MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) — The night of mayhem and death started with the sound of helicopters above pitch-black fields. When it was over, the French intelligence agent who had been held hostage for more than three years was almost certainly dead, as was at least one French commando, and the home that served as the agent’s final jail was destroyed. And now the Somalis living in the muddy farm town had new cause to fear the militants controlling their street.

It was too dark to see beyond the brief glow of flashlights, but noise was everywhere, said Ali Bulhan, who woke up when the earth started vibrating to the beat of the helicopter rotors. And the flashlights were abruptly extinguished when the French soldiers shot the Somalis who had turned them on to see what was happening in their town in the dead of night, said town elder Hussein Yasin.

The commandos were there to free a French intelligence agent captured on Bastille Day in 2009. The man, known by his code-name Denis Allex, was chained up, abused and moved from one safe house to another, French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said Sunday. Le Drian said the government decided to stage the rescue a month ago, when Allex’s location seemed to have settled down “in a spot accessible by the sea.”

Helicopters were dispatched from a French ship that had been on an enforced news blackout for weeks, according to the French newspaper Le Point. When the commandos arrived in Bulomarer late Friday, children began screaming in confusion and fighters from the Islamist al-Shabab, which has controlled the town for years, began racing along the streets, their cell phones pressed to their ears.

“They had a terrible night as well,” said Ali Bulhan, who refused to give his last name for fear of reprisal.

The local accounts, along with that of a Somali intelligence official and the French defense minister, offer a glimpse into a chaotic rescue attempt in which nothing seemed to go as planned.

“Extracting a hostage is extremely difficult,” Le Drian said.

Yasin said the gunbattle started on the ground when the French commandos encountered an Islamist checkpoint. Al Bulhan said only a few hours could have passed between that moment and the time when the French helicopters stopped firing on homes and instead ferried the surviving French troops to safety “but it felt like an entire day.”

French officials, including the president, and a Somali intelligence official said Allex was almost certainly killed by his captors. The intelligence official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not permitted to speak to the press, said Sunday that the home where the agent was held was destroyed in the attack Saturday, and that intelligence networks “do not have any information indicating he is still alive.”

Al-Shabab has offered no proof for its claims that Allex was still alive and that a wounded French soldier was in its custody as well. French officials acknowledge a missing soldier, but say they believe he is dead.

“Bullets rattled every corner,” Ali Bulhan said. “Helicopters were firing at nearby homes.”

The fighting took an even steeper toll on the Islamists, according to French officials and locals. Ali Bulhan said he thought the fighters had already taken away the bodies of their comrades. French officials said they counted 17 dead among the Islamists.

After the sounds of battle faded and the helicopters were gone, frightened al-Shabab fighters locked down the town, added checkpoints, arrested junior commanders for fear someone had tipped off the French foces, and seized cell phones of residents, Ali Bulhan said.

“I was told that the dead French soldier was hiding and was shot after he turned on a flashlight,” he said. He did not know when, but later saw the body of a European being dragged into a car.

Businesses shut down for the day Sunday.

“It was a burial day for the fighters,” Ali Bulhan said, “and a deadly day for the French as well.”


Source: AP


  1. Al-shabaab There's a place for you and isn't the place you think it's. and I full support the french commandos raid. because if we can travel their city without a problem they should also do the same that's how civilize country behave . so question before us is are we done with this animals and also ready say to them no support and no housing even if one them is your son and to make it clear to them without hesitation. from now own. you own your own. if we can accomplish that it will do us whole lot of good.

    • It is not the same thing though is it?

      Somalis enter France as Refugees and claim asylum. What these french special forces did was violate your countries Sovereignty by crossing your borders just like Kenya did to Sharif, just like Ethiopia did to Abdullahi Yusuf. The international community recognizes only the SOMALI-REPUBLIC which was a union of two countries and since that Union is dead somali-republic is dead. The french soldiers and anyone else cross the border is not really breaking any international LAWS.

      I am disgusted with you cheering for the FRENCH to violate your territory and the weak attitude you people have to spreading apart your curtains for anything foreign. Instead you should be demanding your president to explain why foreign troops violated your space and killed 17people in your country?

      I don't care if these people worship SATAN they were in your territory and a foreign power crossed your borders once again and killed them and left without even informing your government.

      The 17People who died were Habar gidir, Marehaan and Rahanweyn perhaps knowing their clans will motivate your maternal instinct to feel sorry for the 17-Teenagers who died?

      France has child molesters and murderers but they will never let you or any foreigner go into their country and allow you to harm their criminals because they understand the purpose of SOVEREIGNTY which you people will never learn in a million years.

      • What these french special forces did was violate your countries Sovereignty by crossing your borders just like Kenya did to Sharif, just like Ethiopia did to Abdullahi Yusuf????? I need to show the point twice.

      • You got it wrong buuxiye Pakistan has seven largest and army with equipped the latest weapon like f16 f14and 200 nuclear arsenal particularly capable of delivery to missiles anytime and that's not my assessment that's their intelligence saying that to a close hearing to the U.S.A senate intelligent committees. So if you remember there was a raid that took place 2011 which took the life the most wanted terrors in the world and the USA did not deemed to tell their counterpart Pakistan or intelligent services ISI which they have been partners long time. Everybody knows India use to be close ally yo Soviet onion so that why I'm detail for you one more time sovereignty thing you running around with it. and I'm going to leave there and I have no intention discussing Somalia sovereignty with you any more so let's not beat this thing anymore. about young teenagers of-course I feel bad about their death but what's worst is a nation where the citizens and visitors cannot go out with out the criminals demanding to be bay for their life's. so this terrors group have to know there's no place to hide and that's good for the long run for my Country.

        • I advise you to leave politics alone because you lack the egotistical Male-Gene and the Maternal-territorial gene.

          Nobody should be allowed to enter your home without permission! i don't care if Pakistan i violated or not the principle is your cheering for the action???

      • buxir.
        Diluted creature. what you need to understand is SOMALIA lost it's SOVEREIGNTY 1991 when moryaan and secessionist tried to lead somali nation up now somalia is limping. instead putting things together they still causing more distruction.

        In your little brain you think somali republic is gone as you wish, but that is not the case here, SOMALIA is wounded BUT will recover. probably i think it's hard for you to understand DEFINITION of UNION, the union 1960 it was between NOTHREN SOMALIA and SOUTHERN SOMALIA as a whole not SOMALILAND REGION one tribe base, in this case somaliland region did not, can not and will not have any effect what so ever existance of SOMALI REPUBLIC.

        In your imaginary world you think somaliland region can protect it self well equipt foreign forces. well, let me tell they can't even collect their garbages so take this nonsense somewhere else. foreigners they don't have to send any forces to somaliland region ( if they want to go there ) all they have to do is send ONE person since somaliland folks are every obedient when they see foreigner or white person. the mayor of Hargeisa is one man habashi who gives the real order the whole region. we know that.

        As i mention before your mind is stall somewhere unknown. VIOLATION of somali territory whether land ,sea or air did no start when sharif or Abulahi yusuf were in charge but it started 1991.

        • 🙂 Muahaha Tell that to Hassan Culusow no me!

          Your President is happy to continue 2-STATE dialogue process in accordance with the dictates of the international community. I don't really care whether you approve of not and i don't care if you or your uncle Faroole continue to throw TANTRAMS till DOOM'S DAY.

          2-STATES United so 2-STATE – Will be recognized 🙂

          • This imaginary issue of 2-state dialogue has nothing to do with faroole or Puntland state.

            I think for you is hard to understand this problem SINCE you live own plannet.

            Two state united 1960, but it was100% from the nothern somalia and 100% southern somalia. TODAY still 43% northern somalis believe and want to remain somali republic other 57% want to create out of the blue, how it will be possible handed over "recognition" 57% residence in nothern somalia it's not gone happen.

            2 state solution is dead ,cremated and buried long ago. even the IC will not buy it. as i said long time ago somaliland region will be semi-autonomous state like any other somali semi-autonomous states in somali republic.

          • The way you wish it could be and the way it actually is are Light years apart 🙂

            Amisom protected government of Vila Moqadishu are not in a position to dictate anything. The international community that is paying for Amisom to stay in Moqadishu has the final WORD. Hassan Mahamoud is the one who cannot afford for the 2-STATE dialogue process to ever fail because if the talks fail because of his doing or his hesitation to act appropriately what is to stop the IC pulling the plug on the moqadishu live-support system?

            When President Siilanyo & Hassan meet:

            – Siilanyo ELECTED by Majority Vote of 3.6Million people in a 3-party ELECTION process where he was the opposition.
            – Siilanyo is able to walk safely among his population in 90% of his territory.
            – Siilanyo enjoys the love of Majority of his population.

            Compared to:

            – Hassan; No comment
            – Hassan; No comment
            – Hassan; No comment

            When these two Men meet they are not on the same lever nor are they EQUAL in the yes of the world or those of Somalia people.

            – Moral high ground Check 🙂
            – Economic high ground check 🙂
            – De Jure sovereignty check 🙂
            – Population support check 🙂
            – Consequence of failed dialogue in favor check 🙂

            The Day the dialogue process was agreed was the day this game was SET & MATCH awaiting conclusion.

            Check mate! 🙂

          • Here we again the wrong statistics forcast always listing something does not exist.

            EVERY somali person knows Amisom helps mogadishu current goverment southern somalia have more population more economy more problem that's why AU are there. it's not like somaliland region TWO BED ROOM FLAT.

            The IC it's not i mean it's advocating 2 state dialogue how do you understand things, if it does why all this meeting ( get cup of tea and think about ). If the talk fail NOTHING will happen somaliland region will go back it's dark caves wonder around in bushes.

            – Silanyo he's tribal chief, his people elected him nothing more.
            – silanyo can't come some part of northern somalia that's for sure.
            – No your wrong silanyo does not enjoy full support of most ppl in this region, his millia police was shooting innocent ppl few weeks ago

            It's hard to compare these two. here is the FACT

            *Hassan is recognize president of somalia,but his policy is little bit wobbling.
            – Siilanyo is regional leader or GOVERNOR. this is difference between them.

    • You have been living somewhere in the west too long, getting hand outs girl. Somalis have committed crime but the white men came to kill them like they are nothing. They don't treat their people like that even when they do worst crimes.

      • These hostage takers and fanatic criminals are more or less Somalis and all their inhuman atrocities occur in Somali territores, however, the foreign powers who ignore the international laws and violate the territorial sovereignty of other nations, personally I believe that they are terrorists too.

  2. My only problem with this operation is the fact that they didn't inform or ask for the assistance of the Government of Somalia. Now because of their actions both countries are embarrassed, especially the

    • kkkkkkk, the moryan goverment are also under microscope part of al-shabab. the french didn't ask any information because they suspect some goverement officials.

      Any operation can fail this is one of them.

  3. Alshabaab is a cancer that needs to be eliminated, but i think french are cowards that could not face Alshaab in a day time and instead went to a small town in the middle of the night and fired bullets indiscriminately. Somlia is no longer a country, its a territory that any country can go to hunt humans during day time and night-time. The so called president is helpless sitting at Villa Somalia protected by Bantu army. Shabaab is the enemy of the poor, rejecting NGO,s to feed the poor, cutting hands for theft, telling Jihadist Arabs to come to Somalia and marry Somali women.

  4. Our prophet Mohammed (scw) used to free captive from enemies during Jihaad wars, also as somalis we treat prisoners in a very humane manner, where releasing them is our values during wars. I would say to Alshabaab leaders, please follow our prophet's path and release him soon.
    This worth far more than retaliation!!!

  5. If only these Shabaab weren't such a radicals with the right military gear they could of of been our most elitist Somali soldiers perhaps even in the whole of Africa.

    Why Wahhabi why i hope there is a extra hot reserved place in hell just for AQ may Allah destroy them for destroying the Muslim countries that they claim to be fighting for by turning its people into the equivalent of bunch of cave dwellers

    • Hassan NGO can't touch or change federal constitution, because everyone one the parliament voted INCLUDING his moryan clan. a lot of somalis will not allow also the UN.

      He did TRIED to change but failed. the whole purpose Hassan NGO wants to change the constitution is, one artical says ( two or more region can stablish semi-autonomous state within somali republic ). in his moryan mind he wants everthing should be control in mogadishu moryan infested city. it's not gone happen, any part of somalia if two or more region decide to create semi-autonomous state they are wellcome.

      Jubbaland is doing now soon will get one
      Bay and bakool will be next

  6. Those half habashis are just after your destruction. What happened in Somalia, could have happened in much grater and militarily stronger countries in the world. The problem with those creatures, is stupidity. They don't know that power = control. American intelligence agencies were roaming all parts of Europe between 2002 and 2008 and many illegal kidnapping happened in daylight. As if they can't do that in what is so called "somaliland"? If south somalia is raided by France once, then what you believe is called somaliland is a backyard for the Ethiopians. The day of real reer north somalia is coming soon, I wonder if your abti can help you again.

    In reality, those people know it, but they just express their happiness of just another Somali blood being spilt.

    • not really . you too old and cannot see anything. get a glasses madam gobaad and ain't you the person who wrote the stupid long incoherent and incorrect comment just four-day ago and didn't even attempted to fixed it.

        • goobaad go check (really ) comments and the other person next to him. you idiot . just because person miss letter here and there does not meant whole lot. the problem is when the person is trying to look like sophisticated but in the processes they miss the whole purpose of writing the comments and then what ever you were trying to convey to us gets lost and you writing is all of the place and words that 's not even in the dictionary appear in your comment, lowlife'

          • Sahra
            I am not going to call you an idiot simple because you have shown your true colors here.
            No one displayed any sophistication here but simple an opinion, probably this kicked in your inferiority complex.
            Seems your are on a hate cliff and sooner or later it’s going to sent you to your demise. Get the authors peel concept and improve your writting dear.

          • The little man is talking. If anybody is exposed is you .Mr 2-STATE with those obnoxious long so-called comments need I say more.

          • You revealing yourself more and more and what it shows is you have ways to go. Forget about rattling anything or anybody. If anything my inclination all alone was right about you' because if you did simple check you would know no error occurred here. So the word idiot it just about right.

          • @ sahra.

            Ignore Hoodo or hodan to be honest her real name is ( Gobaad). she is fanatic tribal middle age chick. well, buxuyu you know this person escape from mental institution the authority are looking. no need to reply these jackroos.

  7. we will support any country willing to help us destroy al shabaab since they are the enemies of the somali republic and undercover agents from Hargeisa bent on destabilizing South/Central Somalia in order for the small tribal village in Hargeisa to secede. Those 17 al shabaab terrorists killed were innocent Isaaq street beggars forcefully recruited by the Ethiopian stooge (SNM).

    • PuntlandSucker,

      Keep the Isaaq off you filthy mouth.

      Somaliland seceded even before the creation of Al shabaab and therefore has nothing whatsoever to do with this group and unlike the Majerteen parasites the Isaaq boys are busy developing their country.

  8. The IC encouraged Somaliland and Somalia to talk, because they want us to reconcile are differences not because they want you to gain independence. Do you not think that the IC is not aware of the consequences of Somaliland Independence. Somaliland recognition would be the end of Somalia as we know it.

    The IC would like to avoid Somali chaos at all cost and after working so hard to establish Somalia's government. They would not deliberately restart somali clan warfare. which come with lawlessness, piracy, and terrorists. Plus no Arab or Muslim country would recognize or support such a move and to make things even worse not even Ethiopia would recognize you because the consequence for them would be too high.

    Lets be honest the support the Isaaqs gave to Somaliand back in 91 and now are different. Somalia's foreign minster was a die hard Somalilander why did she just jump ship all of sudden. The answer is simple Somalia is has a real shot of become a greater nation then before the civil war.

    • eriir sabole langaab

      dont you know the parlimiant on 60 are moryaan?
      the rest have their own maamul goboled

      puntland is mine
      jubbaland is mine
      killil 5 is mine
      NFD is mine
      khaatumo is mine
      central state i share

      • Mr Marehaan out of all those you mentioned there's not one your clan is the head of lol stop embarrassing yourself even a bunch of refugees outsmarted you in the only place in Somalia you could of ruled.

        Within the Darood jokes i bet it's always on your clan lol your clan is like the Indian version of Harijahns aka the Untouchables when it comes to the Daroods hierarchy lol

  9. Je suis heureux que les porcs francais sont mort. What was the French spy doing in Moqadishu, except to create mayhem. He was up to no good.

    Side note: Last few weeks, I purposely stayed away from commenting about Saylac and the deaths of those mujahideens, may the highest heaven's gates open for their souls to enter Firdowsa. We wil never forget and intend to bring justice to the perpetrators of these acts.

    On behalf of:
    Sons of Saylac

    • Je suis heureux que les porcs francais sont mort. wtf f**k you said. can't you dumb djiboutians for once speak af somali.

      • Greater Djibouti metropolitan area, which includes cosmopolitan Saylac, is the cradle of Somali history, culture and language – pirate boy, or should I say pirate boi!

        Pirate boy, what does PIS stand for? Don't tell me it stands for some sort of institution in your region. How do you guys live in such a lawless region? Wild, wild east, I say.