By Goth Mohamed Goth

A one day forum on rebuilding the confidence of land issues in Somaliland organized by the Academy of peace and Development (APD) and FAO was held on Wednesday at the Mansoor Hotel.

Among those attending the one day forum were cabinet ministers, regional governors, traditional elders, politicians, representatives of international and local NGO’s and members of the public.

During the forum, the Academy of peace and Development unveiled its presentation on regional and consultation workshops held for national land policy, in accordance with the agreement points reached at the Burao Land Reform Conference which calls for the APD and other stakeholders to greater importance on the process rather than the substantive document. The nation-wide forums were meant to serve the continuation of the bottom up land policy initiated in early 2014.

With a prescribed aim to gain information in context of regional specific land use needs, information feedbacks and recommendations on the regional draft land policy forms held in all five regional capitals of Somaliland (Borame, Hargeisa, Las And, Erigavo and Burao).

The Academy of peace and Development presented the findings and recommendations that came from the regions visited.

Other contributors of the report were the rift valley institute, RVI , SDF and FAO.