Garowe, 20 Jul 2009 (Somalilandpress) — A Chinese cyclist has been forced to put the brakes on a 12-year world tour, after officials in Somalia deported him for not having the right documents.

Lee Yue Zhong, who says he has visited 114 countries since setting off on his tour in 1997, arrived in the semi-autonomous Puntland region last week.

But he had no visa and Somali police arrested him before deporting him to neighbouring Djibouti.

The cyclist said he was disappointed with the decision.

He said he had travelled from Somaliland to the Puntland capital Garowe, where he was arrested.
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“It took me two weeks from Hargeisa to here and it was part of my long trip to tour continents worldwide, but they really disappointed me,” the AFP news agency quoted him as saying.

Local police commissioner Abdirahman Haji Abshir said Mr Zhong, who is in his mid-fifties, could not continue through Somalia “for security reasons”.

Somalia has been without an effective central government since 1991 and has been riven by fighting between Islamist insurgents and government troops.

Somaliland has declared itself independent while Puntland has semi-autonomous status. Both areas run their own own affairs.

Source: BBC News


  1. Puntland is weird because they so deeply involved with pirates and dirty businesses they suspect everyone and anyone to be a spy or reporter. They are highly suspicious. He past through Somaliland and was even approached by Somalilandpress reporter Abdulqani, I remember his post.

  2. That's sad because he cycled over 114 countries to be arrested in Puntland instead of admiring his dedication and determination at the age of 40+ – what a shame!

    He was cycling since 1997 and everyone applauded him for that while Somalia and Puntland arrested him. It's a shame. Im very disappointed.

  3. As soon as they heard the person is from Somaliland they must make all the excuses to deport him. Kind of jealous kid.

  4. I do think its a shame that puntland had to deport him back to djibouti,
    but people before we attack puntland administration and there pirates and there dirty businesses as some here have mentioned,

    ask yourself why somaliland let that china man go trough and why puntland couldnt let him trough, it is not because puntland is afraid of spies r bad reports or whatever u may be breeding in your head, but simply unlike somaliland puntland cant let him trough for security reasons, if he leaves garowe and goes south to gaalkacyo where is he going from there………………..ask yourself, and please stop the personal grudge, really its unnecessary

  5. Thank you Xaaji, people are forgetting if this man keeps travelling south THIS WILL BE THE LAST COUNTRY HE SEES. It’s not all a lost Mr. Lee Yue Zhong because Somaliland will be recognized someday Insha Allah and then you could add that one to your records. Keep it positive people…1 luv

  6. It's clear to us Puntland has alot to hide even they wont let an old man who has been cycling since 1997 through, they must be sleeping not to be aware of him. He knows what he is doing and it's about him where he wants to go he is following his dream and some times you have to take risks to follow your dream, he didnt see his family, town and friends for over 12 years what is cycling through the south for him? Even Al shabab are most humble and intelligent than the Puntland authority I am positive Al shabab would even welcome him and admire his courage.

    Thanks for stopping the man that was cycling 12 none stop years you just put "Somalia" once again in the wrong side of history.