Photo: Ministry of Public Services Development Maryan Qasim (left) and Foreign Minister Fowziya Yusuf Aden

Somalia’s new prime minister has named a leaner cabinet as the country attempts to establish its first fully functioning government after decades of anarchy.

Abdi Farah Shirdon on Sunday announced the appointments of 10 cabinet ministers, downsizing the executive from the previous 18 in the transitional government whose mandate ended in August. He said his government would restore security and rebuild Somalia’s economy.

Shirdon appointed two female ministers, including the first female Foreign Minister Fowziya Yusuf Aden as well as Maryan Qasim who was appointed Public Services Development minister. Somalia has been ravaged by war for two decades after warlords overthrew a longtime dictator in 1991 and then turned on each other. The government, backed by African Union troops, is currently battling Islamist extremist rebels linked to al-Qaida

Here are the names of the new cabinet

1. Ms. Fowzia Yusuf H. Adan – Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs

2. Mr. Mohamoud Hassan Suleiman (Awil) – Minister of Finance

3. Mr. Abdihakim Mohamoud Haji Fiqi – Minister of Defense

4. Mr. Abdikarin Hussein Guuled – Minister of Interior and National Security

5. Mr. Abdullahi Ilmoge Hersi – Minister of Information and Telecommunications

6. Mr. Abdirizak Omar Mohamed – Minister of Natural Resources

7. Mr. Abdullahi Abyan Nur – Minister of Justice and Religious Affairs

8. Ms. Maryan Qasim – Minister of Social Services

9. Mr. Mohamoud Ahmed Hassan – Minister of Trade and Industries

10. Mr. Muhiyadin Mohamed Kaalmoy – Minister of Public Works and Reconstruction

– AP


  1. Actually mr.premier you have executed your prerogative in naming the cabinet.however you went a stray in naming madam fowsia for that eye lifting you think she can meet as per the performance contract of your government.