Spatial Inequality in Times of Urban Transition

In this research project, we investigated complex land markets and urban transition in four East African cities in two countries – Kampala and Arua in Uganda and Hargeysa and Berbera in Somaliland. Recently, the final public report of this research has been published and we’re glad to share the insights with you.

This report synthesizes the main issues, findings and recommendations from the analysis of our research on Spatial Inequalities of Urban Transitions, executed between Dec. 2017 and Sept. 2019. Based on a systemic view of land markets and integrated with a political settlement analysis, this report helps in understanding and eventually overcoming constraints to the ways that land markets can contribute to spatial justice.

The report can identify some of the ways in which land markets relate to spatial justice.

The aim of this report is to suggest forms of support to assist policy development and policy interventions that can enable East African cities to offer greater opportunities to poor and marginalised urban groups. It presents findings on overarching issues in each city from all the research components and associated policy recommendations.

Final Public Report: Complex Land Markets in Uganda and Somaliland