The Somali community of West London recently meet up with the mayoral candidate for London Sadiq khan at a Feltham and Heston labour party fundraiser 2016 event in Hounslow. The fundraiser was organised by Seema Malhotra MP and was attended by many prominent labour party members including the shadow chancellor John Mcdonnell, Ruth Cadbury MP, Rupa Huq MP, labour councillors, members of the european parliament and the general public supporting the labour party. 
IMG_1413Somali Community in London
The Hounslow community of west London discussed with Sadiq his proposed policies for London and the role of the Somali community in the great city of London. Sadiq Khan was born in the UK and his parents are from Pakistan. He grew up in a council house and his father was a bus driver. His upbringing  is somewhat similar to many Somali in the UK, many of whom are born to parents from Somalia, who have sought refuge in the UK from the civil war in Somalia. Somalis have received a great deal in the UK in the way of peace, education, employment and business, and their positive presence is evident across the UK, especially, in London. A prime example is Mo Farah, who is a Somali born youth who has represented great Britain in athletics and a member of the Somali community of London. If you take a bus or a taxi in London, there is a high chance a Somali is the driver. Somalis greatly contribute in keeping the great city of London moving. 
IMG_1414In the Picture: Seema Malhotra MP, Shadow Chief Secretary to the treasury, Sadiq Khan MP (Labour candidate for London Mayor) and Members of Somali Community in London.
Sadiq Khan expressed his high expectation of Somalis in London to contribute greatly to making London a better place to live. Sadiq Khan took the example of Mo Farah, who was asked, “Why don’t you represent Somalia in the Olympics?”, he replied “I am British, I represent Britain”. Sadiq Khan made several promises to the citizens of London including dealing with the housing shortage, youth unemployment, living wage, improvements in transport and keeping London safe and clean. 
Saynab Mohamed who is the secretary of the Ogaden Community Association expressed that, Somali communities as well as other African communities  in London wholly support Sadiq Khan and his vision for London. Londoners also consider Sadiq Khan, the Obama of London with the motto ” Yes we Khan”. Daud Ali who is a member of the Labour party of Hounslow urged Somalis to take advantage of their voting powers to make real change to London by voting for Sadiq Khan.
Mr Mustafa Ibrahim 
Community Activist and Filmmaker