President Guelleh of Djibouti calls for release of prisoners held by Eritrea. The President of Djibouti, Ismail Omar Guelleh, in his New Year address to the Nation has called once again for the release of the prisoners of war seized by Eritrea during Eritrea incursions into Djibouti when Eritrea attacked Djibouti in June 2008.

In his message, the President said it was fitting that Djiboutians should remember and honour those martyrs who had died in the service of their country. He said that especially the country should remember those still detained in Eritrean prisons. “We pray that they will be returned to us in 2013”, he said, and added that “we will spare no effort to see this come true, and that we will be able to reach a speedy and favourable end” to the conflict over Ras Dumera.” Djibouti has repeatedly called for the release of the prisoners of war still suffering in the prisons of Eritrea, a call ignored by the Government of Eritrea. Nor has there been any progress in resolving this since the end of the fighting, despite the efforts of the Emir of Qatar to mediate between the two countries.

The President mentioned that 2012 had seen the completion of a number of projects, including the port of Doraleh, and of others now in process among them the new port of Tadjoura, a memorandum of understanding with Ethiopia for a cross-border supply of drinking water and seawater desalination plant agreed with the European Union. He also reminded his listeners that 2013 was an election year for the House of People’s Representatives, and for the first time this will involve proportional representation. He called upon his listeners to be responsible, sincere and increase their participation in publicaffairs. –MFA



  1. president geele should recognize his fallow dir brothers in s/land so we can stand with them against their country is enemy

      • Not to worry about Zeila Sld's internal affairs. Djibouti should worry more about the Ras Dumera
        conflicts and the Pow in the Eritrean Jails? The Djibouti Eritrea conflicts are more deeper and
        dangerous than the Zeila one mayor issue. Think of it Drey.

  2. Djibouti's affairs are not my concern.

    In 1967 and 1977 they made sure the Killed Somaliweyn.

    • Djibouti is an independent country, unlike your clan fake tribal flag in your enclave. Do not insult our Somali neighbors, they support Somalia's territorial integrity and unity.

      • Wow walanweyn are happy for traitors of Somaliweyn which by the way is worst tribal state comparing to SL and S but only focus on hate of Somaliland speacially Issaq clan. Well hypocrite walalnweyn and faqash can still dreaming becoz Somaliland Will prefer to wait even 100 y for recognition rather than going back to zoomalia second time.

        • Djibouti is an independent Somali nation that values her relationship with Somalia. Not some qudhmiye controlled triangle enclave. Omar guelleh doesn't shoot protesters and fix elections.

          Alhamdulilah for Djibouti & Somalia alliance!

          • You also have become Ethiopia property nothing more and talk about aids the second largest invested population next to South Africa so it's time long over due that you start focusing more your own backyard instead your sick and twisted prediction of what's on the horizon for the Somali population is nothing more than your evil thoughts and your mind overtime imagination than anything to do with reality or what's going to happen in the future because the last time I check you're not a God nor you have the power to make it it's one more illustration of the deterioration of your mind.

          • You are bitter and in desperate need of a deep reaching remedy to your ailment dear.

            Internet is not the place to search.

          • Ilol faqash listen u know nothing about Guelleh with his dictatorship and tribal regime so shut up. So u gonna say Forget somali Djibouti state while u request SL to respect union becoz of love BS somalinimo.? Good luck folk,!

  3. how ironic he send few soldiers to hamar and his asking eritrea to release them.
    and france is not going to do it for him.

    • Hassan iti si funny, it shows you he is another stupid leader with out his own brain, by the way how is he managing after his buddy Melles, I wonder if Melles was around he would blow his trampet in Addis but now like a rat in water he is squicking.

  4. @somalia

    yes we will insult him the faaq sh supporters.
    back in 1978 he went to siad barreh and told him to close down berbera port in order to starve somaliland.
    and barreh love his idea and then berbera was locked down.
    its a fact.
    theres such country called djibouti, its family own property.
    and his people are starving today.
    so mr somalia aka keyse go somewhere else with faq sh propaganda….

    • What he did was correct. Somali- diid must be killed and destroyed. If u love Ethiopia, then move to addis ababa. SNM dog.

      Djibouti is more of a country, then qudhmiye controlled 3 triangle towns. looool

  5. Wallahi its shocking how small-minded people can be reading this comments. Don't you guys have self respect. Was somaliland a country NO, do somaliland wants to become onw country now Yes!
    Subhanna'Allah yawma Qiyamah around the corner and you guys are fighting over something that do not benefit you on that day. Shame on you.

    • 😉 it is more interesting to speak about Somaliland then …. ?

      Practically anything else on earth?

      Somaliland is here to stay and everything else will be destroyed to dust keep crying…

      • Crying about what mellon? looooool i am eedo to is@qs kids and i fully support somaliland. But mellon Somaliland or somalia are nothing compare to my Deen you get me 😉

      • People like you they are so rotten inside they can not get along with no one. not Djibouti, not somalia. Only Allah swt can help you and i pray to Him that He will ease your pain.

        • May Allah heal your heart since you believe it is your right to judge and pass judgement!

          Your country is controlled by Kenyans, Ethiopians and Ugandians. That alone should remind you that you have ZERO say in other people's countries and freedom.

          Keep your mouth of Somaliland so long as your country Somalia is invested by HIV troops of Africa.

          • Somaliland it's not a country it's REGION need to understand that. also there are more ethiopian reside in Hargeisa THAN anywhere else in somalia. so, don not tell us there is no foreign involment in somaliland region. get your fact right.

  6. @somalia
    aka keyse come mouve to ethiopia….how are going to that haarleh fa qa sh???
    oh going to get amisom monkeys to do it for you????
    remember snm and usc chased all the way kenya. and now you hoping the world will revive the fa qa sh regime again….keep on dreaming darood boy

  7. kkkkkkkkkkkk, ciise dad qal, Eritrea will belt you to submission while you taking sides somali situation. i remember 2008 the small incursion done Eritrea to Djibouti tiny. he said " if somalia today united this thing will happen to us". it's in the history book.

  8. mr ismael omar geulleh tu et dictateur les people djiboutien peur de toi sai venu on a mare de toi
    les loeple de djibouti vus la liberte egalita paix