HARGEISA, 15 October 2009 (Somalilandpress) – We are concerned about President Rayaale’s commitment to the implementation of the recent three-party agreement aimed at overhauling the delayed election. If the president continues to undermine the electoral process including the formation of a new National Electoral Commission (NEC), the agreement may unfortunately fall into pieces.

Although the recent internationally brokered agreement offers a workable framework for bringing the stakeholders together to achieve a fair and free election, the president’s consistent refusal to pass the NEC members nominated by the opposition and the Upper House on to the House of Representatives for approval casts doubts on his commitment to the agreement.

We believe the president’s reaction is unlawful and against the spirit of good cooperation and therefore we call on the president to reframe from undermining the election and to handle the process swiftly in accordance with the law.

The delay will only serve sliding the country into the political chaos it had been in recently and denying the nation the potential for staging a democratic election.

We hope the president will honour the memorandum of understanding aimed to achieve a way out of the political impasse and will stop politicising the process.

Kulmiye urges the president to undertake his duties responsibly and to work closely with the other main political stakeholders in establishing confidence among the citizens in the electoral process.

Dr. Mohamed A Omar, Foreign Affairs Secretary
Kulmiye Party


  1. This man has no creditability at all and has no respect for neither constitution nor agreements. He did it again, again and again!

    Maantana furbaan maydhayaa hay fadhiyo geelu!

  2. The agreement signed by the three parties was the result of the pressure from the opposition. Rayaale needs similar presuure again. KUlMIYE- you are the favourites for this election, you have the voters on yourside, you have international support – take the country out of this mess. This statement shows Rayaale is failing Somaliland yet again.

  3. I think Kulmiye and UCID have to take a strong stand against Riyaale and form a coalition government to lead us to free and fair election.

    Riyaale must leave after October 29. He must get the boots this time. Enough is enough. It is now or never. We can't take it anymore.

  4. Riyaale is a wannabe despot but what is stopping him are the people of Somaliland who have opted for democracy.Once Riyole is out of power,and he will be,then he and his staunch supporters should be taken before court charged with being traitors to the democracy and peace loving people of Somaliland.