HARGEISA, 15 December 2009 (Somalilandpress) – The famous Somali singer and rapper, K’naan arrived Hargeisa yesterday. Sources told Somalilandpress that the singer is coming to Somaliland as part of his documentary about Somali culture and literature.

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K’naan is born in Mogadishu then migrated to Canada after the civil war broke out in Somalia where he still lives there. His songs and style attracted the world lately and his song was selected for the FIFA football world cup in 2010.


This is the first time K’naan visits Somaliland where he is expected to stay for few weeks before he goes back to Canada. During his stay, the singer will meet the famous Somali literature folks who are living in Hargeisa. He said he will meet the Hadraawi, Gaariye and others who are considered leaders in terms of Somali literature.



  1. I think it should read that K'naan is a "rapper" not a "rapist". Actually I'm positive that it should say that!

    Very exciting to have Rexdale represented in Hargesia!

  2. I think it should read that K'naan is a "rapper" not a "rapist". Actually I'm positive that it should say that!

    Very exciting to have Rexdale represented in Hargesia!

  3. Who said anything about "rapist"? Where did you get that idea from? Yes, Dixion, Redale, Islington and surrounding areas are all young K'naan's hangouts. What is your point, Brydon? Do you have a beef with him or are you a stalker? He is guest at Neighbour cousins and most welcome here. Don't try to bad mounth him at our own home turf. So, why don't take a hike M+++n!

  4. We are one step closer to recognition now that a rapper is here to do a documentary on Somalia!

    Argh! – get better stores Somaliland Press

    P.S. K'naan does not believe is Somaliland, so why the hell is everyone so cheerful? Somaliland's biggest obstacle to recognition is the stupid behaviour of some Somalilanders 9 times out of 10.

  5. really so good.. i wish if he could do a concert too!1..im sure it will get big successs down here in hargeisa.. coz pp loves his music specially young people who grew up outside the country and there is a lot of them who lives in hargeisa!!

  6. I'm an American. I visied Hargeisa a couple of years ago. It's one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. I hope the Kanaan's visit will bring this to light. I also had the pleasure of meeting Mohamed Ibrahim Warsame. This meeting will be very exciting to see on film. I can;t wait to see the documentary.

  7. he should go and have a concert in mogadisho where he belongs. who knows mabe he would be influenced to rid himself of this evil he is spreading amongst the muslim youth. Allah guide him on the straight path. what is wrong with you people, idolsing celebs as though they are some sought of saints. i bet most of you who have commented are muslim right? then where is the proof that what he is doing is right. Allah make the shabaab successful insha allah and rid Islam of these imposters.

  8. Let the kids have fun and pls stop this hatred. Shabab dude get a life and spend ur energy on something meaningful in ur sorry life.

  9. nice a skinny walaweyn comes to town and people are falling over themselves and that includes incompetent minister who has nothing better but to meet a virtually unkown rapper from mogadishu, why to go Somaliland. Reminds me of that Maryan Mursal episode

    • Your sick and self-hating, there is nothing wrong with K'naan visiting his Hargeisa — you don't own Somaliland nor Hargeisa, talk when K'naan visits your block or home, that's even if you own one there.

      K'naan welcome home!

  10. Give him a slack, Warfaa. He is a young man who doesn't know much about the magnitude of what really happened. He was too young to understand. Besides, he is in our country. Let us give him the hospitality we are famous for.After all, unlike his age groups, he is a young who wants to learn more about his roots and its rich culture. Give him all the assistance he heeds.

  11. Gobaad I have nothing against him I just pointed out how we Somalilanders always seek recognition from others who view us as Somalis. Kenaan is in Somaliland to film songs for his album beacuse his hometown Mogadisho is too chaotic for him so the alternative is Somaliland, that is all good, but my beef is when the album comes out and the title reads Filmed in Hargeisa Somalia.

    • @ Warfaa – Today's young people including our own growing abroad do not know what the fuss is all about or bothered to research about the facts and what reaaly happened.

      You are right about that he can not go to Mogadisho because of the chaos. But then again, he interested in to connect with Somali literature and the rich Somaliland poets and poetry that our culture is famous for. Give him some slack! He is a young who didn't ask for what happened or interested to promote it like others. if he would have gone to Mogadisho, what would he would have gotten. There is no Murti or rich Suugaan. Hargeisa is the home of this rich, rich culture, a home of poets, singer, and song writers.

      After all, we allowed the real individuals criminals who committed the atrocties against Somalilanders, go free and nobody is going after them or looking for them to bring them to justice.

  12. Warfaa, chill!!..There will always be cultural, social and economic ties between Somaliland and Somalia, but not a political one. Besides, the guy is a musician, a young man trying to find his cultural roots, take it easy!!!..

  13. Kariye I dont need you to tell me to chill or take it easy, I presented facts and you reply with cultural, social and economic ties between two different countries. Somalilanders in 1960 made that very same mistake by rushing to integrate Somaliland with Somalia and 40 years later oh well you get the point. Somaliland can not claim to be independent on one hand and a pro-Somalia on the other, choose one

  14. He is young I get that but does he know Hargeisa is not part of Somalia? I doubt he does, our problem as Somalilanders is we cling to the "Somali" part too much we come across as Somalis at the end of the day

    • There is nothing wrong with if he writes filmed in Hargeisa – Somalia on his video or album because he is an artist and as far as the world is concern, Somaliland is not recognized, I'm from Somaliland and if I was dealing with international audience or market, I would use the best or the well known card. Its business nothing political or personal.

  15. K'naan is a prominent Somali Musician. The most famous in recent times and internationally well known. He is bigger than all the critics and he knows it. His love for peace and most of all the Somali literature is what brought him here in Hargeisa. Theere will always be tunnel-vissioned, narrow minded peaple who will look at negatives in every thing.. We hope K'naan enjoys his stay in Hargeisa. He is very much welcomed. We are proud of his achievements and hope our brothers in South Somalia take an example. Peace and Love to all.

  16. Regardless of how I feel about what k’naan does for a living, it’s not my place to judge but since he has come to Hargiesa I think we should know where he stands on the whole Independent Somaliland matter. Personally I wouldn’t want a b-list celebrity, regardless of his nationality, one that propagates the “Somali Wayn” concept to arrive at Somaliland’s capital. The argument here is that if K’naan is a Somali Wayn-ist he shouldn’t be allowed in our land if he is not then he is welcome.

  17. k'naan is a poet, philosipher, intelligent, globally recognized and most of all a decent open-minded young man. if he had been an ignorant guy he wud never-ever have come into somali soil. This man has recognized that no matter how much money you have, you'll always need your country. He sees somaliland as somalia. The "land" dont make a significant change to him. All of the people whom live abroad and have seeked asylum in westerb countries try n realize what this rich well-estbilished hip hop artist has recognized, that it's inevatible to not come back to where u really belong. So we need to drastic action to leave these wester conuntires before they kick us out. they dont like us at all!!!!!!

  18. If K9 was an intelectual he would have already began the germination of the concept that recognition of somaliland is the last remaining train for destination somaliweyn… accepting dismantlement as means to justify the end!

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