HARGEISA, 08 November 2009 (Somalilandpress) — The Deputy Secretary General of Pakistan People’s Party (ruling party), Sheikh Mansoor Ahmed arrived in Somaliland on a fact-finding mission on Friday. Mr. Ahmed who was leading a delegation of two, was received at the Egal International airport by Somaliland’s finance minister, Foreign Minister and governor of the central bank.

Mr. Abdirasak, Somaliland’s newly appointed representative to Pakistan told local media that the two sides have discussed the opening of a Somaliland representation office in Pakistan, to strengthen bilateral relationship and requested Pakistan to throw its weight behind Somaliland’s bid for international recognition.
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Somaliland also appealed to Pakistan to help them gain membership in the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC), which is the second largest inter-governmental organization after the United Nations with 57 member states spread over four continents.

Local media also reported that Pakistan would assist Somaliland to combat piracy in the region and train it’s small fleet of coastguards.

It is the first visit of such by Pakistani officials to Somaliland since restoring its nationhood in 1991. Many Somalilanders see the arrival of the Pakistani delegation as a firm step forward in a new relationship between the two nations that will open new doors for Somaliland in the Asian region.

The delegation also visited the coastal town of Berbera as part of their official visit to Somaliland, the port is currently busy with exporting livestock to Saudi Arabia during the Hajj period.

The delegation will also meet with the President and the other political leaders in the country in the coming days. Mr Ahmad, was accompanied by Pakistan’s Adviser on Consular Affairs between Foreign  Affairs and  Diplomatic Missions, Mr Shafiq Ahmed Qureshi.

Source: Somalilandpress


  1. Step by step, engagement, discussions, and a first hand assessment of the situation in Somaliland always leads to progress.

  2. Pakistan is an important nuclear power nation on the global arena as well as an important Islamic nation, Somaliland needs to develop close ties with its Muslim nations and African neighbours and forget about the West.

    Somaliland also needs ties with China, by far China is the only nation that keeps its promises with Africa.

  3. Yeah! Somaliland needs to develop strong ties with China, India and the rest of the growing nations in Easy Asia; when the West sees China and others landing frequantly in Hargeisa’s Egal International Airport, then you will see the West getting jealous and rushing to Somaliland!

  4. This is great; Somaliland needs to create a lot of allies whether they are within the Islamic community or outside investors who would like to invest in Somaliland. China is already investing East Africa and we should bring them close. When we create strong relationship with our neighbors then the West will come. My fellow readers we are witnessing a new approach of recognition and I do give big hand those who handling this case and how they reconstructed their old idea.

  5. It's about time Somaliland opened an office in East-Asia, well done Pakistan I also believe this is their way of fighting the Talibans as we all know the Talibans that Pakistan is battling in their country is linked to Somalia's Al Shabab so Pakistan properly sees this as closing the net on them.

    It's important to understand that Taliban's cant be beaten unless Somalia's al shabab are brought under control, they will just travel from region to region, from Somalia to Pakistan, Chechnya to southern Lebanon with Nasrallah and Hezbollah.

  6. Mr Oscar, I can understand the point you are making about fighting Al Shabab and Teliban, but why are you bringing occupied and oppressed Chechnya into the debate??? I say all power to them. I am not very supportive of Hezbollah though as they seem to have no reasonable agenda.

    • I was not saying Chechnya is like the Talibans what I meant was Pakistani militants leave their country and join many fronts and the Pakistani government maybe wants to block this in its own way. Less instability Muslim states mean less Pakistanis travel out off their country to fight jihad. In many guesses it ends up been not proper jihad killing fellow Muslims.

      I do support Chechnaya's statehood.

      You get me?

  7. What is the connection between Al Shabab & Talibans? Can anyone explain me that please because I have no idea what Al Shabab is.

    • Al Shabab are Somalia's Talibans, just like the Talibans they hold Osama as their spiritual leader and have many foreign leaders or influences, they are very active in Somalia in particular the south, in an around Mogadishu.

      They are ruthless and nitorious, they have no respect nor regard for human lives, their recent bombing of a student graduation ceremony in Mogadishu has angered many Somalis as a result Al Shabab has split into two fanctions, pro-foreign and pro-Somalis. The difference is that the pro-foreign have global view while the pro-Somalis have local interest.

      They are killing the Somali people.