Hargeisa, 28 July 2009 (Somalilandpress) – Somaliland’s Minister of Foreign Affairs H.E. Abdillahi Mohamed Duale was in a working visit in the U.S. during the period of July 13—24, 2009. The visit was in line with a periodic review of the relations between the two countries comprising a follow-up on pending issues and consultations on areas of mutual interest. The Minister was joined by Dr. Saad Noor, Somaliland’s Representative to the U.S.

The Somaliland delegation was received first by the President Obama’s advisor on Africa in the Executive building of the White House. It was followed by a substantive meeting with Ambassador Johnnie Carson, Assistant Secretary of State for African affairs and his senior staff including Deputy Assistant Secretary for East and Central Africa. The meeting was also attended by a high level official from the Department of Defense.

The two sides explored the current situation in the Horn of Africa region as well as the sub-region. Threats to security, i.e. religious extremism, terrorism and piracy were thoroughly discussed. The Somaliland side presented a comprehensive review of the challenges Somaliland faces in this regard as well as its needs to safeguard its security. Furthermore, the two sides discussed in detail Somaliland’s need for social and economic development and the role the U.S. may play to assist. Progress made thus far in Somaliland’s democratization program was commended, and the two sides agreed on the need for its successful completion. The U.S. side underlined the importance of holding the presidential election scheduled to take place in Somaliland in September 2009 on time. The Somaliland side concurred.

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The Somaliland delegation is pleased to note that the above discussions were among friends. They were cordial and constructive. The two sides were in agreement; they were on the same page on all the issues discussed. Therefore, contacts, consultations and visits will continue.

On the economic front, the delegation met with the Deputy Administrator of USAID and his East Africa staff and the World Banks’ Director of Operations and Strategic Planning. The purpose of the meetings was to review assistance from the two donors with the view of having them coordinate their programs for better results.

The delegation also met congressmen and senior advisors in the House and the Senate. Likewise, it held meetings with a critical mass of policy and development specialists including strategic planners, legal scholars, academics and journalists.

At the end of its activities the delegation was the guest of honor in a dinner and discussion event hosted by the Ambassador of South Africa in Washington. Other guests included the ambassadors of the countries of the South African Development Community (SADC). Earlier in the day the delegation had a meeting with Uganda’s Foreign Minister and his country’s ambassador to the U.S.

Dr. Saad Sheikh Osman Noor,
Somaliland’s Representative to the U.S.


  1. Somaliland needs new Foreign minister and new administration, these guys are useless they go for holidays then tell us they meet with people I never heard of they dont even know their names, all they give us is "congressmen", "minister", this and that. Atleast give us names maybe we will buy this silly cheap propaganda.

  2. I agree with Kayse. They failed totally in foreign policy. How long have I been hearing meeting with Congressman so and so and with insignificant individuals. They failed miserably and were ignored by the American government.
    It is time they stop lying to their constituents. You can't lie guys, we are living in the Internet age.

  3. Somaliland stands as a special nation to be an example in the Horn of Africa where politics,economics and human enterprise are conducted beyond the tradtional code of association based in language,religion and Ethnic affiliation.The classic question of Nations and Nationalities has passed the tests of Human History in contemporary Soviet Russia and Eastern and Southern Europe.

    It is natural that all individuals from the region see a Nation such as Somaliland functions on modern day ethics and management of commerce and trade,public administration and public relations with the Goal of service to a given population where,Health,Education,Human Security and standards of living condtions are the demand of the time to the region.

  4. That's right………………

    They full of shit and always lie about the Somalilanders who are in Hargeisa and the other cities as well and tell them that they had a dinner meeting with US President and his fellas

  5. They have been entertaining us for a long time, but I am glad most of our people understand them. They are following the wrong path of political isolation. They try to sell an outdated policy of pretending as if they are not Somalis. Wrong! We are part and parcel of our Somali brothers. If they are gone, we won't be spared but perish with them. The world sees us as Somalis and no European, American or Arab will buy this short sighted egoist personal interest. Come down to the grown and re-asses your political failures to admit it to your constituents.

    Why not try to pool your efforts with our neighbor Puntalnd, to campaign for especial assistance for these two entities. The world would have listened to us because Somalia is a failure and the only two safe places are Somaliland and Puntland. Stop this stupid isolation and come closer to your brothers.

  6. yonis i disagree with everything you said. we are somalilanders not somalis. people like you will end up rejoining somalia and get slaughtered by them.

  7. I gave up on somaliland, in 100 years time they will still say "recognition is around the corner", I now worry myself with real things like somalia, that is the only real state that exists if we are honest with each other.

    Anyhow take care fams

  8. Recognition is not the most important thing, the most important thing is the economy and the reconstruction of the country. the government needs to turn away from these white governmnats that have been placing obstacles in our way for a log time and still are, and start doing business with the chinese.

  9. Somalilanders need to stop sugar coating everything and speak of the reality on ground, these ministers have failed everyone. They failed the Somaliland people, the Somali people and the international community.

    When they were invited to Washington to discuss issues concerning the region you cant side line yourself and reject invitations, you have to act like a player and go there beating the drums for a new ideas and changes, instead as usual what they di was decline the invitation and tell the people of Somaliland ‘we refused because we want separate event’, what a losers!

    Some times you have to ignore little political divisions and chose the Somali people, the ones suffering in Mogadishu over your khat addiction and isolation, this is what god Mr Payne mad, not because Somaliland is separate but because they have cold leaders like this so called foreign minister who was selfish enough. You have to extand your hand for your fellow Somali brothers no matter what.

    What did you achieve now? Zero.

    He got rejected by Mr Payne, tell someone who cares who you met with. Rayale failed in Celbardale, Foreign minister has failed the Somali people and let down Mr Payne, a black brother who was the only one who traveled to Mogadishu and seen the suffering of the Somali people at first hand. Who cares if you met with fat white boys sitting in Washington.

  10. I see a lot of bitter foreigners meddling in our business in these posts. T

    he question here is about SOMALILAND and it's leaders and whether they should be replaced.

    Those who are advocating for PUNTLAND and SOMALIA need to focus inward and not outward, what Somaliland is doing or not doing is not your business.

    we will get reid of Rayale and his administration because we feel that they are inept and that is what democratic countries do.

    Wait until you go through democratization and achieve what we have and we will be happy to debate you as equals.

    in the meantime, please focus on holding your "leaderships" to account so that atleast your regions can move beyond the pre-historic governance that you live under.

  11. This week’s headlines was horrifically damaged the true image that Somaliland used to sell the world. Somaliland government, in fact, is responsible for this damage, and it seems that the government decides to work with the world blind eyes. But the realty is government is trying to create misunderstanding between the Somaliland people and the world. However, the good news is world knows the people of Somaliland.

  12. Yes Omar your soo right, I mean really people Somaliland has come soo far manshallah. I understand the frustration of the people especially those in Somaliland but it easy to criticise and we should not expect wonders all the time. These ministers face impossible challenges but recognition is not the most important goal. The security, economy and overall development is. But to be honest no government is without corruption but hands down I would prefer the Somaliland goverment above the so called Puntland administration or the fake puppet joke which is the FTG, are you kidding me. Now people dont get me wrong I am not the biggest fan of this goverment I cant wait for the elections and I pray to allah it goes ahead ont ime.

  13. Also for all you lot that are against the concept of Somaliland you really need to wake up and start seeing it for it is, we are independent we are not going to reunite, we do not hate or enjoy the suffering of our brothers and sisters in the south but that does not take away from our right to be independent. Somali wayne is a long lost dream but Somaliland and Somalia will always be united as part of the Islamic umah inshallah.One thing I will say to the current government is that justice delayed is justice denied!!!!!!

  14. Some Somalilanders are still sleeping falling for the same old lies for the people that use to work for Siyad Bare, like Rayale. The Somali people are one and clearly Somaliland has failed in many areas, all the youth are leaving the country (brain drain), there is no election and if there is they not using the "server", all that wasted time and money, no foreign policy, no contacts with their fellow Somalis in the south and Djibouti. They are just sad and back-padelling. I'm Somalilander and thats the truth.

    One day you will wake up. We need change, we need to always maintain ties with our Somali brothers, don't forget your roots and always extend your arm for others.

  15. Reading these comments one would think that the sky was about to fall!! People, people, calm down. Somaliland is better than Somalia or Pirateland for that matter. We have peace, progress, democracy, cup is half full not half empty. How soon we forget! A nation destroyed, completely destroyed and look at Hargeisa and all the other cities. There will be an election, and if the people of Somaliland choose a new leadership, they will do so, but we will always remain Somalilanders. Look at the all the positive things we have achieved over the last eighteen years, remember it was only a year ago that the first US Administration official came to Somaliland, and remember her response. Who is this Payne guy, just a politician, not even a member of the Obama administration. Come on, the guy is a publicity hound, if he could do something to ease the suffering of the poor people of Somalia, he would have done so a long time ago. He wanted Somaliland to be lumped in with the madness in Somalia and Pirateland, and w said no. Which Somaliland will argue against that. Get real!!

    • What democracy? didnt you hear that we wont be using the voter registration system which means it's same old fruad from the stone age. Progress? why so many university graduates dont have jobs, why our cities litted with rubbish, is that progress? Peace? do you release Awdal is about to join the Eastern regions, Rayale even failed his own people.

      I dont know what drugs you on, stop lying to yourself and wake up.

  16. I am somalilander but i gave up because of false promises. It is 17 years and they been talking about the same thing of recognition that has never come. What is the point of wasting time on something that will never eventuate into a reality.

    Spend your time focusing on real issues and the real issues is how somalia can sort out it's political differences and become a functioning state, anything less is just ignoring the problem and ignoring it won't solve it.

    We need true leaders in somaliland that love the ppl and it's well-being and our well being is in somalia and the world has told us that many times. So i hope they elect a real leader who is willing to sit down with fellow somalis and work something out. The federalism idealogy from what i read is pretty good and can work for somalis.

    U heard the somali saying "someone that tells u the truth, really cares about you", maybe that is the leader somaliland needs, someone who will tell us the truth no matter if it's good or bad as long as it's the truth and reality.

    • I agree, failed Somalia is not good for Somaliland but some of our brothers think the anarchy in Somalia is to our advantage, those people dont understand the basic politics. Somaliland's interest is with Somalia just as Eritrea helped put Meles and his Tigray in power in Ethiopia, we need to start planting seeds in Somalia not isolate our selves. We need to play big roles if we need to be a nation, just having a flag, two armed men and khat addict politicians doesnt make one a nation. Anyone can make fake currency and a flag.

  17. Kayse we need new government immediately and i think rayale wont hold the elections, isn't it coincidence the puntland and somaliland are having a verbal war already!!!! He is probably setting up a clash with puntland as an excuse to hold of the election.

    If he ends up doing that, somaliland is finished. Internationally noone will cause us a democracy anymore but a regime run by former intelligence officer from communist somalia. Not to mention also the backlash from warabe and silanyo.

    • I agree with you brother, I really admire Faisal Ali Warabe though his party is weak, I don't know why Somalilanders dont back him up, he seems to be the only educated honest one that speaks against unlawful things.

      Silanyo has the support but he is no different to the government, he does not have his own voice and opinion. Intee ba laga haystaa? Is it age?

      We need a strong opposition who draws the line. Silanyo doesnt seem like an opposition more like a man who has given up and yet he doesnt stand down.

  18. There are Somalia folks pretending to be Somalilanders. We know who you are, stop trying to link the anarchy in Somalia and Pirateland to Somaliland. It is the same old useless stuff "After 17 years I give, why are cities like this, why is this like that", first of all, if you are a true Somalilander, after what the country and people have been through, you would not make stupid and weak remarks like this. If you are a true Somalilander, "It is my country right or wrong" otherwise take this nonsense to Mogadishu and see what change you get from the warlords.

    Secondly, President Rayale is the President of all Somalilanders, not just because he comes from Awdal, and if the people of Somaliland choose a new leader in September, he will first be a Somaliland, and won't have time for your weak arguments.

    Thirdly, Somaliland is a poor country, as such is trying its best to provide employment for its graduates and improve the lives of ordinary people.

    All this stuff about, "garbage bags in the cities", etc, it is the same in all developing countries, don't mistake Somaliland for whatever rich country you live in. As for the options, if you think for a single moment that the people of Somaliland wish to try a failed union, then think again, with all its problems, Somaliland is a better place than Somalia and Pirateland, and if you can't see that, then as I suspected you are not a Somalilander, but a just another desperate individual who has given up on his own country.

    No drugs here, just breathing fresh air and the truth.

  19. I am somalilander but i support reality and truth. The reality is we are somalia whether we call ourselves somalilanders or not is irrelevant. We need to participate in somalia this is the best option for our ppl.

    I only speak about what is good for the ppl, i dont want them to suffer living a lie anymore. We done that for 17 years and what has that gotten us?

    Economically somaliland is no better-off then somalia , unemployment wise somalia does indeed have lower-rate then somaliland, health-wise somaliland recieves the most food-aid of all regions.

    Marka to think somaliland is some paradise different to somalia, maybe your breathing ganja air bro. I been to hargeisa to visit family in 2008 and the streets were dirty, the police were more like militias, extreme level of poverty and kids begging on the streets. The educated can't get a job and are fleeing the place to go to europe thru people smuggling networks.

    Kariye somaliland only has peace which makes it different from somalia. Infact not all somalia is unstable, its just like mogadishu even warabe noted this recently. So really to think somaliland is better then somalia i dont know what books you been reading but the ones i read say the totally opposite.

    But i am somalilander and i say this so our ppl don't need to suffer anymore, why should they? why we got to keep telling them to live a lie, we are hurting them more by doing that. Wake up please

  20. Kariye, you think if somaliland progresses and somalia is anarchy that will eventuate you getting good report card from the world? Let me tell you my friend taiwan first class economy and democracy didn't get them indepedence but infact were thrown back to communist china. Why? Because they are chinese.

    First class economy and democracy didn't achieve hong kong indepedence after the british left, they were thrown back into china. Why because they are chinese!!!

    Do you see the pattern here. The pattern is quite obvious it is not progress that will get you indepedence and if that was the case hong kong and taiwan would be indepedent today. 😀

    Somalilanders and somalians are brothers and the same people, and hargeisa is just going to be thrown back into somalia just like hong kong and taiwan were thrown back into china. And progress is totally irrelevant.

    It is becausee we are the same people, same religion, same language, same culture. That is hard-bond that will not be overlooked no matter how much progress you want to boast about.

    So wake up please my friend for the sake of your ppl and realize the hargeisa future is somalia and will forever be. I hope i don't come sounding rude, but i am telling you the truth.

    • Thats what we need brother, this fool is sleeping, maybe he is high on khat like the Somaliland ministers. Aduunka wax kama ogaa they are in their own fairytale land and Somalilanders are getting sick of them.

      Reality guys not nacnac (sugar coating) talk.

  21. Well, you two know more about Ganja and stuff like, you can't compare Somaliland to Somalia, when you visit Somalia and live to tell about then come on this forum and talk. You guys are not Somalilanders but just a bunch deluded fools who believe that union will return. "Waa habeen xalay tagay", my last comment is for you stop living in your western dreamworld, if you believe you have something to contribute to Somaliland, then go there, otherwise take all your weakness and get some "xiniinyo", what a weak bunch of people you are