The Republic of Somaliland Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation convened a crucial meeting with Foreign Missions within its borders and partners to address the pressing concerns arising from the escalating conflict in the Red Sea. The discussion centered on the urgent need for international attention and intervention to mitigate the multifaceted threats posed by the current conflict in the Red Sea, especially in relation to piracy, and its ramifications on Somaliland’s stability and the broader regional landscape.

It is important to note that Somaliland manages full control over its 850 km long coastline of the Gulf of Aden and Somaliland’s Maritime Security Office, in collaboration with Somaliland’s Coast Guard, has played a vital role in information sharing and putting measures in place to curb criminal activities in the Gulf of Aden over the years.

The implications are far reaching and directly affect Somaliland’s trade routes, hindering the flow of goods, and impeding our economic progress. “About 17,000 ships and 12% of global trade pass through the Red Sea every year. Any ship passing through the Suez Canal to or from the Indian Ocean has to come this way, so you can see how critical the situation is.” Said H.E. Minister Essa Kayd.

He further went on to say “We underscore the gravity of the situation, emphasizing that the resurgence of piracy could severely destabilize not only Somaliland but also the entire region. If left unchecked, this insurgency threatens to amplify existing regional instabilities, jeopardizing peace, security, and economic prosperity for all nations in the Horn of Africa and beyond.” There is a direct correlation between piracy and terrorism, considering that 80% of illicit arms that have been seized by the Somaliland Coast Guard in the Gulf of Aden in the past were intercepted on route to terrorist cells in neighboring countries, which is a growing threat if the conflict continues.

The government of the Republic of Somaliland reiterates its commitment to upholding international maritime law and calls upon the international community to act swiftly and decisively to address the escalating issue. Somaliland is ready to contribute to regional security efforts and collaboration to mitigate any threat to the region.

The Republic of Somaliland urges the international community, including regional bodies and global organizations, to recognize the urgency of this situation and take immediate steps to prevent further escalation.