HARGEISA, 31 October 2009 (Somalilandpress) – Dear Mr. President,
I firstly take this opportunity to extent my congratulatory remarks for your recent and outstanding Nobel Price and also to extent greetings from South Africa and Somaliland respectively. I am well aware of the responsibilities faced by your office and the US. I am further aware of the duties that lie squarely on the shoulders of the US government abroad and in the US.

Mr. President I am a Somaliland citizen who currently residing and studying in South Africa. I am writing this letter requesting yourself and the goverment of the United States, to start extending your message of hope to the Somali people and Africa in general. We are prepared as people to heal the divisions which held us back for a long period of time. We appreciate the efforts the US is making in helping us to make changes in Africa.

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I however draw your attention respectively to the Somali-Somaliland question. It is no doubt that Somaliland has taken serious steps in organizing itself and have thus created and maintained its own system of government that combines both tribal and Western influences. The government of Somaliland consists of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches, similar to the United States government; it also includes a council of Somaliland Upper House (Guurti) who are responsible helping to control internal conflicts within Somaliland. Somaliland also has a government constitution, military and police forces, a flag, its own currency, and its own passport, stability, trade, socio-economic system and so forth in an attempt to rebuild from the fossils of decades of wars and misunderstandings.

Your message of hope has no only made understand the duties which face Africa and Somaliland, but rather gave me a sense of purpose…to do well for the benefit of majority and not just corporate sector.

Mr. President, as a young Somalilander, I would suggest your government to establish a portfolio straight from the white house to look at the horn of Africa attentively as part of its international relations key factors from Africa, especially in Somaliland. This will immensely assist our international participation in politics, commerce and social cohesion.

I am trusting the above will be found in order.

Kind Regards

Saeed Furaa
Freelance Journalist, University Student
Johannesburg, South Africa
E-Mail: somalilandjournalist@gmail.com


  1. This kid is aggressive and could go to places. But slow down a bit and don't bite more than you can chew.

    Sisterly advice, contemplate before you act, Saeed. No doubt, you have a compromising future ahead.

  2. This guy is confusedm somaliland.,,,, Daarood people who are the majority in north somalia, "somaliland"' dont wanna separate from somalia and will never accept that.

    deal with somali politics before you challenge the world

  3. Bravo Saeed Furaa,

    I know you have been thinking a lot putting Somaliland the map on the world. To write a letter to President Obama is a very worthwile option to us. I encourage the hard work and dedication characterized to your life. Hope better futue brother Saeed.

    Take easy Gobaad's message, it is the only sister that we have nowadays in posting comments.

    I appreciate your hardwork and devotion,

    Brother, Farhan (Oday)
    Hargeisa, Somaliland

  4. Farhan, don't poison our brother against me, please. I don't mean to put him down or discourage him. I really think highly of him and very proud of him. He is doing a great job serving his fellow citzens abroad and being an inspiration to all young Somalilanders. He certainly have a bright future ahead of him. Bu when taking a huge step forward and writing a letter to the most powerful head of State, I want him to contemplate and approach with caution.

    Besides, you guys have to learn difference between constructive criticism and negative criticism. And if you want to be a public figure, you are a fair game for criticism. It comes with the territory. So you have to learn to develop a thick skin and not to take it personal.