Pretoria, South African ministers, Ambassadors, Academics including Professor Louise Molamu, Registrar of the University of South Africa, Professor Rosemary Moeketsi, Executive Dean of Human Sciences, Professor Iqbal Jhazbhay, Author of the Book , and his wife Naseema Docrat , Distinguished ambassadors and high commissioners in South Africa, Professor Chris Landsberg of the University of Johannesburg, Dr Nomfundo Ngwenya of the South African Institute of International Relations, members from the South African civil society, journalists, members from the Somaliland community in S.Africa, Somalilanders from UK & Canada, and lots of students and other invited guests, have gathered to witness prof Iqbal’s book launch which was held in a well organised event at UNISA, Pretoria on the 11th March 2010.

Co-published with the Institute for Global Dialogue, the book titled as ‘Somaliland: An African Struggle for Nationhood and International Recognition’ purports an inspiring story of resilience and reconstruction and a truly African Renaissance, that has many lessons to teach the rest of Africa and the international community. This study seeks to identify some of those lessons, particularly those pertaining to Somaliland’s sustained efforts to create internal unity and gain regional and international recognition.

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South African minister in the presidency Mr. Collin Chabane, couldn’t attend the launch. Ambassador Welile Nhlapo, Presidential National Security Advisor have read the inspiring speech on behalf of the minister. The full speech can be viewed at

The book is based on extensive research in Somaliland’s reconciliation, reconstruction, religion and recognition, as well as a wealth of experience in the wider region.

More analysis, feedback and follow ups on this book, stay with Saeed furaa’s insights from this corner of Africa.

Written by:
Saeed Furaa
Freelance Journalist
South Africa


  1. My special thanks to you and Iqbal jhazbay the wonderful job you did in South Africa. Somalilanders appreciated your timely support of shielding the existence of my beloved mother land. But I ask some times where Somaliland scholars are?.

    As Gobaad said, can we get a copy of this book in Hargeisa.

    Farhan (Oday)
    Hargeisa, Somaliland

  2. Farhan and Gobaad as a former staff used work in Btec Bookstore( now Xaraf) I advice you to contact the bookstore to give you a copy or to order you ofcourse after marketing the book to the customers so that many should buy from the bookstore and benefit by that wonderful Writer I myself enjoyed reading his books about Somaliland and African History as well.


  3. South Africa is the most powerful state in Africa and it's a friend of Somaliland. Much love to South Africa and respect to Iqbal and Somaliland friends.

    Somaliland will get there and it will become the role model and dream for many others in Africa and around the world.

  4. God bless Somaliland… we are on the move
    so let me tell u onething plz everyone of us should
    knock the doors for his niegbours.. we have to expalin were our beloved country locates. spead somaliland Ideology aroud wld. plz be proud for ur country.
    keep in mind that the people around the world they Don't kneweach other before
    but they los money of thier beloved ones in the harsh climates.


  5. Thanks to Prof Iqbal, well done Prof. We need more books to be written about Somaliland, it holds more success.

    My sincere thanks goes to Saeed furrraa, great patriot from Somaliland with great articles, keep the flag flying high in South Africa as you’ve been doing it for the past decade. I’ve been reading your interesting articles on the horn of Africa for many years now.

    Prof Iqbal and Saeed keep it up

  6. Thank you comrades for your loyal comments & complements I've received in my inbox.

    The recent book on Somaliland is an important piece of literature in our history as people of the times and the future to come.

    You may directly order the book at the following addresses, you may share with us your views on it, I'm sure the book opens a window for a discussion within Somaliland issues;
    1. You can order the book via the internet at —-a reputed South African bookseller

    2. Alternatively, the book can be ordered from the South African Institute of International Affairs. E-mail the publications manager, Miss Angela Thomas
    <> or Miss Penelope Masenamela of the Institute for Global Dialogue at <>

    Thank you all

    Saeed Furaa

    South Africa