My few words reflect the writing of Mrs. Elizabeth Ohene about President Obama’s schedule visit to Ghana. Somaliland held high the achievement reached by our fellow African country, that we share a lot since our beloved country [Somaliland] came into being on 26th June, 1960 and recognized by 34 countries including Ghana and five permanent members of the United Nations. Mr. Nkrumah and Mr. Egal shared a common destiny at the time, and dreamed to fulfil the betterment of Africa and its populations.

Mrs. Elizabeth Ohene’s comments by saying her country Ghana is the only democracy in African, while forgetting the “Best Kept Secret in Africa” which is my country. She has every right to praise her country, but if a well know politician ignores the other countries achievement, it gives you the impression of naivety of that individual.

Somaliland and the democracy they built from grass root while Somalia is shooting itself in foot for the last 19 plus years, is something that African Statesman like current Ghanaian President to encourage people like Obama to look seriously the country that exists [Somaliland]. Somaliland is truly admirable due to it’s thriving democracy which is allien to most of Africa countries.

President John Atta has to engage the Africa Best Kept Secret, and support internationally like his predecessor Mr. Kafoor.

I hope you will publish my short comments in your esteemed news paper.


Omar Hussein Dualeh,


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