Prof Lumumba have addressed a highly organized ceremony for launching of the  The Unity University branch in Hargeisa.

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The ceremony was attended by the third deputy speaker of the parliament, ministers of the Somaliland government, academics and other invited guests at the Mansoor Hotel yesterday.

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Prof. Lumumba’s speech include.. “We have been told this morning that the great little country of Somaliland has a population 75% of whom are below the age of 35th those young man and women are looking for opportunities for employments, they are looking for opportunities to invent and innovate and they are looking for the government to create those opportunities.

We have witnessed in the recent past, when young African’s don’t have opportunities, then they go to embassies of foreign countries, to be abused and humiliated.

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We have seen young Africans drawn from different continents being abused and humiliated in Europe…USA.. In the Arab world, because we the continent have not created opportunities.

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The time is now for all of us who are of African descent to ask our self’s again, the question were asked for our fore parents 60th years ago, because when I listen to history and I read history that is nothing new that we have said, then Nakruma said in 1963..

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Full Speech by Prof PLO Lumumba
This is a public lecture of Professor Patric Lumumba at The Unity University opening ceremony in Hargeisa, Somaliland.