MOGADISHU (Somalilandpress) — Rich crop fields are sprouting up across Southern Somalia after heavy rains brought an end to a prolonged drought in the region. According to the UN, this season’s expected to be the country’s best crop yield in seven years. Instead of having to rely on UN food handouts, about 500,000 Somalis are expected to have the means to be self-sufficient this year.

And al-Shabab, an Islamic anti-government group that holds power over much of Southern Somalia, is claiming some credit for the increased food production.

Bernard Smith reports.

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Source: Al Jazeera, 2 April 2010


  1. Al-Shabab is nothing but a faithless and ruthless mafia who initially (not now)deceived the vulnerable unsuspecting and less sophisticated Somalis with the usual symbols of Islam- turbans and beads.

    They are the worst and most dangerous criminals ever existed not only in the Horn region but in the entire continent of Africa and should, therefore, be treated and dealt with as such and without mercy.
    They are the worst disease ever visited that part of the world and every effort should be made to eradicate them.

  2. Btrother Ali

    I agree with you Al-Shabab and the new Wahabbism that is taking over both Somalia and Somaliland are evil imports and have no place in our loving, caring, forgiving Islam we had for almost 1500 years. I hate fighting but i say these mosnsters shouldl be fought and defeated at all costs. They are murdering monsters and May Allah bring down his eternal wrath on them. Amen


  3. Al-shabab siday doonaan haw xumaadeene, waxay umadda ka qabteen qoladan WFP marka soomaalida iyo afrikaankaba arkaan inay isku filaasho gaadhayaan, ka soo dul dejiyaan toban markab oo cunto ah.
    Bal u fiirsadoo markay abaaruhu jiraan wax uma qabtaan dadka.
    Ma xasuusataan Burco wixii ka dhacay sanad ama laba sano ka hor. Dadkii markay cunto heleen ayay ka soo dul dejiyeen sarreen.

  4. According to this news and very few other others AlShabab are doing great, however, most of news are focusing on their negative aspect. To this day Western media and their proxies are against Alshabab. I am in the pinion that this movement needs to be given a time and support ultimately thy will learn. declaring a war will only deepen and shade innocent blood.

  5. Even if they are responsible for this increase in food supply, it is minuscule in scale compared to the chaos, war and havoc they and many other internal and foreign actors have caused. They are not the only responsible group, any friction requires two opposite forces.

    The UN and World Trade Organisation's policies, particularly the latter have caused a great deal of hunger across the world – this is not some Al-Shabab propaganda, it is a FACT. Dumping (cheap food imports to thirdworldcountries to boost western farmers) to take one of many examples is just how they cause hunger, poverty and long term dependency.