The Somaliland UK Mission hosted a Somaliland food catering reception that entailed speeches presented by Somaliland academics about Somaliland’s history and independence, augmented with poetry and music for the British Somaliland friends representatives, British Somalilander community leaders and elders to commemorate the 63rd anniversary of the State of Somaliland’s independence from United Kingdom, and which took place on Sunday 25th June 2023 between 22.00pm till 24.00pm at Mayfield House, 202 Cambridge Heath Rd, London E2 9LJ near Bethnal Green Station.

This momentous event was opened by H.E Amb. Abdi Abdillahi Hersi of the Somaliland UK Mission.

Among the other highly esteemed keynote speakers were:

  1. Shiekh Mohamoud Shiekh Dalmar
    (History of Somaliland traced back from 1400, 1884, 1960)

2.Amb. Ali Ismail Jirde Shoombe
(Birth and re-assertion of Somaliland’s independence: from 1960, 1991)

  1. Abdirahman Osman Adan
    (Conflict resolution within the same national boundary in order to attain development and good governance)

  2. Rhoda Karaani
    ( history of the Camel Corps)

  3. Fadumo Saciid
    (The role of the Somaliland Women)

Somaliland UK Mission