The long standing skepticism of the Intrnationl Community and the National Opposition Parties of Somaliland over Prsident Riyales irresponsible manuevers in carrying out truthfully and sincerely, the last transitional requirement o this virgin Nation to become, a fully Democratic state of law that qualifies for International Communities recognition, surfaced last two weeks to the International Political observers, but had been a principal Goal of President Riyale , never to conduct this face, following his bitter defeat in the last Parliamentary Elections by the Opposition Parties. Infact , an scholarly study of the presidents performance from the day he took over the leadership, reveal an anti-Somaliland strategies and policies that could be depicted over his tasks roster. He stored no single calory of his personal efforts to curb economy to destabilize any systemic improvement in Government Administration, rather than encourage Corruption by annuling the proper introduction of accountability laws, Lack of Self motivated, Constitution protected Majistrate of Accounts Dept.

Opting to rule on tribal dictations rather than on law and hiring senior officials on ignorance, creminal or corruption back-grounds, giving blind eyes to People of Knowledge, decency and record achievements!! As bad Apples only produce bad politics, Mr Riyale’s close advicers threw him at this mud of dirty politics, which is highly imposiblle to salvage him of its gross grievance.

Ordering the Commission of National Election to Annul the Voter Registration lists producd by Interpeace, the International Community appointed Contractor for the Elction processing, which is the reason he had been granted a one year Mandate Extension by the Guurti, the Elders house of Parliament, he should come into terms with his Obligation of either returning to the Nation , the millions of Dollars spent on this project plus the Salaries and allowances he received during this year, or he should conduct the Elections on those Inter – Peace cleared registered voters. Else he should be imbeached and made accountable to a high treason case infront of a court of law on more than one Issue, be it National Security, Economy, National territorial Integrity etc, which is as clear as a noon sun in th sky!! Dr. Ali A. Mohamed


  1. I do not think the world communties really cares one way or another when it comes to Somaliland. Infact, they are more happier now that Somaliland is unstable politically.

    If the world communities cared about our country they could have stand up with this country for the last eighteen years and help be part of the world communities.
    They didn't instead they tried to push us towards failed state of Somalia.

    So, please forget about the world communities and let's try to come with our own peaceful solutions, which our people are known for.

  2. I have the same opinion with my brother Obsiye. We are very concerned for the safety of our beloved country. We know that Somaliland protection is important to every citizen and look forward to make solution actions on this problem before we have an unfortunate crisis.

    Long live Somaliland for ever,

    Hargeisa, Somaliland

  3. Why would the world care about Somaliland when Somalilanders themselves dont care about Somaliland and are happy to see Riyaale and his cronies abuse their power while the rest of the so-called free men of Somaliland watch, he is against the recognition of Somaliland he should be tried for treason not awarded the presidency

    • sooner or later this "wannabe despot" will be tried for treachery and creater of chaos and will be tried and if he menages to flee to europe his name would be synonimous with TRAITOR in the minds of somalilanders forever.

  4. Riyaale is a great man. Don't let the 'recognition worshippers' do their trick on you. They were fine with Egal sitting there as long he lived, so what is the fuss that the 'recognition worshippers' have to get you out of power? Mr Riyaale, you need to stay there and don't listen a word of the 'recognition worshippers' are telling you.

      • rayale seems to be a man with a very short memory:he has forgotten what happened to his former boss jaale siyaad barre,mengistu haile maryam and other despots.he should know by now that his days are numbered.long live somaliland

  5. Those who believe in the Master of lies, Riyale, should see his crocordile tears now.His lone Party Election Campeign, has been kicked in the back throug-out Somaliland and is forced to beg for reconciling with the Opposition Political Parties fo which he called now, which is too late!!!

    We know his call does mean another thing,which is to pstpone the Political Sunami that will Physically unseat him, when the land is covered with Green and yellow colours og UCID & KUlmiye Parties flags, to show who is who at Somliland. Stooges should be all tears now, not talk!! Alishaqi