MadashaDate:               April 8, 2014

From:               The Members of the National Consultations and Rectification Forum


To:                   His Excellency Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud Silanyo

                        President, Republic of Somaliland


Subject: Somaliland—A Nation In Dire Need Of Salvation And A Call For A National Convention

Dear Your Excellency,

Today is the auspicious occasion of the 33rd anniversary of the formation of the Somali National Movement (SNM). You had been its top leader for a number of years and your contribution to the eventual and successful realization of its vision, mission and objective was exemplary and crucial.

Somaliland was the birth child of the SNM struggle and the injustices that it had fought against.  Now you are our nation’s president and the person that happens to be at the rudder of its destiny. The conventional wisdom is no one is more experienced, morally conscientious, dedicated and competent to uphold and further develop the ideals for which the SNM, all Somalilanders and their reclaimed country had undergone through unspeakable sacrifices to achieve than your Excellency.

In case theses ideals have somehow been deleted from your recollections, they could be expressed in a few and simple statements:

Ø  Justice, independence and self-determination

Ø  A country under laws not under the thumps of personalities

Ø  Good governance firmly based on the universally accepted democratic principles

Ø  Separation of powers, duties, responsibilities and authority in government; the executive, legislative and judiciary branches of government independent of each other and thereof Checks and Balances

Ø  Protection of the citizens’ Universal Human Rights; security of life, limp, liberty and property; freedoms of expression, organization and assembly

Ø  Building effective National Institutions free of undue interference and manipulation

Ø  Broad Representation and Inclusiveness in National government  

Ø  Creation and distribution of the National Wealth based on transparency, equitability and fairness

Ø  Elimination of corruption, nepotism and ugly tribalism

Ø  Broad and ongoing consultation in the conduct of the Nation’s Affairs amongst all stakeholders


We, the members of the NCRF—who incidentally were amongst the most ardent supporters of your election to the presidency in 2010 without intents or expectations of personal rewards—firmly believe that your government has regressed, if not grossly destroyed, all these ideals and aspirations.

Consequently our country is now at the brink of deep abyss. The continuation on this perilous course will lead to widespread disaffection, discord and perhaps utter total disintegration of our country.

For some of the details, evidences, facts, figures, names of the culprits and list of events that would irrefutably prove that our fears are well founded and genuine, please see the attached document.

It is quite clear that the nation is dire and urgent need of salvation. As its top leader, it is equally obvious that your Excellency should take the lead in initiating such salvation without delay.

In this regard, we earnestly urge that your Excellency to call for and to facilitate holding ASAP a broad based and inclusive National Convention that would bring together a cross-section of all concerned stakeholders (representatives of the government, the political parties, the two houses of the legislature, traditional elders, religious leaders, intellectuals, academics, civil societies, women’s and youth organizations, Diaspora etc) and…


Ø  The current State of the Nation is analytically dissected and debated

Ø  Problems, challenges and threats presently facing the nation are identified and addressed

Ø  Most suitable and sustainable solutions are contemplated, presented and agreed upon

Ø  All resolutions that would ultimately and consensually emerge from the Convention would deemed to be binding on all concerned

Ø  An independent and authoritative commission is set up with the mission of monitoring and ensuring that all the resolutions adapted at the end of the convention are fully complied with and implemented by all concerned within reasonable timelines

We would assure your Excellency of NCRF’s full support and contribution in realizing such an honorable undertaking.

We would highly appreciate receiving your Excellency’s response to this benevolent petition within a week of its date.

Yours Faithfully,

Hassan Gure Jama, Chairman

National Consultations and Rectification Forum