By Mohamed Ahmed

Profiling of Somalia government officials at Somaliland airports has been there since president EGAL government. This is not something that is emerging now, and if you ask me I believe this is how things should be when you have laws. Each successive Somaliland authority bears the weighty responsibility in guarding the interest of Somaliland against any suspecting moles. Clearly, the three officials detained at Hargeisa airport were breaking the law.

Their attempt to enter Somaliland incognito comes as no surprise, but rather complements Somalia authority already in-place campaign to exploit any chance they can get to spread their unity campaign. Unsurprisingly, Some Somali citizen’s reacted negatively to the detention of these officials. Did they really expected Somaliland authority to trail them like a stars truck starry-eyed fans?  The debate between Somalia &Somaliland issues as expected is very touchy issue especially when Somalia refuses to address the old quandary of secession and inform their citizens how different laws exist across the border

 Somaliland is not restricted to only those who sign a statement of loyalty to the Somaliland flag and national anthem. Somalis of all walks of life are welcome in Somaliland, but it is any current active officials of Somalia politics that are unwelcome! It defeats the purpose; if Somaliland welcomes those whose constitution codifies the dissolution of Somaliland. This attempt of these officials to enter the country illegally spurs several thoughts about their character; Are they there to take part of quick-get-rich-scheme in Mogadishu and just try to water-down their message when in Hargeisa? Or do they really believe in one Somalia and are here to spread their unity venom?

We may never know unless we repulse and contain their amateurish deceitful movement in Somaliland borders. Present reality in Somaliland are far from cutting off family members from each other except of course ,ANY Somali who is currently actively engaged in Somali politics  For Somalia to encourage  movement of people  between the two states, they must accept the existence of laws and orders in Somaliland. They should tell their citizens what appeals to the sensibilities of Somaliland authority is respect for their laws.

Hands-off strategy towards Somaliland affairs has been in the interest of Somalia and it worked for many previous Somali make-believe-administrations. Ironically, most of the officials that defect from Somaliland to Somalia emphatically remain disloyal to Somali unity once the term of their administration ends. These are same people who focus on personal priorities (buying houses in places like Nairobi) to the detriment of national interest they are supposed to serve. You might think appointing the citizens of Somaliland in high places will register in the mind of Somalia administration that these only weakens the prospect of convincing Somaliland to change their course. But I guess not when the whole thing is a scheme to pursue selfish interests.

 I have read online news portals like Borama News Network -one of the few sites that incessantly take a cheap pesky shot at SL, but ironically were singing SL anthem when Riyalle was president-glow in confidence with the appointment of a man from Somaliland for a foreign affairs position. This only comes across as a clan posturing support that is no different than when Fowziya was appointed for the same position.

Same with the Somali analyst Bashir Goth who has been trotting out for the longest time the Somaliland secession mantra when the man from his clan was at the helm. If only people were sincere to see the obvious holes in their narratives! When will people stop zigzagging between multiple personalities for the sake of clan allegiance? There are so many better reason to rip, flay and shred Silanyo administration doings than hinting at abandoning the Somaliland secession goal!

Apparently the office of the foreign affairs of Somalia invited the Young Hargeisa singing group called Xiddigaha Geeska for all expense paid propaganda tour. Apparently they will be wrapped around the blue Somalia flags. If this is not an attempt of potency of propaganda by design, then am afraid I’m hysterical for no reason. I read, however enticing, the group   will not be taking this offer! This really shows how these remarkable young men are willing to protect the political imperative of the sanctity of Somaliland against onslaught propaganda props of the weak and ineffectual Somali government morass.

It is promising to see such a young talented group refuse to be used as a propaganda props and slams the door against any invitations that suggests a stirring compassion for Somali unity! This development of extending invitations to Somaliland musicians is not a bad thing if it is to be used for cultural exchange and not a political goal.

If they are genuinely interested in such activities, they should come clean and tell the band what the goal of the tour supposed to be. You will think that Somalia government-the one that claims it love to see Somali unity- wouldn’t do anything behind Somaliland government. You’d be wrong!



    • Now I know who they are. Please send them to Mandera immediately and give them a 5 star treatment and make sure they get diarreah – lots of it – by inserting salmonella in their food. While they are there have our criminals molest them too.

      • you can't imagine how happy i am to hear you say that Qaadiro. Salmonella and diarrhea ha. We will insert Ethiopian pepper in their asses too.

  1. I would say to all those who see Somaliland with gready and envy should be punished with treachery!

  2. well done to somaliland authorities . grill them they get used to double standard of fishing from both borders. They are local to no one except to themselves.

  3. The three officials from Somalia have been deported back to Mogadishu according to a press release from the Ministry of home affairs. These 3 officials have been in custody at Hargeisa Airport since they arrived, and now their case is finally closed.

  4. I have head this guys have been released why? I don,t think they have deserved that, Somaliland government should but these guys in Madheere prison or somewhere in Sahil desert.

    • I personally believe that the reasons behind the step taken by Somaliland governent is that it wants to avoid the unnecessary outcries usually do by the so called human rights groups who in fact make business out of such arrests as well as those those who play tribal cards whenever a perpetrator is caught.

    • The news of their release come after Somalia ordered released and SL did. Obviously their command can reach Somaliland after the latest "friendship" Turkey arrangement.

    • Somaliland is not run by as a local government of somalia. we long kicked your stinking asses out Somaliland and don't claim our Burao. mustaxaasid ha!

  5. I don't know the reason why the three officials were arrested but if they had proper I identification then the arrest is illegal. They don't need a passport to travel to Hargeisa, they only need proper identification to show that they aint no fraud and are travelling as a private citizens. Its part of our federal constitution that local government should be respected but arresting Somali citizens with no good reason is a provocation. Somaliland local government needs to be very careful as to not anger their counterparts in Mogadishu.

    • No faqash or Somali is allowed to make comments on this site. This is a Somaliland website and the government of Somaliland should treat any Somali as it sees fit including Somalilanders who have become agents of convenience to enrich themselves. If you are one of them then don't cross into the borders of Somaliland or else we'll give you the treatment you deserve in Mandera.

  6. Somaliland authority not only deport this three thugs, but they should send a serious warning to this so-called FGS.If they will not stop the disrespect they always show toward Somaliland and its people, then anything happens between the two brotherly nations, the full responsibility will be on them.
    They very well know Somaliland is a sovereign nation, that is totally separate from Somalia for over 22 years and if they do not respect the wishes of Somaliland people, I will say they are really very stupid!

  7. During the 4th round of TWO-STATE dialogue process between Somaliland & Somalia-Italia they requested that politicians be given free passage between the TWO states! Somaliland rejected that as a consequence these unprincipled Muuqdisho-Colonists chose to violate the territory of a sovereign nation.

    Prior to the 1960-Fraudulent Union the Trusteeship of the UN(Somalia-Italia) had 10-years of free access to Somaliland territory. In those 10-years they learnt our culture, our behaviors and motivation. It was enough time to infiltrate our ranks and corrupt any institution without us even realizing it. To this day there is not a single written statement of Somalia-Trusteeship policy towards Somaliland between 1950-1960. It was enough time for them to lie to our people and build false image of their swine's den.

    If today they believe they can influence our people and divide us from within by using $dollars they can only do it from having free access. They are already invested in paying for wars in Sool and instigating division in Awdal and planting seeds of hate in Sanaag. They have already recruited our own sons and daughters as tools against their own Nation, he who befriends a swine carries the stains of a swine.

    Rather then simply arresting them and then deporting them, we need isolate anyone traveling in from Muuqdisho trusteeship. They should have to go through a separate and secure facility as a consequence of the terrorist presence in their AU-Colony, if there are no X-ray machines they should be strip searched and probed in every cavity for explosives.

    Personally i would fire the head of the Sirdoon of Somaliland who failed to have in place adequate measures to deter these infiltrators, there is no point arresting them, they must already know not to enter and their attempt is testament to our failures. PREVENTION is always better then the CURE.

    The Airplane they are in should not even land…

    • Buuxiye l fully support you if a person is a Somalilander and becomes a stooges of a neighbouring Country and also you do not recognise the status of our Nationality and if he is trying come back as you originate from Somaliland what are tying to show ? that foolishness and a traitor shame on them and it is better to grant them a Person non grantee(Prohibited immigrant) and they should know that The Republic Of Somaliland is present and will be present for ever and ever. God Bless and Protect our Beloved Nation The Republic Of Somaliland.

  8. I personally believe all Wanlaweyn in Somaliland should be deported, and let them reciprocate equally, then and only then, we can claim that we stand firm. Look the business man and who with birds who roam around Somaliland, and we don't exactly know what they are up to.

    Somaliland citizens only' should be here, and others who are not of Somali origin. We welcome those foreigners who wish to invest our country, but Somalis from Somalia and any other who are against our sovereignty must be deported. Those of us, who are partners with these business men, should be warned if they cannot buy the business of those wanlaweyns, they should be ready for any eventuality.

    • What about the oromos who are full in Somaliland, who work in everywhere, those who stretch begging hands in every street, and work in every house that has been built by Somaliland diaspora? It is better to deport these Oromos instead of Somalils who have come to Somaliland as refugees or run business tycoons in every city of Somaliland?

  9. All walawynis left from Somaliland towns and won't be back since their country started generating promising jobs. The problem is not Walaweyn but is for those unemployed Somaliland graduates are flocking to the south where NGO, private and Governmental jobs are plentiful. All three arrested and released were Somalilanders who found in Somalia some low-level administration jobs. IMO heading for the ocean star city is better than risking lives on high seas of the mediterranean.

  10. You sound like a employment recruit! Wonder if you are for real or another faqash in disguise. Ocean Star City! Really, is this the same place where we have seen nothing but death and destruction for the last two decades. Who in their right kind will trust their future in Muqdisho again. Do you think once the AU forces leave, that the place will get any better? Sure, if you want to take chance me grab a few dollars and run away, then go for it. But, if you think Somalilanders have a permanent future, you are dreaming. Do not get fooled by the cosmetic changes. There are millions of displaced peoples in camps, full of you know who waiting for the AU forces to leave. It is a powder keg. The slightest friction and it will blow again.