A huge congratulations to Idris Elba and his wife Sabrina Dhowre! They tied the knot during a 3-day celebration in Morocco that started on April 25th and ended on April 27th, 2019. Celebrations included a ‘colours of the souk’ themed dinner on the Thursday, the nuptials on the Friday, and an all-white party on the Saturday that was designed ‘to reflect the atmosphere of the festival.’

As with all celebrity weddings, what most people want to see is the dress! And Sabrina did not disappoint us. In fact, she’s given us several beautiful designs to admire. One that particularly stood out was her traditional Aroosada (bridal) dirac (dress) that she wore during the all-white party. The stunning item was designed by a London based, family run start-up named Xarrago, who were honoured to dress her in their unique and intricate gown. Vogue also covered the two custom Vera Wang gowns that were worn on the day of the nuptials, which you can view in their July issue out now.

Sabrina is of Somali descent, although she actually grew up in Canada, being crowned Miss Vancouver in 2014 . Both she and Idris like to keep their private life just that: private, so she’s somewhat of an enigma. But what was clear to us was her desire to honour her heritage. It marks another step forward for Somali culture and fashion. Designers like Xarrago are at the forefront of an evolving fashion industry, and although it’s a long time coming, a greater acceptance of Muslim identity, plus a more unrestricted view of beauty is allowing people of different ethnicities and religions to break through and showcase what they can bring to the table. It’s an exciting shake up, where we’re seeing Muslim designers and models becoming more mainstream. And along with Xarrago, the likes of Halima Aden – a Somali-American refugee who has worked with Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty line and Kanye West’s Yeezy label are a well needed introduction to the industry.

Xarrago is on online fashion retailer with a particular focus on bridal wear, with people across the globe choosing to shop with them for their unique designs and excellent customer service. They represent Somali identity in the face of an industry that is just starting to accept modest fashion as a category in its own right. And with a 30-day returns policy, they obviously know their worth!

It’s why we need to be grateful to Sabrina Elba for choosing a retailer like Xarrago to represent both the beauty and elegance of Somali fashion. We wish her and Idris a lifetime of happiness.