The parents of the late Yuusuf Abdisalaan Ali was 24 years old Somaliland national who passed away last week in the cruel hands of human traffickers in Tripoli, Libya are calling for a decent burial of their deceased son.

The late Yusuf Abdisalaan Ali, was held in lived in terrible conditions by of human traffickers in Tripoli, Libya for more than one year and six months waiting for the ransom money. He, finally passed the Saturday 8th December in Tripoli.

Witness report state that he was denied medical attention for injuries incurred because of torture while in the hands of smugglers and traffickers and was only taken to hospital few hours before he died. His remains are currently held in a Tripoli Morgue awaiting burial as a friend of his confirmed.

Fellow Somalilanders informed his parents in Hargeisa of the death of their son, and told them they were arranging his burial in Libya, and the parents accepted.

However, the  parents who contacted Somaliland Diaspora Agency tonight informed the body of their son still lies at the morgue awaiting burial, even though all the legal requirements and permission for burial were made from the hospital and all the other institutions it concerned, they suggested the parents to go to Mogadishu MOFA and Libya Embassy in Mogadishu which is not possible due to a travel ban imposed by the Federal government of Somalia.

The Executive Director of Somaliland Diaspora Agency, Mr. Hassan Ahmed Yusuf whom the Somalilandcuurent .com contacted on phone accused the Somalia Mission in Libya of politicizing by refusing to facilitate the release of the body of the deceased the Late Yusuf Abdisalaan Ali for burial due to the fact he hails from Somaliland.

He further added, “It’s sad to see the Somalia mission politicizing the burial of the deceased Somaliland citizen in a foreign country, and we argue Libyan authorities to intervene and release the body immediately for burial.

SLDA has several occasions in the past reported that Somalilanders in prisons were been excluded from repatriation assistances because of the involvements of the Somalia corruptive embassies in Tripoli and similar cases in Khartoum. The case proves the hatred and animosity the Somalia Government and their missions all across the harbors towards Somalilanders. We are calling for the MMTF of Somaliland, and the international human rights organizations  to take this issue into consideration and further investigate the cases that let alone Libya but also  Somalia is violating and abusing the things  in the issues of immigrants, already marginalized and victimized. We have evidences that Somalia missions in Khartoum and Libya are part of the human trafficking, and the suffering of the immigrants. We are calling for IOM and all other concerned parties to investigate in the case of late Yuusuf, and whether there is other crime beyond the delay, and we are requesting them as well to support repatriation of the Somalilanders imprisoned in Tripoli,” said the Executive Director of Somaliland Diaspora speaking to the press.

Mr. Hassan lastly said, “We strongly urge Somailand youth not to risk their lives in such risky immigration through Libya, and to see the consequences, and how the route is deteriorating year after the other while many Somalis are currently in prisons for year and longer, and are the victims of human traffickers,” he added.