Mogadishu (Somalilandpress)-The prime minister of the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia [TFG], Umar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke, said that unless the TFG is given the support it needs, the security situation in the country will get out of control.

Speaking at meeting in Nairobi on the situation in the country he affirms that there are senior Al-Qa’eda officials in Somalia, who are supporting the armed opposition groups that are fighting the government.

‘’these groups have now developed the capability to take full control of the country’’ Sharmarke said.
‘’And they can now take over TFG offices, if the international community and donor countries fail to give the support they have so far pledged to the TFG’’ he adds in a low voice tune.

There are many countries that have been giving military support to the TFG. These countries are now concerned that the arms to the TFG might have fallen into the hands of militant group in the country.

Analysts say this had made difficult for the TFG to get any kind of military support from Western nations.

The prime minister said they have tried re-establishing the armed forces and have since trained many of the new recruits. He added that these new forces need support from the international community so that they can effectively conduct their operations.

“As donors, you are expected to honour the pledge you made at the conference at the European Union headquarters. It is inevitable that the TFG be supported in order to avert a difficult situation that is likely to affect the whole of East Africa,” he says.

He accused the donor countries to have slowed in releasing the salaries of the TFG forces. The TFG is said to be facing serious cash shortage and thus the reason many of its officials have been recently travelling abroad in search of additional funds. Somali government officials are said to have received a lot of money and because of lacking accountability, no one knows how this money has been spent.

Donor countries have expressed serious concerns about lack of accountability in the TFG which has failed to provide a detailed audit of how the funds were spent and the widespread corruption, which are the two main reasons as to why the pledged funds are yet to be released.

Mr. Sharmarke is expected to attend a meeting in Saudi Arabia on the reconciliation process in Somalia at the 17th of December. The main agenda in the meeting will be ways of supporting the TFG and reconciliation among various groups in Somalia as well as the current financial difficulties being faced by officials of the TFG.

Hargeysa, Somaliland


  1. The so called Prime Minister of TFG should immediately quit, that if he has any dignity in his fibre and is concerned about the lives of the innocent Somalis.

    His president, Sharif, should also do the same thing and spare the blood of the non-combatant civilians.

    Somalis need decent and competent leaders who have in their hearts the interest of their people.
    19 years is too long to suffer as ordinary Somalis has been going through.

    Ordinary Somalis should also understand that as long as they continue practising their narrow tribalism, the mess and miserable life they have been leading will not end.
    They need to mature and grow up.

    • I agree with you Adam 100%. And their confession now of dispirited defeat and crying foul is nothing more than tactics to get more funds which they were given and miseriably failed to deliver what was expected of them time and again.