Ankara, July 30, 2013 (SDN) —Turkish Parliament Speaker Cemil Çiçek paid a visit to the wounded police officers at an Ankara hospital on July 30, condemning the attack on a Turkish Embassy annex in the Somalian capital Mogadishu. Çiçek said the attack showed that Turkey’s humanitarian actions in the country “disturbed some circles.”
“We understand that we stepped on someone’s foot, because Turkey is becoming more and more effective in that region every other day. Turkey is trying to increase the living standards there through humanitarian projects and other ways and methods,” he told reporters.
“One of our security guards was martyred there [at the embassy]. Four others were brought to this hospital by our government for their further treatment. We came to say ‘get well soon,’” Cicek said, adding that the wounded were recovering.
The Parliament speaker stressed that Turkey was performing humanitarian duties in Somalia. “Turkey is doing what is necessary for a friendly country. We know that there are some powers that are uncomfortable with Turkey’s facilities and efforts in that region. Unfortunately, they used terrorist organizations once again to block Turkey’s African openings,” Çiçek said.
One Turkish security guard was killed and several others were injured while two suicide bombers were killed, in a suicide attack on July 27 in front of the staff building of the Turkish Embassy in Mogadishu.

Source:  Hurriyetdailynews


  1. Good read thanx to the profound wisdom of the Turks lawmaker Hon Cicek.
    Turkey is fully awake to enter the World global markets just like China, India
    and many other emerging worldly powers and such cowardly acts should not
    detract Turkey from becoming an emerging ecopolitical power to contend within
    the strong chambers of the world play ground stages. Turkey has already passed thru
    many turbulent hurdles but Egypt is now in pretty bad shape facing the first big hurdles.

  2. This Turk are sh*t, why they only concentrate Mogadishu and surrounding areas. they neglected more then six million Somalis live different parts of the country.

    • @ALI
      Don't forget that Mogadiscio is the Capital City of all Somalia where the Turks deal with
      the Central Govt of Somalia where the SFG is now the Govt for all the different parts that
      you are evaporating by fabricated divisions. The Turks have been doing the right things
      as far as Somalia is concerned. The Turks are also doing the right things in Somaliland.
      Get better educated dude.

  3. The world is slowly founding out that billions of $ is being poured into Somalia to keep it forever stateless.
    Yesterday it was warlords today it is extremist.