By Goth Mohamed Goth

H.E, the President of the Republic of Somaliland Muse Bihi Abdi today officially opened the 8th Somaliland Business Fair in Hargeisa.

More than 320 local and international companies were participating in the eighth Somaliland Business Fairs, is organized by the Somaliland Chamber of Commerce; the Somaliland Business Fair has over the years attracted participants from relevant countries who come to demonstrate their development in trade investment, including goods trade, service trade, industrial conditions, investment and tourism. It is only for demonstration rather than for making a deal.

The Somaliland Business Fair consists of goods trade exhibition area and service trade exhibition area, of which the former includes intelligent and high-end equipment, consumer electronics, household appliances, clothing, consumer goods, automobiles, food and farm products, medical apparatus and instruments, medicine and health care, and the later includes emerging technologies, service outsourcing, innovative design, culture, education, and tourism services, etc. Through this platform, countries can sell their goods to Somaliland or other countries.

Mr. Mohamed Shugri, the longtime chairperson of Somaliland Chamber of Commerce in his opening speech reiterated the importance of Somaliland Business Fair to the nation and the region as whole and the convenience its offers to participating countries and their merchants in terms of trade.

H.E President Muse Bihi Abdi, in his speech hailed the local business community for their resilience in overcoming the hurdles over the years since Somaliland reclaimed its independence.

At, the same time , President Muse urged local businessmen/women not to import substandard goods and at the same time investment the development of investment corridors, proper utilization of local human and material resources and the introduction of experiences gained to homeland in order to, primarily, create more employment opportunities for the growing youthful workforces in Somaliland.

The events is a perfect gateway for businesses to expand their market potential and build new local and internationally  netwrk  which will feature a broad range of Somaliland’s success within the business circle. It offers an excellent way to promote your business and opportunity to connect with other local businesspeople and exchange ideas.

Somaliland business fair was first launched in June, 2010 by a group of youth entrepreneurs who came up with the idea to contribute the development of their country in order to achieve in seeing a society with knowledge and civilization, fighting against poverty, free from drugs and crimes.

The business was launched with the aim of attracting potential investors and identifying potential businesses in various emerging markets, with special emphasis on both East Africa and international markets.