Somalilands conflicting political pseudo stalmate …btw after what happened since then, the way circumstances dictate, the only meaningful path is the dialogue between Hargeisa and find real resolves between the original northern and southern somalilands..btw hopefully, there should be a breakthrough asap. Any other hanky-panky craps would only deteriorate and escalate mayhem calamities.

  6. Buuxiye as far as I'm concerned you can jump of a bridge and take your fellow secessionist with you. You are sick and so are your self hating secessionist crew. Unlike you I won't put up a disclaimer, I'm mean every word of it.

    By the way Buuxiye you can talk tough online and say all you want. But we both know you wouldn't dare say such things in the face of others.

    Now to all tough guy secessionists, I Beg you to encourage your pretend government to attack Puntland and the South, see what it gets you. Because I'm tired sick of these idol threats. Mean what you and go enlist in SNM and come south, But I doubt any of you or your pretend government have the balls for such endeavors. So stop the BS and this online tough guy.

    Buuxiye the truth is I would hand you your ass and have you saying you love Daroods and MJ's. I wish I knew you, because that's the only barrier between you and me. I never make threats online, but for you its only a matter, if I knew your location. I would tape you crying like little girl and renouncing Secessionism. I would show the world your resolve and weakness. No BS that's the truth.

  7. Loool how somalia can be responsible for the
    The security threat claim from britain ? Last time i checked britain was a sovereign country with his own intelligence services ! they don’t need any information from somalia government.
    To cut a long story short It’s funny how we are the scapegoat for all your problem !

  8. Diehard Somalilander

    "If you believe in your own comments, do not hide under a fake name , show your true identity and then call yourself a Darood boy. Who cares whether you are Darood or Midgan. What I am very sure is I am a true Somalilander and Somaliland is my tribe and my clan.

    I have Darood in me, Isak in me, Gadabursi in me and Isse in me.Long live Somaliland and its people. Death to enemies of Somaliland within and without".

    Die hard you are going all over the place, and second I only state that above for one reason. Because you secessionist like to throw around tribe like your the one who are proud and can talk such arrogance. I can say this much though my tribe is 100% in full agreement when comes to keeping Somalia together can you say that, plus why you even bringing such talks to me when it's your fellow secessionist who bring talks of war and aggression, i guess you only see the wrong of others, but never your amigos, Huh.

    I am not playing nice no more, nor will I say anything good towards you secessionist. I can careless if are offended since you rat faced, pig ass, don't understand the meaning of mutual respect. Also you can be any tribe you want or a combo as you stated but a secessionist is secessionist. Let me simplify it for you, a traitor is a traitor.

    So go drinking a cup full jizz and choke on it. How like that disrespect. You and Buuxiye go consummate your hater for Somali Republic.

    • You the so-called tellmetruth or tellme lie,

      Why are you so defensive? You are acting like a child whose mama refused to feed. Calm down and don't be emotion and stop crying like a baby. You are the one who made a comment saying you are a Darood boy, why do you think I care who you are? Why don't you defend your Daroodism? Instead of hiding under Somali name which I am sure you care less for as long as the Somali is not a darood. I have stated before and I will repeat myself, I am a proud Somalilander who belong to every clan who calls it self Somalilander, understand?


  10. @Amirah Istal-Somali

    There's gotta be Al shabaab members hiding in Khaatumo or its sympathizers since Khaatumo is a beneficiary for Al shabaab because its a war zones and ungoverned areas which provides Al shabaab a safe havens and to expand their insurgencies in boosaaso to attack Puntland forces stationed in Sugure village.

  11. you talking nonsense mate, talk about the fact and stop hating your fellow human being, no tribes will help you into your grave except your deeds.

  12. 3 habro and their xabashi submissiveness will be out of lasanod

    their xabashi master told them this week in Addis


  13. Come down guy i am from habr yonis and beleive greater somalia ,gacmo wadajir wax ku gooyaan? so we are no all secessionist