Mogadishu,Jun 30 2009  — Somalia’s transitional leader, Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed led a delegation of Ministers and Parliamentarians to the Libyan city of Sirte on Monday for the summit of the New Economic Partnership of Africa’s Development.

The African Union Summit titled “Investing in Agriculture for Economic Growth and Food Security” is scheduled for the July 1-3.

The summit is hosted by Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi, who is said to strongly support the embattled government of Sheikh Sharif. Source closes to Sheikh Sharif also said the Libyan leader was in favour of President Obama’s military aid for the government of Somalia. Senior State Departments have reportedly admitted to have given Somalia military aid worth $10 million.

Somalia’s foreign Minister, Mr Mohammed Omar already flew into the city to set the stage for President Sheikh Sharif and his delegation.

President Sharif hopes to shore up ties with African leaders while there.

In a separate development, Somalia’s foreign minister, Mr Omar is said to have asked officials from UNDP’s Nairobi office to stop all financial and technical assistance to Somaliland’s government including training of police.

Mr Omar who hails from Somaliland himself is said to have angered his Prime Minister, Mr Omar Abdirashid Sharmake who is against any thing to sabotage relations between the Somali people. There is no confirmation from Somaliland’s government.



  1. That so called Foreign Minister Mohammed Abdullahi Omar is a snake everyone knows he is in for the money, he does not believe in Somaliland nor Somalia or the Somali people in general, he hopes to make quick cash and run back to his estate in England. He never grew up in Somalia or with Somali society, he isnt comfortable with them. This guy is soft finally he is showing his true colors, hats of to Omar Abdirashid, just like son like father, he is noble one.

      • Muna, Yonis is not an Amhara name its Muslim name infact however Amhara do also have one thats similar and its Yohanas not Yonis.

        • somalia is a failed society and can never exist as a homan society and badly needs AMHARA like yonas

  2. I wonder if he was drunk when he spoke to the UNDP officials in Niarobi. Perhaps he thought he was at his local pub in London. What a shame! If the UNDP wanted to stop helping Somaliland, they would have done it a long time ago.

  3. The foreigh minister of Somalia, Mohamed Abdillahi Omaar, is the eldest son of his father but left him bed ridden to seek a political job to loot. Both acts are a big sin and Allah will curse him for both sins. We expect from him evil deeds and words

    • You Somali people! why you confrontng each other. Please dont forget the suffuring of your people mathers and children. Pray for your God ,be honest, look the brightest side of the future. Talking about The Minster his pub etc seems irelevant to you and Somalia. Spliting Somaliland is another topic totaly not related what is hapening now in Somalia. Love you all

  4. I dont understand, so the lybian government wants to helpd gadafi get back his power? or he wants to take him out?