By: Guled Abdi Mahir

One of the best private schools in Somaliland, Noradin Primary and Intermediate Schools held a prize giving ceremony for the best managers, teachers and subordinate staff for the year 2023 in Hargeisa.
The institution which is a paragon in the educational sector, continues to produce the best students in the country. Noradin Elementary, Primary and Intermediate Schools have withstood the test of time, and three decades from their establishment in 1995 continue to lead Somaliland’s educational sector.
Notably present at the prize giving function were top government officials, legislators, parents and distinguished guests. The guest of honours were the assistant minister of education Mr.Saeed Bustale and member of parliament Hon. Barkhad Batuun.
Addressing the gathering the managing director of Noradin School Mr.Mahad Ibrahim Mohamed stated the objectives of holding the prize giving day.
He said “Our main objective of holding this award ceremony is to encourage the best work ethics in our team. Secondly we want to acknowledge the hardworking staff of Noradin Schools especially those who have been selected to receive awards. Needless to say, we recognise all our staff for their contribution in our success. We also intend to encourage team work and cooperation of our members. Only Almighty All Powerful Allah can reward our teaching fraternity for their noble undertaking of dispensing knowledge.”
The managing director of Noradin Schools revealed that the task of selecting the winners for remuneration at the institution was a difficult job since most of its staff had the requisite qualities for the awards.
Speaking to the participants member of parliament Hon Barkhad Batuun congratulated the Noradin Schools managers and teachers for their contribution in Somaliland education sector.
He stated “First and foremost I’m advising my soul and yours to put Almighty All Powerful Allah in our intentions and work diligently in whatever role you have been mandated to manage. The awards here today are limited but you all have to intend to receive awards from Almighty Allah in the hereafter.”
The legislator prayed for the staff of Noradin and their institution to receive Almighty Allah blessings for nurturing Somaliland’s youngsters.
Addressing the event assistant minister of education Mr.Saeed Bustale congratulated Noradin Schools its successes over the years.
He said “I want to thank Noradin management and staff for their continued success in dissemination of knowledge in Somaliland. You have held these awards ceremony every year hence its shows your commitment to educational excellence of your School. I must acknowledge your institution is one of the best private schools in the country and has immensely contributed to the development of education in Somaliland.”
The guest of honours rewarded the best members of the Noradin Elementary, Primary and Intermediate Schools with the awards.
Noradin Schools managing director Mr.Mahad Ibrahim Mohamed confirmed that the winners will receive increment of salaries and other benefits .