Mogadishu: Academy Awards 2013 may have welcomed ‘Samosas’ with an open heart, but a militant group in Somalia has banned the snack without any solid reason backing it. In a way this means that people found cooking, buying, selling or eating samosas will be punished.

Last week Islamist fighters al-Shabaab (dubbed as terrorist group by some) made public announcements on this bizarre rule. The triangular shaped chow stuffed with vegetables has been a part of African cuisines for centuries. But it seems that the dish will soon find no place in the country.

A Kenyan daily confirmed that town of Afgoye is observing the prohibition. Natives anticipate that the stricter Islamist version of al-Shabaab has banned ‘Sambusas'(local name) due to their triangular shape which indirectly links to Christianity and city of Trinity.

Apparently, the veto came just after the Al-Qaida linked group refused to accept any kind of aid from UN Food Programme and that too in a country where thousands are dying from famine. The aid group has warned that over 80,000 children could die in the famine if not provided help.

Source :Parda Phash


  1. This people didn't drop from the sky. this processes has been going on for long time. And it's the nation like Saudi Arabia who has decided to radicals the Muslim world.Specially poor nation like ours Afghanistan, Pakistan, Mali, Tunisia, and others.take a deep look and ask yourself what do they have in common. they were Muslims before this people show up at their doors. And now they're engulf with terrorism,Therefore it's my humble opinion the more we distant our self from this people the better is, And just because they have deep pockets doesn't mean you should take their funding, Even though I know the needs are greater in this nation but harm outweighs the good it will do.So it better to know why someone is helping you and what's the agenda behind.

  2. This article was written at least 2-3 years when Afogye was one of the strongholds of Al-shabab terrorists. The question is why SomalilandPress is repeating it here as if it was an important/current piece of news from Somalia. I don't know if anyone else noticed but in this blog, everything that is negative is placed under the banner Somalia; poverty, war, and pestilence. Everything that is positive although most of it is make-belief news is placed under the banner of what is called Somaliland (sic); development (although no road, no traffic signals and no sewage and running water infrastructure), peace and tranquility (the fight rages in Sool where Garadag administration's militia is bitten against another tribal militia (Khaatumo) and pestilence (water-borne disease due to lack of potable water even in Hargiesa is causing diarrhea). Every piece of news you read about this separatist administration will in fact make you think that Hargeisa is the new Dubai of Africa until you visit the place and the reality shocks you.

    How long are we going to mislead others and lie to ourselves to run away from our reality and from ourselves. We are all Somalis and we are on this boat all together. Did no one deliver water today? Where is my donkey?

  3. lol, this article is backdated to 2009/2010. Guess the admin in somalilandpress was too bored on sunday afternoon and didn't know what to do since there aren't any fresh articles, so thought to creep 1 from the archive, hoping someone will not notice. hahaha such a failure!

  4. The content of article is old but the pictures are fresh.Because Alshabaab took over the capital of the State of Bakool Hudun, Add insult to injure The president place was looted and it wasn't clothes or jewelry but army's and who done it. A high-ranking officer. Not mention there was two traffic officer who were killed today and it become normal since he become the president.So you tell me what kind of leader do we have in the helmet.It was just yesterday he was stating Alshaabaab is done, like well done steak.

  5. Hassan Mahamoud is a Shabab Sympathiser and nobody should be under any illusion that he will use his term in office to resupply, refuel and fund is not shabab fragments of that movement that benefit his agenda so that he may utilize that force against his enemies to the North and south of his Vila.

    – 450 X AK45
    – Untold amounts of bullets for a sustained offensive.
    – Hundreds of Rpgs
    – Thousands of hand grenades

    If the weapons are not for Shabab then it could only be to arm groups opposing Jubaland or puntland. Hassan Mahamoud has no other enemies to speak of as he feels safe behind Amisom tanks. The arms embargo lifting was never for securing the borders of Somalia-federation it is to create a powerful force that helps Muuqdishu retain total power as a central authority.

    The amount of weapons stolen is cause for concern as it seems that a small war is being planned that Hassan Mahamoud wishes turn a blind eye to.

  6. Its not radicals, this is what Islam is if you read the hadith and tafsiir you wont be muslim for long! At least if you are a person that truly believes in freedom.

    just as an example mohammed used to give 3 choices to places he was about to conquer

    1) convert
    2) let us rule over you, essentially you become a second class citizen in your own land, and pay a special tax on top of that
    3) fight and if you lose we take your property, women, children as slaves and kill off most of the men see banu qureiza all available on

    absurd to say the least, would take the United States Constitution over this nonsense any day

    Also if you are interested Islam sanctions slavery and slave women especially as concubines! Read up on it and let me know how great Mohammed was, also check aishas age. I know you are going to say it was a different time, but if something is bad is it really ok just because everyone was doing it? Plus isn't Mohammed supposed to be the best prophet and example for all humans in all times? Surely, Allah would have warned him about how this would look to future generations? Unless…..unless….its all bs to begin with…..

    • This pack of lies from your masters of false interpretations. In your opinion I quote "muslim who read hadith and tafsir (which Tafsir are talking) wont be muslim for long". Do you mean we profess Islam and we are muslim never read Hadith and Quran that's why we are still muslim. You and your masters who read the hadith and Quran without reaching the end of the statement and jump into conclusion about Islam. I have encountered christians and Jewish propagandist in their website misquoting Hadith and Quran intentionally or unintentionally just to shake the so called muslim who have no idea of their Faith.

  7. PS Sambusas rule! Especially when you get that extra spicy chigney sauce ohhhh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sorry went into hodgetwins mode yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa maaaaayne