Renowned philanthropist Lady Edna Adam Ismael was one of the notable people to grace Hargeisa International Book Fair. She welcomed visitors from around the world to the Hargeisa International Book Fair. She disclosed that she had participated in all Hargeisa International Book Fair since its inception 16 years ago.

Speaking to the audience Lady Edna confirmed the resilience of Somaliland as a nation. She reiterated the history of the country 32 years ago.

She said “The country’s cities and towns were flattened to the ground and the people of Somaliland had to pick up the pieces and rebuild it from scratch thanks to a resilient people.”

Philanthropist Edna Adam stated that people cannot become resilient if they do not forgive and move on. She said forgiveness was the key ingredient of resilient Somaliland.

She highlighted the plight of Baligubadle which hosted many families during the war. She stated that the town lacks water and does not have a well to quench its inhabitants.

She called upon Somaliland Youth from the diaspora to repatriate the knowledge learnt in the development of the country.