By Hodan Keyse Hassan

On the 13th of June, Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud (Silanyo) arrived in Stockholm and right away gave an inspiring speech to hundreds of Somalilanders that were waiting for his arrival to Sweden.

Before he held his speech, there were some people in the audience that delivered some emotional and touching speeches in front of the chairman, Mr. Silyano.

The speech that touched my heart was when Amina Weris [wife of Silanyo] held a short speech about the status of women in Somaliland and how they struggle both outside and inside the home.

What she said was that they are the ones that providing the economy and nourishment for the children of the family, at the same time they are the backbone and the support and especially the assistance given by the Somaliland women in the diaspora. She added that their efforts and work are often underestimated and sometimes not appreciated.

Amina Weris’s speech almost made me fall in tears because it explains how strong were our mothers and sisters through all these difficulties and constraints and how they struggles to survive under these harsh conditions.

Thanks to Amina Weris for her great speech as many of us (women in the diaspora) are eager to hear more about plight and life conditions of women in Somaliland.

They were the audience who all of a sudden gathered in the hall and listened to the speech of the chairman of kulmiye party, Mr. Ahmed Mohamud Silanyo. He spoke about the struggle and history of liberating Somaliland as well as what it had achieved for the last 20 years without international assistance. It was a great speech. I tried to see and analyze the expressions of the people in the hall and how his speech touched them. Immediately I felt it had a great impact on them as everyone listened to him silently.

Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo explained in detail the problems facing the nation today; both economically as socially and how the current weak government functions today. The chairman emphasized how it is essential to make a change in Somaliland in order to build a bright future for younger generations.

I believe that we need a change for the sake of our needy people. We have to cooperate and unite our resources both inside and outside the country and I deeply believe a change of system is vital for us to move ahead.

Mr Silanyo’s leadership through negotiations, as well as his relationship with the people of Somaliland make him the Mandela of Mandeeq [Somaliland].
by: Hodan Keyse Hassan, stockholm


  1. Indeed, Hodan your article was amazing and patriotic. I am sure that Siilaanyo will be elected president in the forth coming election and We are just waiting his long overdue inaguaral speech…

    Mohamed Dualeh

  2. Hello Hodan, Your article was amazing and patriotic. I am quite sure that Ahmed Siilaanyo Will be elected the new president in the forth coming election and we are just waiting his long over due inagural speech.

    Mohamed Duale

  3. Yonis,

    Its Somali's nature to judge without first hand knowlege and feel same for Muj. Siilaanyo, before I met him and listen his speeches. Its every disapointing our people are taking an advantage of this greal leader who alway there for them. I remember how a young women who was in Dulcad refugee camp discribed how she felt a visit from Muj. Silanyo to Dulcad in a Radio Station. She siad " I had lost all hopes because of the conditions no food, water, and medice for wounded and than Muj. Silanyo came for visit and gave us speech. After speeach our sprit was so high we starting help each other I will not for get that day"

  4. I use to think Silanyo was a trouble maker but over the years I have learned more about this incredible man, I really admire him and he is a humble person.

  5. Sister: I am moved by your heart-support for one of the leaders of the three political parties. Here's a little food for thought:
    Nelson Mandela said: "When you want to get a herd to move in a certain direction you stand at the back with a stick. Then a few of the more energetic cattle move to the front and the rest of the cattle follow. You are really guiding them from behind. That is how a leader should do his work"

  6. Sister Hodan, your article is such insightful. It makes me interesting to read from start untill the end. The way you are indicating Mr: Siilanyo encouraged me to take the pen and point out that u are deserve worth more.

    Mr: Siilanyo is a strong pillar in the existance of the republic of Somaliland. He is kind, thoughtful and gentle politician. He is also gregarious person who injected new meanings and dignity in to the veins of Somali Landers.
    And if ever some body was to be given the title of humanity and good nature, then he was the soul of it.

    Political vistory Mr: Siilanyo,

    Farhan(oday) is a student at University of Hargeisa, Somaliland

  7. Sister Hodan, your article is such insightful.
    Mr:Siilanyo is a strong pillar in the existance of the republic of Somaliland. He is kind, thoughtful and gentle politician. Heis also gregarious person who injected new meanings and dignity in to the veins of Somali Landers. And if ever some body was to be given the title of humanity and good nature, then he was the soul of it.

    Victory Mr; Silanyo,


  8. As Kulmiye will celebrate success, Udub, the ruling party and Kulmiye’s main contender, will loseground. There are many reasons for this loss, which mainly centre on the government’s lack of commitment to adhere to the constitution, absence of accountability, interference with the judicial system and denial of civil and political rights

    Mohamed Abdilahi Duale

  9. Whie i agree with you about somaliland women been the forfornt of the strugle whit our nation, I srongley disagree in you saying that silanyo is the mandela of somaliland. anybody can make a moving speech while we have a weak goverment he has done nothing for the strugle of somaliland from the time was the chairman of snm, He used the funds meant for wounded snm fighters to get medical care he used it to buy house in london. and while i agree with also that we need a change it is going to be a triblistic man who is main aim is to be president by any means. we need new leaders to take us forward and he is not the one. and he is no mandela

  10. I agree with you guys all, she did amazing job and we need more Somaliland girls contributing, writing and engaging in events, forums, discussions etc. Girls are important in Somaliland society.

    Well done Hodan, ps your pretty 🙂

  11. Hi Hodan,
    I was really cheered and gladdened as I have seen your article over there. I like for the female youth to participate in such hot fields that we discuss politics; I also like them to practise their language and writing skills….It's really a field of high competition. And so you do Hodan, keep on writing, keep on blogging, and posting as well, this promotes your English skills meaning to a better global communication and better careers.

    But this idea, that you appointed Mr. Silanyo the MANDELLA of our nation…..I utterly oppose it, he is in no way resembles to the dignified, honorable Mandella of South Africa. To my opinion he is a failed diplomat seeking presidency just to coin for savings and financial security. Despite his high qualifications of economics he failed to serve as the minister of finance in Egal Era.

    Sure, poor Somalilanders does not have that confidence on Mr. Silanyo that you showed.

    Hassan Deri
    Linköping, Sweden.

  12. My highest appreciation to your article sister Hodan. Sincerely your article is such insightful. Mr: Silanyo is a strong pillar in the existance of the republic of Somaliland. He is kind, thoughful and gentle politician.

    He is also gregarious person who injected new meanings and dignity in to the veins of Somali Landers. And if ever some body was to be given the title of humanity and good nature, then he was the soul of it.

    Victory Mr: Silanyo,


  13. RAMSEY ,
    You are 100% wrong your charged, please your muslim person do not report false claims. Asked any one and they will he is most honest, humble person your ever come cross. I used heart all king of rumars untill I had educated my self and learn the truth. Please STOP islam does NOT remmite rumars.

  14. No doubt Mr. Silaanyo is a great man, a somaliland hero but I always marvel at how we mix politics and personal character. Before someone jumps at me I am not favoring any political party and I am pro- change but we just need to ask these politicians what they plan to do! I always hear the opposition criticising the government and it is obvious the current S/land government is not doing a great job but what do the other two parties plan to do????????? how are they different???????

  15. Milgo,
    I could not agree with you more, it seems that Mr. Silanaayo has not published his agenda. Somaliland needs change we all agreed on, however I personally do not think Mr. Silanaayo is the right preson to bring the required change. Mr. Silanaayo is a great statesman, however it is time that we elect a new leadership, a leadership who has not been in Somali politics for the last 40 yrs.

  16. If you believe for change vote for the change. Siilanyo is equipped with experience, maturity and above all the cream of Somaliland elite, all young well educated and eager to move Somaliland out of its misery. A team that belive in education and hard work. Contrast team with that of Riyale, all junior school educated NSS remnants. Do you want another term of 52 cabinet members with average education of junior school and no experience of real managerial duty prior to becoming a minister. Do you want ministers that sign petty cash and 2.00 Dollar petrol vouchers to drivers. That is what happens daily in Riyal's cabiner.

  17. Hodan I beleive women can bring alot of changes to Somaliland (society & country). I encourage and support whole heartedly the idea of women taking an important role in the countries rebirth!! But sorry the leader of Kulmiye can and will never be a Mandela. He is too old and has no ideas of change. For this party to get a chance to win the next election he should handover the party to the younger generation Somalilanders. He will depart this world a very bitterman. Sorry to disappoint you.

  18. awdal check.
    sool check
    sanaag check
    cayn check
    UN check
    eurpean union in progress (puntland president visit to london lool)
    somali people are great chess players

    we will amplify the awdal sounds, we will make the appearance of the noble blue flag seem like the somaliland regime is crumblin at the feet of the pro freedom movement in awdal, we will apply the psychology of wild herd in regards of with the direction of the movements and it wil certainly ne towards the east.. “the pro union revolution is spreading like wild fire it resembles that of ahbraham Lincoln”(little public relations words to get the american on board , it will be a matter of time before the blue flag appears in hargeisa and the the confedrate Somali Landers will surrender to the union movment in awdal
    after September expect a CHECK MATE!

  19. sade walaalo you are right, the future is somalia

    we reer awdal welcolm puntland state of somalia along side awdal state of somalia
    brother in arms