By Peter MARTELL – NAIROBI -After decades of war, Somalia is taking small steps toward recovery, but breakaway regions, rival clans and the competing interests of neighbouring nations are threatening its fragile progress, analysts warn.

In the past two years, African Union troops have wrested town after town from Al-Qaeda-linked Shebab insurgents, hauling down their black Islamist banners and raising Somalia’s flag.

But asserting the authority of the central government — which until recently controlled just a few blocks of the capital Mogadishu — is a far harder task.

“In Somalia today there is only one federal government that is wholly owned by the Somali people, widely represented by all Somalis, all regions,” Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud told reporters this week.

But others disagree, including powerful militia forces backed by foreign armies.

The worst flashpoint is the far southern region dubbed “Jubaland” bordering Kenya and Ethiopia.

Both nations have troops there after invading in late 2011, while this month several rival warlords declared themselves “president”, sparking anger in Mogadishu.

But the effective self-appointment of former Islamist chief Ahmed Madobe, one of the most powerful of the “presidents” due to Kenyan backing, risks opening a rift between Nairobi and Mogadishu.

“The effort to create a Jubaland state within Somalia will test the limits of federalism in that country, and threatens to touch off clan warfare not only within Somalia but also in its neighbours,” the International Crisis Group warned in a recent report.

Jubaland, which includes the key port city of Kismayo, has a lucrative charcoal industry, fertile farmland as well as potential off-shore oil and gas deposits.

Addis Ababa, long term experts in playing off powerful factions, is wary of Madobe, who hails from the same Ogadeni clan as rebels fighting inside Ethiopia.

Infighting benefits Islamist insurgents

However, Mogadishu’s government — selected last year by clan elders in a UN-backed process and the first to be recognised internationally in more than two decades — is full of confidence.

“Any one group within Somalia that just gets together sits there and says, we are ‘XYZ’, has no legitimacy and has no recognition at local level and at international level,” said Mohamud.

But international recognition counts for little within Somalia, and central rule is controversial.

The last to claim control was Siad Barre, toppled in 1991 after a rule marked by repression of opposition and a bloody civil war against Somaliland.

Years of anarchy meant Somalis reverted to age-old systems of autonomy and traditional semi-nomadic camel herding.

Somalia split into regions, from fiercely independent Somaliland along the Gulf of Aden, to Puntland in the northeast, which recognises a federal government but says that has no role in its internal affairs.

Analysts warn of tough political times ahead.

While AU troops backing Mogadishu have enjoyed territorial success, Roland Marchal, an analyst with French research institute CNRS, notes the fighting force lacks a “political strategy to go with the military strategy”.

Kenya’s army, which invaded in 2011 alongside Madobe’s allied troops, faces a particularly sticky predicament.

In 2012, its cash-strapped military joined the AU force — funded by the UN and European Union — leaving its soldiers backing a warlord opposing the central government it is mandated to support.

Mogadishu lawmakers have submitted a motion demanding Kenya leave Somalia, while Mohamud said Kenyan troops “misbehaved” when a top level government delegation went to Kismayo and “did not treat the committee well”.

Ambitions by central government have highlighted internal divisions within regions.

Tensions in Jubaland have raised concern in Puntland, which swiftly welcomed Madobe’s election by calling on other regions “to establish states in a similar consultative and open process”.

Puntland has been keen to stake out power boundaries, with its oil agency chief Issa Farah warning Mogadishu it alone is the “competent authority” to manage the region’s oil exploration.

Mogadishu’s inability to “exercise its authority over the Kismayo process is undermining its influence in the remaining regions of Somalia and the emerging arrangements towards federalism,” warned Andrews Atta-Asamoah of the Pretoria-based Institute of Security Studies (ISS) in a recent paper.

At present, the only thing all appear to agree on is that the rivalry benefits the Shebab, still in control of swathes of countryside.

East African heads of state last week urged Somalia hold a “reconciliation conference”, warning infighting could “threaten peace and stability”.

Yet many also eye the economic, strategic and political profits of the region.

Kenya wants a security buffer zone to protect its valuable tourism industry, a proposed major port and hopes of offshore oil and gas finds.

It also hopes stability would let it send back the half a million Somali refugees it hosts.

Landlocked Ethiopia has long played a powerful role in Somalia, with Kismayo offering another possible route to the sea.

Yet Mogadishu remains upbeat, mindful its position today was unthinkable a few years ago.

“Somalia is fragmented, it’s divided into regions, clans, groups,” Mohamud said. “The current Somali government is busy with rebuilding and organising to have one Somalia.”



  1. This report came from "middle east online" which is another useless Media. without Federalism Somalia will not and can not coexist for sure 100%.

  2. HOW Culusow NGO can UNITE the country while him self protected by AMISOM. at least those autonomous states have more legitimacy then CULUSOW. without Federalism Somalia will remain intact.

  3. The only way Mogadisho can control outside the green zone where they have offices guarded by African troops is to let go Somaliland & recognise it then, try to stabilise the chaotic Somalia (formerly know South Somalia) ruled by many warlords supported by different countries with different interest.

  4. Hassan Mahamoud has thus far achieved a NEW level of disfranchisement from all non Hawiye clans. His hypocritical strategy is evidenced with the complete annexing of the former Somali-Republic Capital of Muuqdishu to only serve the interests of the Hawiye clan.

    If Hassan Mahamoud does not like Mr Madoobe because of the potential of the emergence of another adversary like Faroole of Puntland within Somalia-Italia territory then tough i say. At the moment Hassan Mahamoud is on life support and at the mercy of Amisom troops without whole he is unable to even attend the Bathroom. What then gives him the right to believe he has the leadership skills to even threaten anyone outside his Vila muuqdishu?

    Hassan Mahamoud was very pleased with the combined military strategy of Madoobe and Kenya when they were liberating Kismanyo so what has changed today? Why must he expose his inferiority complex to the international community and scream like a 5-year old girl?

    If you don't like Madoobe then do something about it, if you can, otherwise simply keep quite and pretend he is supporting your Unitary-state aspirations!

    I am looking forward to the moment Madoobe outright Bans the Muuqdishu FAKE Road-Map Selected President and his Tuugs after all Maddobe was SELECTED by a Majority and he became president with more VOTES then Hassan Mahamoud. In addition we all know Hassan Mahamoud paid for every vote given to him during his SELECTION process.

    Hassan Mahamoud has taken a far too big a bite then he could ever chew in the Somali political arena. Sandwiched between Puntland & Jubaland Hassan Mahamoud appears to be in a political checkmate.

    If Hassan Mahamoud wins it will cause an outright endless war in Jubaland.

    If Hassan Mahamoud looses it will cause a total loss of the little legitimacy probed by the IC.

    Loose & Loose situation…

    • Tell me about it, i don't know about you but i could never envisage sharing a government with Mj's, too dishonest for my liking and completely untrustworthy.

      • KKKKK,kkkkkkkk, WHY everybody thinks Mj's HAVE better Brain????? why??? AND please do not tell me for god sake they manipulate and so forth, so the rest of Somalis.THEY were born nine month's so do. I took my hat off and Solute Mj because always never go offside.

        • This is not about better brains or advanced than the others, but it's all about their deceptive tactics. Mj's know well how to use or manipulate the tribal card of Darodism whenever their policies and exclusive interests run at stake. It was yesterday when Gen. Morgan Was ferociously fighting both Ogadens and Marehans over Kismayo with the full backing of Puntland, so the question is, what has changed since then. In fact, nothing has changed about the Mj's stubborn mentality of being the Kings of Darod in Somalia, but they have simply changed the failed strategy into a new one by engaging the other darods for the safeguard of Puntland interests under the umbrella of Darodism. Remember, it was about two years ago when Mj's were compaigning against Farmajo in which they finally succeeded to replace him with one of their sons and now they are doing the same tactics.

          • ku-raajiciye kama kacno,

            Your cluesless person, Mj this that will not work. don not worry about ksimaayo because this is between Darood, Hawiye moryaan nor their distance fake relative have no BEEF in this part of Somalia for sure.

            To make for you LONG LONG LONG story short, Mj are member of Darood Jaberti Ismail community and vital member. it's all pure fabricated lies Mj wants to replace this that, this is the way low IQ folks think. if you think Jubbaland situation will change if MJ become Prime minister then your completely dead wrong. nothing will change.

        • Bro, some of these folks have inferiority issues. Because there is no no reason such level of hate.

          I don't personally secession but I can talk to them on level. But usually qabil talk is what they throw back. It seems that's all they know and understand.

          So Reer SNM. Why the inferiority complex. By the i know it's not fair to label all Isaaqs reer SNM, but what is one left to do when there is none but hate spewing from there mouths and it seems all the Isaaqs with decency stay away from commenting. Which is sad, but oh well. I guess insults and BS is the language here.

          Reer SNM, The world won't allow Reer SNM to be a country. End of this whole site.

  5. @Hassan Sheikh Mohamud

    If your truly a muslim with a clean heart and no bias to a certain clan like (Hawiya) to fear Allah (SWT) and don't take the somali people back to the vicious clan war era in 1991.

    For 20 years the Somali people have suffered under cruel warlords and Al-Qaida Islamic wahabi terrorists who vowed to kill and maim innocent Somali people. The Somali people are tired of all this fighting and chaos, they just want to live in peace by forming their own Federal State under United federal Somalia they don't want no boogie leaders appointed from Mogadishu.

    The making of Jubland has been going on for the last 10 years (since 1998) it took lots of effort and coordination to liberate Jubaland from Al-Qaida Islamic wahabi terrorists. Thousands of young Jubaland Somali warriors perished during the struggle against Al-Qaida Islamic wahabi terrorists they didn't die in vain because Jubaland today have taken charge of their region from warlords and Al shabaab terrorists and now they are determined to push for peace like (Somaliland & Puntland) to maintain a peaceful Jubaland without Al Shabaab terrorising the people or devastating the environment like cutting and burning trees to fund their wahabi beliefs.

    The Jubaland clan elders and officials have asked the Somali Federal Government (SFG) thousands of times to send delegate to Jubaland peace process but Hassan Sheikh Mohamud refused to send any federal ministers and called it as illegal and unconstitutional but the Jubaland State formation process went head and more than 500 delegates convened in Kismayo and eventually elected Ahmed Mohamed Islam (Ahmed Madobe) as the President of Jubaland.

    Now Hassan Sheikh Mohamud is stirring up tensions between Sade & Ogaden clans by sending the warlord Colonel Barre Hiirale to Kismoya to undermine the community of Jubbaland.

    The Hawiya should say loud and clear to Hassan Sheikh Mohamud Not in Our Name.

    • Hassan Sheikh is the president of Somalia, and he has every right to decide the matters of his country. You people from Puntland yesterday you were selling the Ogadens to Ethiopia, today you are pretending to help them. We know the only headache that Puntland is suffering is that the prime minister is not from Majerten. Fear Allah and stop the dirty games of destroying the country. Otherwise the wrath of Allah will descend onto you.

    • The problem witn you Darood is you use religion how it suits you. Becouse of Jubaland you remamber Allah!!!,!,

  6. Culusow have no clue what he's been up to, he is just complete lost person wondering around flying back and forth probably collecting more FREQUENT FLYER POINTS.

    Worst of all Culusow can not even control beyond Villa Moryaan GATES let alone rest of Somalia while trying to interfere local autonomous STATES. he the Culsusow should be thank full AMISOM forces because without them Hawiye would not be able to have this backward useless government in Mogadishu. history tells us many times Hawiye without help can not lead, if they have capacity they would done it twenty years ago.

    Jubbaland issue is very clear Majority inhabitant in this part of Somalia will lead their state without any doubt no matter what Culusow comes up, he will be always fail on this issue.
    It was few days ago when he sent his Ministers to kismayo, they were held four days kismayo airport for security check but later three talk took place Ahmed Mohamed Islam, Uhuru kenyatta and Hassan sheikh Culusow. and later were released in protected area with the watchful eye of Jubbaland authority.

    • Why waste energy and resources on Hassan Mahamoud?

      Simply ignore him.

      1. Draft a New constitution that makes it clear that Hassan Mahamoud has no power in Jubaland.
      2. Declare Autonomous self rule.
      3. Ban all Hassan Mahamoud politicians from Jubaland.
      4. Invite Hassan to Nairobi to negotiate EQUAL partnership and sharing of Federal funds donated from the international community.
      5. Read Faroole tantrums as a political weapon Manual.
      6. Begin negotiating independently with the international community.
      7. Establish a National independence day that creates a sense of Jubalandnimo.

      Case closed no more discussion, Hassan Mahamoud can sing and dance all he likes, he cannot set one foot on your land even if he pretends to be your president in his dreams.

      Now begin the real work of rebuilding and cleansing all terrorist agents from your land… If Hassan does not leave you alone re-read the Faroole Tantrum handbook and threaten to declare full independence.

      Well Ogadeen might have a great chance of Bargaining for the Seats of President or Prime-minster in 2017-2018???

      Suddenly i hear Bintiland screaming they have created a Monster CHILD 🙂 Muahaha

      • No ONE is wasting any energy to Hassan Culusow NGO.

        1- Remember Jubbaland nor PUNTLNAD Not interested declaring full independence, IF declare out of blue independence they would stack somewhere same as Somaliland.

        2- Both already have self rule admin.

        3- The new Jubbaland constitution gave the federal government limit, there no need new one

        4- All the fund get Somali federal republic Jubbaland will get it's share without question.

        5- Faroole and Puntland stand for what the Somali constitutions says and always ready to support any two regions who wants to form self rule within Somali federal republic.

        6- Jubbaland state of Somalia they do not need national independence day because they have not liberated their land from foreign power unless they create fake one.

        7- You see PUNTLAND or Jubbaland are not running away from SOMALI FEDERAL REPUBLIC because of dispute other Somali clan, also not interested changing Somali flag which CREATED by all SOMALIS in 1958 not one clan BUT they will have autonomous flags. they know how to fight whether is full confrontation or world stage. unlike others.

        8- IF you think PUNTLAND will create Monster child again your WRONG, Puntland wants to see four to five semi-autonomous states within Federal republic of Somalis because this will give all Somalis to run own local affairs.

        9- Most terrorist group run away been chased by Jubbaland arm forces.

        • @Ahmednuur

          Your number 5 if what you're saying is true for a sec then how comes Puntland is not following the constitution where it clearly says 2+ regions may join not 2 and something.

          Cut all the BS Cabbie Farole is playing the game of do as i say not as i do!

          • Samaale,

            READ the Somali Constitution (article 49 section B) it says two or more regions within Somali Federal republic can FORM ADMINISTRATION if both agree. Puntland admin is always follow what the Somali constitutions says. and who ever try to manipulate they will confront HEAD ON without doubt.

            I know what you mean when you say 2 and something, while Ago CULUSOW NGO XOOLO said, the constitution said two or more region can join form local authority but he added not tribe joining. this is how stupid culusow is, how come all seventeen district commissioners in Mogadishu accept two are all Hawiye Moryaan.

            This ISSUE is much bigger then Faroole, the show have not yet start.

          • Puntland conducts itself as it pleases and Faroole has gone live on media several times to insinuate the potential of declaring Full independence from Somalia-Italia.

            Jubaland will also have similar potential political leverage.

            Their combined influence and with the full support of the D&M parliamentarians it will not be long before they REMOVE Saaqid Shitdoon. Dirta-Waqooyi in Muuqdishu are only there for the money and i would not be surprised if they accept financial incentive to also support Saaqid's exist.

            I am starting to like this concept of Federalism it will always keep the enemy state of Somalia-Italia doomed, fragile and exposed to $-influence.

          • I assume you wish Puntland declares full independence so they can join fake club call " full sovereignty regions", it will not work, if it did today Somaliland would be independent. the reality is autonomous states will be establish in Somalia with strong fair federal system.

            REMOVING PM Saacid will not change anything on the ground or what is happening in Somalia at the moment. so, there is no point removing him.
            Dirta-waqooyi they know the MOVIE in Hargeisa needs update, they are not in for the money.

            kk, i reckon you did not yet understand federalism, to be honest YOUR folks isaq will benefit more then anyone else. imagine.
            – Mogadishu again become central over all authority in Somalia centralize govern.
            – In no time they will march straight to Hargeisa three angle admin.

          • Whistle blower filibuster, is it really that simple for the Roadmap Signatories
            to make the federalism 4.5 to work? Make no mistake that the only way
            much troubled warzone torn Somalia since 1991 would only be healthier
            again with the blessings of only Somaliland quest allowance its jeopardized
            legalities. Keep on pestering and battering around your past oppressions.

          • Ask, yourself who is holding so call your "recognition" not the Somalis. have ever heard don't shoot the messenger. well, the real authority behind blocking is IC.

            The reality is 4.5 is here to stay, it's unfortunate but no one can Escape FROM reality. the reason created this system was, since SOMALIS kill each other for tribe then the only way can be solve this issue is to USE tribe formula. i personally did not like (4.5) but much better using (5 point) because no one on this planet is (.5).

            Whether Somaliland come on board or not the train is already moving in slow Motion. passengers in this train have different views but the sometime they all agreed heading the same direction, alone the way there will be few head butting, punch throwing but the end of the day conclusion will be reach.

          • Somaliland-Republic & Somalia-Federation have only one dialogue process and that dialogue process will conclude with a relationship that BOTH States agree upon.

            This will happen in plain view of the international sponsors.

            Let us agree to disagree is a relationship closer to recognition of our independence then 1960-Union.

          • The recognition is NO longer on the table everyone knows that. the out come of this dialogue will be Somaliland will become autonomous state within Federal republic of Somalia. but they must first negotiate own community general in northern Somalia. so, they can go back 1960 STATUS but this time stronger position as a Cummunity run own local affairs.

          • Ahmednuur, it is good to be optemistic that one day Somaliland will join the union. But at waht cost????

            What does Somalia offers??? Have asked yourself that???

            Theroblem I seevthat the Southren want to continue doing injustice and for the rest to say Yes continue!!!

            I have nit heard any politcion or even southrens offering anything.

            Our people has seen a lot and learned and want come back.

            Somalia it is not going to fix itself for many years, Jubaland want to claim independance and Puntland rules itself using the Fedrlisim as it suits itself.

            Good lick, but thanks no way back what ever the offer is.

          • Mohamed,

            It's not whether Somaliland join rest of Somalia or not, but the reality is they have no where to go. by now you should know Somaliland done it's best to declare independent but the world said NO.

            To be honest, Somalia have nothing to offer to Somaliland and vise versa Somaliland either have nothing to offer to Somalia. it's not whether offer can be exchange, the world not interested that.

            Somali problem will be fix, the international community would spent BILLIONS $$ if they though Somalia will not have solution.

            The reality is Jubbaland,Puntland and couple of other states coming up soon will remain semi- autonomous states within federal republic of Somalia. also, the fact is somaliland will not be different from these states.

  7. "But international recognition counts for little within Somalia." Damn right! But this is true about all the nations in the world. International recognition doesn't amount anything unless your own population recognises you first. The way he is going he may as well bring people from otehr countries to claim internal recognition too, lol! The man has no strategy, no vision and he understands things upside down!!!

    By the way I'm talking as a nuetral observer as what is happening in Somalia is the least of my worries.

  8. Am waiting my neighbor Mudane Laacib to declare himself the 6th president of Jubbaland.
    This ain't over yet. LOOL

  9. First and foremost the article is well written report as circumstances contemplate across
    the warzone torn imporvished Somalia. As neutral well wisher, all the surmounting tribal
    warlordism prevailing conflicts could be diminished by one major factor. That major factor is Somaliland and although upto now the President of the SFG HSM is relectant to give the green
    light to recognize the Somaliland quest to go seperate there can be no doubt that the chances
    of his successes lie within this premises, a clear opportunity worth resolving most of his
    challenging conflicts. The realities on the ground would acknowledge that the SFG needs the Somaliland help more than Somaliland needs the SFG help. With all the mounting conflicts
    evidences facing the batteried SFG the choices are clearly obvious. The Turkey II talks between
    Somaliland and Somalia would determine the future bilateral relations between the two
    Nations In the meantime, the warzone torn Somalia roadmap Signatories could eat each
    others with their past oppressing their present.

  10. @Muna and other inferiority complex sufferers.

    You Somalilander make me laugh. How does give recognition to Somaliland anything. What has Somaliland got to do with Jubbaland and Federal Government. Or is this the way Reer SNM is saying they support Al-Shabab and we get peace until they get Recognition. If so please state more openly, or stop acting so important that all Somalia have to do with you. Your not superior, you suffer from inferiority complex.

    It's so bad you don't even realise, you have it. All the hate and other BS. Is you inferiority complex going of overtime.

  11. Trouble is every people in the old Zoomalia now know what they want, except the Hawiyes who sadly are mistaken as the owners of Mogadisho when they did not found it until the Italians braught them all into the city to wash cars and serve tea.

    Former Siyadists need to recognise that the days of a certain clan hallucinating on building a tribal empire has been tested and failed miserably. There is no point pushing tribal dominance just because you failed to work with your neighbours and others.

    Butlaan declared itself "state of zoomalia" without the recognition of a Somali government, so is this other buttalaan. Non of them are legitimate, yet they are all acting as if they are real.

  12. The J/Land, which is the breadbasket of the nation, has its first democratically elected J/Land State of Somalia president through a bottom-up process. The Federal Government in Mogadishu can't "appoint"/impose anyone to govern J/Land. Period. President Hassan has been pursuing the wrong policies in Kismayo and in the North and he wants to cut a convenient deal with Siilanyo junta to misappropriate Khaatumo state, Maakhir and Awdal communities in the Northern Somalia, he might lose the confidence of the people if he continues with such policies.
    The way I see it, this government is clearly wasting the precious momentum and not taking advantage of the new found goodwill of the Somali people. The masses are eager and overwhelmingly supportive of rebirth of our nation. However, I am afraid the leadership of the new government doesn’t have the capacity to harness this great support. They are squandering it. If Somalia can’t pull through this time around with the vast support of the international community, re-recognition of Somalia, Majority of Somalis supporting it and thousands of our brotherly African Soldiers defending it, we may as well forget about it and rebrand it to something else, because we will never get this opportunity again. I hope I am wrong and the leadership rises to the rescue.

    • If the President of Somalia is your true President then why don't you support him for what he wants to do. Your whole story looks like, if he does not attack Somailand or fails to agree with those in Kismayo, then he's no longer your President. This is hypocrisy isn't it?

    • Well said Lasanod Native.

      You putted better way, but Hassan Culusow sees differently as they done the last twenty years. the international community will not accept thuggery from anyone.

  13. There is a dictum that says "cut the iron when it is hot." Hawiye and natives of Kismaayo will pay a heavy priced, If they fail to act and approach the matter with might and main. The only thing Ogandens and immigrants udnerstand is wage war against them.

    • Hawiye and Dir Midwifes do not live jubbaland area, they are minority put in your little head that. if they have capacity to come this area they would done long long time ago. 85% inhabitant in jubbaland are Darood Jaberti Ismail.

  14. Here we go again. The Roadmap Signatories are facing serious challenging confrontations
    to work smoothly. The new central SFG in Mogadiscio is facing renegade challenges
    from Puntland, Jubbaland, Alshababland and many other obstacles. Clearly, the SFG are
    in great jeopardy by the new Darodism past oppressions repeating itself into the present.
    However much would depend on how the SFG would be able to sort out these horrible
    Darodism militancy manipulating power dormancy against all pertinent solutions and
    remains nothing more than ferocious thirst to hold onto powers. Am happy that Somaliland
    continues to be out of the mess up of the Roadmap Signatories of the Warzone torn Somalia.

    • Federalism is the first step to City-states and village sultanates. It seems the federals are having issues forming as it is and once established their only prospect is sub-division into city-states.

      Puntland will fragment into Sultantes of Ali saleeban, Muse Salebaan, Dhishiishe, Leelkase, Mahamoud saleeban, Akisho, Madhibaans and a host of oppressed smaller minority clans.

  15. @cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeers,

    You should know without the ROAD MAP Culusow would not have more frequent flyer points TODAY, also Somalia would not have government. no such thing call Darodism but people are fighting their rights to have local admin within federal republic of Somalia as the Somali constitution said. have you ever thought how come most district commissioners in Mogadishu are Hawiye or maybe this is not "Hawiyism", also you should look Somaliland= isaqland "Isaqism". so, let us not blind fold our self's and hit brick wall.

    kk, one great philosopher once said "to be part of the SOLUTION you also have to be part of the PROBLEM", Somaliland neither of these, the reality is Somaliland stuck unknown place.

    • MR Jama Fartaag.
      Renegade filibuster of any kind is unacceptable by the SFG. You should know that Culusow is
      the boss of all the roadmap Signatories despite his frequent flyer points and big smiles.
      All renegades are simply wasting their energies bcos there is no way they could override the
      centralized powers of the SFG supported by the technical supports of the IC and the UNs.
      Isaqism,Hawiyism aint filibuster renedades but natural working powers from original Hargeisa
      and Mogadiscio Capitals of 1st July 1960s to current…all boggy-in-betweens are renegades.

      • The fact the matter is SFG will only exist if they follow (Somali Federal constitution) and if they don't then there will be NO SFG, i can assure you that 100%.

        Formation of autonomous regional authority within federal rules it's not wast of time but the necessity coexist SFG. also it has the backing of IC. Hassan Culusow he's the product of ROAD MAP if he does not follow the rules and the regulation Somali constitution then he will become SHOUTING COW.

        REMEMBER This is not 1july 1960 this is, Somalia will have four to five LARGE cities, no more centralized government nor Hassan Culusow or any body else can centralize. also what you need to understand is Darood is MAJOR tribe six million strong vibrant influential. the show have not yet start.

  16. (sawiro) ex pm dr gaas oo siweyn loogu soo dhaweeyey australia.

    AUSTRALIA/MELBOURNE: Dhammaan Qeybaha kala duwan ee Soomaalida degan Australia, gaar ahaan magaalada Melbourne ayaan u kala hadhin xaflad weyn oo lagu soo dhaweeyey R/Wasaarihii hore ee Somalia Prof. C/Weli Maxamed Cali Gaas. Xafladan oo ahayd tii ugu weynayd oo ay isugu yimaadaan Soomaalida reer Australia, ayaa waxaa ka soo qeyb galay culimo’uddiin, aqoonyahano, siyaasiyiin, saraakiishii hore ee ciidanka xooga dalka, haweenka, dhalinyarada, ganacsatada, iyo dadweyne kale oo fara badan.

    Source from:

  17. This issue does not need any analysis and long-winded discussion. The land piracy and the territorial grab of folks from Puntland and Ethiopian and Kenyan occupied territories of Western Somalia and NFD must not stand. If Somalia cannot have a genuine federal system or then everyone must stay under their fig tree.

  18. Allamagen,

    Ofcourse, this does not need wider discussion for simple reason because Majority inhabitant in this part of Somalia will lead own regional admin without any interference from Moryaan infested Mogadishu.

    Forget about this nonsense you keep running around like a wild turkey, kenya is grabbing land, Ethiopia is doing that, Puntland will took over the place, people from NFD will move in is all fiction baseless story.

    Your version of federalism is every Somali state should to go under full control of Mogadishu villa moryaan. well, that will not happen in a million years for number of reasons.
    1- Villa moryaan is protected 24/7 AMISOM.
    2- Somalis in general are not interested CENTRALIZE government which runs every aspect of somali society, they seen it before and we know what happen twenty years of running back and forth.
    3- How in the world can villa moryaan run the whole country while they can not even lift illegal check point around Mogadishu area is beyond anyone their comprehension.