The South Korean consumer electronics titan showed an aggressive streak — and a few cracks at Apple’s expense — as it seeks to regain its dominance in the smartphone industry.

BARCELONA — Samsung is on a mission to regain its swagger.

The South Korean electronics conglomerate wasn’t afraid to shake up this year’s Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge, which features a screen that curves around the side of the device. Both flagship devices use metal instead of plastic, include wireless charging and advanced camera technology, and feature Samsung’s new mobile payment feature. Altogether, the changes represent a major redesign from the company’s earlier devices.

Samsung also didn’t hesitate to mix it up with Apple. At one point in the presentation, it put up a side-by-side comparisons photo and video shot by an iPhone 6 Plus next to the Galaxy S6 at night, with the Samsung version of the photos winning out. Directly addressing a competitor in such a public venue is typically a move an underdog would pull to gain attention, underscoring that Samsung is feeling the heat of late.