Somaliland Strategic Advisory Group (SL-SAG) Celebrates Somaliland Independence Day: June 26th, 1960

On the eve of 64th year since the Somaliland’s independence, its time for Re-recognition of the Republic Somaliland
The eagerly awaited and anticipation Ethiopia/Somaliland MoU Finalization is on the horizon of being reality. SAG encourages SomaliLanders to celebrate and support the MoU
SL-SAG is an advocacy group based in the United States of America, we urge the international community to do right thing and Re-recognition of SomaliLand. It’s passed time to drop the failed one Somalia policy. As Somalilanders, in US we stand shoulder to shoulder with our fellow Landers, we send them a congratulatory message to the people of SomaliLand.
On the 64th anniversary of Somaliland’s independence, the Somaliland Strategic Advisory Group (SL-SAG) proudly celebrates this historic milestone and calls for international Re-recognition of Somaliland. As we reflect on our nation’s journey, we also look forward to the finalization of the critical Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Ethiopia and Somaliland, which promises to further solidify our progress and partnerships.

Historical Significance

June 26th marks a pivotal moment in our history, commemorating our independence from British rule in 1960. This day symbolizes the resilience, determination, and achievements of the people of Somaliland. As we honor our past, we also renew our commitment to a future where Somaliland is Re-recognized as a sovereign state by the international community.
Call for Re-recognition
SL-SAG urges the international community to acknowledge the undeniable progress Somaliland has made in democratic governance, economic stability, and human rights. The time for Re-recognition is now. Somaliland has demonstrated its majority, a capacity for self-governance and has established a stable, democratic, and prosperous society. Recognizing Somaliland’s sovereignty will not only honor our accomplishments but also contribute to greater regional stability and cooperation.
Anticipation of Ethiopia/Somaliland MoU,
We eagerly anticipate the finalization of the MoU between Ethiopia and Somaliland. This agreement is expected to:

• Enhance Diplomatic Relations: Strengthen ties with Ethiopia, foster greater diplomatic and economic cooperation.
• Promote Economic Growth: Create new opportunities for trade and investment, benefiting both nations and enhancing regional prosperity.
• Improve Security: Encourage collaboration in security and defense, contributing to peace and stability in the Horn of Africa.

One Somalia Does Not Work
SL-SAG reaffirms that the concept of “One Somalia” does not reflect the realities on the ground. Somaliland’s distinct culture and history, political stability, and democratic achievements sets apart. The international community must recognize that a unified Somalia is not feasible and that Somaliland’s sovereignty is a legitimate and necessary acknowledgment of its unique status.
SL-SAG Message
“We celebrate our independence with pride and a clear vision for the future. The international community must recognize the progress and stability that Somaliland has achieved.

The finalization of the Ethiopia/Somaliland MoU is a significant step forward, but true progress requires acknowledging our sovereignty. ‘One Somalia’ is an outdated concept that does not work in the current context,” stated a representative of

As we celebrate this historic day, SL-SAG remains steadfast in our pursuit of international
Re-recognition for Somaliland. The anticipated MoU with Ethiopia marks a new chapter in our history, filled with promise and hope for a brighter future. It is time for the world to recognize Somaliland for the sovereign nation it truly is.