Somalia’s First Lady Saynab Abdi Moallim lauded the Qatari support for the Somali people, which are extended to implement developmental projects and alleviate the suffering of the vulnerable in times of adversities.

This came in a speech Moallim delivered during the inaugural ceremony of the health centre built by Qatar Charity (QC) in the Galmudug State of Somalia, where she expressed her gratitude for the immediate response of QC to this centre. It is considered to be an integrated hospital for the people in the area, noting the donations of philanthropists in Qatar for implementing developmental projects in several fields.

Ali Dahir Eid, Vice President of Galmudug, said QC plays a well-known and appreciated role in supporting the Somali people in various fields, especially in the health sector, as the people need support in this sector due to the difficult humanitarian conditions over the past two decades.


Abdiweli Abdullahi Jama, Minister of Health of the Galmudug state, indicated that his ministry has been searching for a donor over the past few months to deliver health services to more than 38% of the state’s population who lack healthcare facilities.

He emphasised that this centre built by QC will contribute to lessening the burdens on the Ministry in terms of providing high-quality health services to the residents of Hobyo City and surrounding areas.

He added that this is the third centre constructed by QC in the cities of the state, noting that two centres were already built in the cities of Galkayo and Abud Wak.

Dr Abdullah Abdul-Qader Rafi, a doctor at the centre, explained that this centre would reduce the risks that residents were exposed to due to the absence of a health centre in the city.

He noted that the nearest health centre was about 256 kilometers from the city, which exposes patients and pregnant women to dangers due to its proximity, rugged roads, and lack of facilities.

The centre includes a reproductive health department, an emergency department, a laboratory, a vaccination room, a feeding room, a pharmacy, in addition to doctors’ rooms and administrative offices.

The centre is expected to provide integrated health services, such as first aid for emergency cases, maternal and child care, feeding and vaccination services for children and pregnant women, health awareness and education, medicines, and treatment. Nearly 20,000 people from the city and its neighboring areas benefit from the services of the centre.