Somalia comes as the 7th country in the world where the cost of 1GB of the internet is the cheapest. The cost in this country is $0.50, according to data collected on 238 nations worldwide by in its “Worldwide mobile data pricing: The cost of 1GB of mobile data in 228 countries” study. Somalia comes first in Africa, making huge progress in the space of 12 months. Last year, the country was 134th worldwide and 37th on the continent with a cost of $6.19 for 1 GB.

Unlike Somalia, Benin did not make any progress and the average cost of 1 GB in this West African country remains very high. From 215th worldwide and 49th in Africa last year with an average cost of $20.99, Benin is now 222nd in the world and 48th in Africa with an average cost of $27.22.