22 February 2016, Istanbul, Turkey

The Federal Government of Somalia regrets the events that transpired at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) where Somali delegations transited on their way to Istanbul, Turkey for the High-Level Partnership Forum.

Unfortunately, some of the delegates were held at the airport, experiencing delays including Members of our Federal Parliament.

The Office of the Prime Minister confirms and asserts that the Prime Minister and his delegation of Ministers were not part of this exercise and received reception at the VIP Pavilion. However, the Prime Minister decided to delay his trip because Members of the Parliament were detained.

The agreement of the Federal Government of Somalia and the Republic of Kenya exempts flights carrying the leadership of the Federal Republic of Somalia to stopover in Wajir. The delegation had the proper flight clearance for this purpose. In accordance with the existing cooperation agreements, the Members of Parliament have the right to entry (issuance of visas) on arrival and should therefore not have been delayed nor detained.

The Federal Government of Somalia protests this unwarranted incident at JKIA and expects full justification and explanation from Kenya of what transpired the soonest.

Meanwhile, the Federal Government of Somalia will deliberate on what could be a response.

— END —