HARGEISA, 28 November 2009 (Somalilandpress) – Six Somaliland journalists are held at Addis Ababa Airport in Ethiopia for the third day. The journalists were on their way to Nairobi to attend a workshop for journalists held by a Dutch organization.

The group was told that their visas were rejected by the Kenyan authorities. “We were told by the workshop organizers to go to Uganda and come to Kenya by road” Said Mr. Abdiqani, one of the journalists. At Kampala’s Entebe airport the Ugandan administration held the journalists and rejected to give permission to enter the country. They deported the group back to Addis Ababa and handed over their passports to the Ethiopian Immigration office who are currently dealing with the issue.

One of the six Journalists is the Somalilandpress reporter, Mr. Abdiqani Bainah. Others are from hadhwanaag news, Ogaal newspaper, Hargeisa Cable Tv, Space Channel TV and Oodweyne news website.

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The journalists say they were treated badly in Uganda and were not allowed to go for food while at the custody. “We were treated badly, we were held for eight hours with no food and water. They did not allow us to call or contact anybody” Said one of the journalists. “They were very harsh on the Somalis” he concluded.

There are ongoing efforts to end the problem. There is no official statement from the Somaliland government about the issue.



  1. Weird reporting I must say. As an Englishmen I can't say I am a "United Kingdom journalist, but I would rather refer myself as British journalist. Why do you call yourself a Somaliland journalist, when you are obviously a Somali?

    Very low standards I must say.

  2. what passport where they using, uganden security services are on high alert and the uganden goverment has great investment in the success of somali goverment and by virtue uganda is a target of al shabab and hizbul islam hence their uncompromising attitude towards somali nationals
    uganda is a great friend of somalia uganda never forgot the favour that siyaad bare done for them by training their security forces and meditation has a honest broker between them and tanzania when they where in conflict and close to war
    uganda`s elite remember somalia has a great pan african advocate in the 70s and 80`s, so the extra caution that uganda takes against somalis is not against somali people but it is necessary security measure that is directed at al shabab

  3. Andrew Anthony…what a lame attempt by someone from Pugland to try and discredit the plight of Somaliland. Obviously Andrew Anthony is just learning how to speak English, as is evident by his frequent use of "I Must Say" (that is so cliche/lame…you probably picked it up from a cheap movie).

    And for your information, one may refer to journalists from certain nations by the name of their country preceeding the title "journalists" i.e. "One thousand, nine hundred and ninety one (1991) U.S. journalists have reported that Andrew Anthony and Poonland both suck and blow".

    Puntland – what Somaliland would be if Somaliland had pirates and prostitues.

  4. What does the so called Somaliland representative in Addis Abebe doing if they cannot represent their Countrymen in time of needs like now?

    And if I were these Journalist I would have gone back to my country instead of been mistreated by the like of Uganda and Kenya governments who have the abusive tendency towards Somalis.

    And we want to know what Somaliland authorities say about this incident.

  5. Who is at fault here Ethiopia, Uganda, or Kenya?.
    Obiously Somaliland authorities at home and in Addis Ababa didn’t do their job and have not even addressed the issue so far.

  6. I must say Lameman, you hit the nail on the head old boy! what!what!…Don't pay any attention to a AA(Alcoholics Anon), We know who he is and what he is..
    If he does not know the difference between Somaliland and Somalia, then, too bad.

    To the issue at hand, these are journalist going to a conference, to be badly treated in Uganda or Kenya, is that much of a surprise. Come on people, we are dealing with an African nations here, this isn't Woodward or Bernstein, at least they didn't go Russia!!.

    Who is at fault, the Kenyans, Ugandans, Ethiopians, the Dutch (who organized the conference), the Somaliland government, enough blame to go around..It will be resolved, but, there is a lesson here for ordinary Somalilanders, Africa is still Africa, be careful, be prepared and make sure that you have all ducks in a row.

    Tally ho! AA.

  7. Either you are journalist or refugees, you will get just the same treatment these journalists have gotten. Why, because these African countries know that we don't have solid government that would protect us. Although using Somaliland or Somali journalis are both right words to use, it look like it confusing to those who are not familiar Somali world. It isn't wise to force anyone who don't know the difference between Somalia and Somaliland to know them. Forget about other people, honestly even myself don't see big different. One of the difference between the two was that Somaliland was peaceful incontras to Somalia. That is still the only different I see today eventhough Somaliland also can't claim the peaceful nation as it was before. Nevertheless that is the difference. Using Somali journals is less confusing to outside Somali community and if we use its the perfect term. I hope they will be release soon and tell us more about what had happened to them.

  8. The problem isnt the Ethiopians the problem are the Ugandans who deported the journalists back to Ethiopia. They originally departed from Ethiopia. They shouldnt go to Uganda and its AIDs any ways.

    Sick Bantus!

  9. Ayanle, go away, Somaliland is more peaceful than any other place in the Horn of Africa. What does Somaliland peace have to do with the issue here? This isn't about Somaliland peace and progress, it is about the treatment of journalist by African authorities.

    People like Ayanle and AA are just so sad, anything that they perceive to be detrimental to Somaliland, they will jump on it.

    Guys this isn't about the peace and progress in Somaliland, it is about the rough treatment of journalist in Kenya and Uganda.

    Besides these journalists are not in custody in Ethiopia, they just want to get to the conference

  10. I am so sorry about this accident my advice to these six Somaliland journalists, you have to cancel the Kenya conference and go back to your country, and write about your experience with Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia. We need more information about the orgnisers and funders of the conference/workshop you want to attend.