HARGEISA, 20 November 2009 (Somalilandpress) – My belief is that democracy should be built on a super-structure. That super-structure is the rule of law. Where that rule of law is subverted, or denied its respect, then you dont have democracy, you don’t have freedom, you dont have rights. And in any representative democracy, sovereignty belongs to the people. It is given through their representatives. Where those representatives are now denied the right to function legitimately, then any government coming out of that is an illegitimate government. Pure and simple.

we are heading for anarchy. Any misadventure, any abuse of power, any denial of rights is an abuse of the constitution and when the constitution is not being respected, then you are looking for and promoting anarchy. You are setting a bad precedent which nobody can predict how it will end. Are we building a society that is for the people? Are we protecting the lives and property of our people? Are we promoting and protecting their liberties? Are we working for their happiness? In the drive towards nation-building and development, the people must come first. And if that is the case, then we must be orderly and have respect for the rule of law. We must obey court orders or challenge them if we are not happy. But when it gets to the crunch, we must abide by the ruling.

I respect the parlamant today for being courageous, interpreting the law; that is their responsibility. You cant have illiterates suddenly become learned people interpreting court orders, even if those orders are written in simple English. It would amount to misinterpretation by masquerading politicians purporting to be senior advocates when the competent person authorised by the constitution to preserve and ensure that the rule of law has given a ruling. When they (courts) make pronouncements, we have to obey.But you dont mr.President, And because I exercised my right to make that clear, I became an enemy of someone seeking to drag me into what was not my own making.

What have you done for power and time? You just ban, ban, ban and ban. You ban without domestic stimulation, domestic help. It is a dream in the Somaliland. You have spent seven and half years and you still have excuses in the corruption and power abuse. Now, it is hostage taking. You have failed if you cannot find a solution in seven and half years. If you are a university student and you cannot get your degree in seven and half years, what happens? You leave!.please apologize those who but you there.

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You abuse power and you are disturbing the peace of the innocent people of Somaliland, and you continue to react to the living ghost of villa somalia! It is my right to speak out. When I see an illegitimate government, I call it an illegitimate government. When we see the rule of law, constitutional democracy in action, we are happy because that was what we asked for, that was what the people voted for. When we asked the people to come out, they came out. We asked for and got their votes through the electoral process. In the future, if they (electorate) realise that after they had exercised their right and cast their votes and elected somebody, someone somewhere, a totalitarian regime emerges and uses the coercive instruments of office to subvert their right, will they be encouraged to come out next time? I wont keep quiet. we will speak up courageously. we believe in constitutional democracy, we believe in the right of the people to elect their leaders legitimately, and that the legitimacy of any government is derived through the rule of law and acceptance by the people. So, if we have to be vilified and abused for this, so be it. If we have to risk our life for it, we will do so at any given time. Dont do it to us; we wont take it.

Shame on you Mr. Riyaale,You abuse the power and you are disturbing the peace of the innocent people.and go same where to hide.

Witten by:
Amiin D. Caynaanshe

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  1. Well said about Riyaale's corruption and abuse of power, violating the constitution and our democratic rights. Let just hope, he comes to his senses and steps down gracefully. Good topic Amiin. We understand how you feel and we feel it with you.