HARGEISA, 17 August 2009 (Somalilandpress) – Opposition parties said they postponed the mass demonstrations until Thursday. An official from the Opposition told Somalilandpress that they decided to postpone the demonstrations that were expected to take place tomorrow so that they will have more time to mobilize their supporters.

The opposition parties called a joint mass demonstrations in all regions of Somaliland to show their stance in the government’s decision to suspend the voters registration results.

It is not clear if the opposition’s decision has something to do with the President’s invitation to the opposition leaders for a consultation meeting on Wednesday.

Members from the opposition told Somalilandpress that this has nothing to do with the president’s invitation to the two opposition leaders.


  1. I have no idea why they are making deales with the devil, do'nt they know that's
    how he will divide and conquer them in the end, shame on you!!
    Let's get rid of him once and for ALL and not show any MERCY.

  2. waar mudaharaad lahaanine ee dadka qaylada kadaaya oo wadadanka u tudha oo ciyaalka iyo caruurta ha ku soo daynina suuqyada ay ka buuxaan tuugta sikhraamintu.
    be carefully to do what is not your control.

  3. It is a good step that president rayaale accepted to open a dialogue with opposition leaders, but that is not enough. I think prominent social figures has to share so they can mediate the two oponent groups,therefore our problem inshaalah will be solved.
    Mohamed A. Dagal, Saudi Arabia