MOGADISHU (Somalilandpress)- According to senior officials in the weak
Somali government, the government troops backed by the African union
peacekeepers will soon embark on operations meant to recapture the
country that mostly come under the hard-line Islamists’ harsh law

Troops on trucks, tankers and loaded ammunitions are being discharged
into the frontlines, as the AMISOM troops designed a chart of their
possible bases in Mogadishu, those under the Islamists at the moment,
a senior Somali government military official told Somalilandpress on
condition of anonymity.

Despite, the prime objective for the onslaught is Mogadishu but the
next head on offensive marked-areas are Jubba, Gedo, Bay, Bakool and
Shabelle regions.

“Our plans are progressing well and we have now formed a special
committee that is looking into how best we can regain control of these
areas some of which have been out of our hands for a long time now,”
the official says.

Mogadishu resident have recently been desperate to the government’s
much repeated offensive promises, as the insurgents pop in the pockets
controlled by the government in Mogadishu with attacks.

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Sources say most of the government troops are on standby and trained
in neighboring countries, in the face of their discipline, the
military officials vowed harsh punishment on soldiers caught of
robbing civilians in the areas that government may recapture from the
politically fractured Islamists. The troops mostly receive accusations
from residents over robbery and rape, a different way from the
Islamists who are accused by residents of beheading, flogging,
executions and out of courts’ sentences along with enforced support.

Military officials escorted by the army are looingk into how best the
rebels can be torn apart, and to recapture most of the population
centres and disrupt the militants’ arms’ supply line.

The UN Security Council has imposed sanctions on Eritrea, accusing the
country of backing Islamist insurgents in Somalia.

The resolution places an arms embargo on Eritrea, and also imposes
travel bans and asset freezes on businesses and individuals.

Previous test offensives in Mogadishu by the government have ended
with vain, which critics argued allowed militants to re-arm, and
analysts warn that Somali government could be overthrown.

The African Union presented a range of fresh incentives to the weak
Somali government in the recent Addis Ababa summi, including enhancing
intelligence sharing and military cooperation, but doubts are falling
into the leaders’ seriousness to restore peace.

The current government controls less 40% of the its predecessor
government led by ex-president colonel Abdullahi Yusuf.

Islamist militants plague vast swathes of southern Somalia, where they
stage their harsh Sharia interpretation on the moderate Sufi Somalis.

By: Abdinasir Mohamed


  1. This statement is not new, they have been saying these kind of stuff for the last one year with no action. They have to stop scaring the Mogadishu masses and displace them continually.