Open Letter to the United Nations, European Union, and United States – Respect for the AU’s Stance on Colonial Borders and the Protection of Somaliland’s Territorial Integrity and Sovereignty

We write this open letter as an alert, warning, and notification to the international community, particularly the United Nations, European Union, and the United States, regarding the African Union’s (AU) stance on colonial borders and the critical importance of respecting it.

The AU’s principle of “uti possidetis” firmly emphasizes that African countries should maintain the borders they inherited at the time of independence. This principle serves to discourage secessionist movements and any attempts to alter borders through force. It is our shared responsibility to promote peace, stability, and the rule of law
across the African continent.

Our primary purpose in writing this letter is to draw your urgent attention to the current situation in Somaliland, an autonomous region in northern Somalia, which is steadfast in protecting its territorial integrity, dignity, and sovereignty. Regrettably, we have witnessed
destabilizing actions carried out by the Puntland military and its backed militia in the Sool region, posing a severe threat to the peace and security of Somaliland.

Of particular concern is the alleged support provided to Puntland by United States Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. We strongly urge you to thoroughly investigate this matter and carefully consider the potential impact of her tribalistic inclinations on the diplomatic
ties between Somaliland and the United States. The escalating hostilities and deliberate sabotage of longstanding diplomatic relations are deeply disheartening.

Furthermore, we bring to the immediate attention of the African Union the blatant interference by Puntland in the territories of Somaliland. Such actions undermine the sovereignty and stability of the region, and we implore swift and decisive action to prevent any further deterioration of the situation.

We express our profound disappointment in Congresswoman Ilhan Omar for her dissemination of misinformation concerning United States regional embassies and her role in fanning the flames of discord. Her actions not only pose a significant detriment to the relationship between Somaliland and the United States but also underscore an abuse of power within her congressional position. We firmly believe that individuals occupying influential positions must be held accountable for their actions, particularly when they act against the interests of other nations.

In conclusion, we urgently implore the international community, especially the United Nations, European Union, and the United States, to unwaveringly uphold the principles of international law, respect the AU’s stance on colonial borders, and unequivocally support the protection of Somaliland’s territorial integrity, dignity, and sovereignty. We emphasize the critical importance of achieving a peaceful resolution to border disputes through genuine negotiation, meaningful dialogue, and unwavering adherence to international law, all in line with the AU’s invaluable recommendations.

It is our collective responsibility to foster enduring peace, stability, and constructive cooperation in the region. We trust that you will treat our concerns with utmost urgency, give them due consideration, and take appropriate actions to effectively address
these alarming developments.

Yours sincerely,

Ahmed Ali Baniyaal (timo)