This week, the former Prime minister of Somalia, Abdiweli Ali Gaas has called on the Puntland authorities not oppress the people and the media, reports Horseed Media.

Abdiweli also called the regime of Abdirahman Farole not to delay the Presidential elections in January 2013.

“…During my visit to the major towns and cities in Puntland, I had the opportunity to meet with the people of Puntland, including elders, politicians, the civil society and the youth… the people that I have met with, have informed me and I have also witnessed myself, that there are many social and political challenges in Puntland…” says Prof,Abdiweli during a press conference in Galkacyo, yesterday.

He added “…Today there is no freedom of expression in Puntland, in every democracy there must be a freedom of expression that is the basic rights of the people…”

The former Prime minister, who hails from Puntland, has called on the people of Puntland to safeguard their security and stability.

He says the civil society in Puntland are not allowed to voice their concerns or organize political gatherings, while the media is routinely harassed and can’t freely report about the facts on the ground.

Last month the Puntland government shutdown Horseed FM an independent radio station in Bosaso.

In his press statement the former Prime minister called on the Puntland elders to convene in a national conference in order to protect and restore the unity of Puntland State of Somalia.

The statement of the former Prime minister comes just weeks after major clans in Puntland refused the government’s plans to postpone the Presidential election in January 2013.

The people want the democratization process in Puntland, but the current political environment in Puntland is everything but democratic, says Prof. Abdiweli, he advised the Puntland government to serve their remaining term of two months peacefully.

Abdiweli Ali Gaas, has warned the government of Abdirahman Farole (an Australian citizen) not to create instability in the region.

Abdiweli Ali Gaas who is now a MP of the Somalia’s Federal Parliament, refused to comment on the reports that the Puntland President’s son Mohamed Farole has sent forces trained by Saracen to surround his residence, during his visit in Bosaso the commercial capital of Puntland.

Last week, hundreds of the Puntland’s Maritime Police Force surrounded the villa Mr.Gaas was staying in Bosaso city, completely blocking all the roads leading to the residence. These forces are trained by a company called Sterling Corporate Services also known as Saracen.

The forces later abandoned their positions after local residents and armed militias supporting the former Prime minister gathered near his home in Bosaso.

Recently, the Controversial South African private military operator Sterling Corporate Services, aka Saracen International, has lost its anti-piracy contract in the semi-autonomous Somali region of Puntland.

The termination comes in the midst of strenuous criticism by the UN’s Somalia and Eritrea Monitoring Group (SEMG) of SCS’s handling of its United Arab Emirates-funded contract to train a paramilitary Puntland Maritime Police Force.

In July, the SEMG published a 350-page report on the security situation in Somalia, sharply critical of the actions of Sterling and the maritime police under its control.

The report highlighted several incidents where Sterling operators – whose nominal brief was confined to training and advising the maritime police force – were involved in military actions against Faroole’s enemies.

Also noted were documented tortures and other incidents of human rights abuse allegedly perpetrated under the command of the mainly South African Sterling corps.

On this basis, the monitoring group called for strong action by the UN Security Council.

Notably, it wanted Sterling/Saracen “designated” along with other companies and individuals in the opaque network connected to the Puntland operation, and subjected to “targeted measures”.

Yet, Saracen continues to operate in Puntland, the company’s assets which includes light airplanes, helicopters and armored vehicles are still stationed at their military camp near Bosaso Airport.

Khalid Yusuf



  1. Mayday Mayday this is fleet admiral Faroole i repeat this is fleet admiral Faroole the fleet has been
    hit with a Torpedo (meaning his political career) the ship is slowly sinking and can only hold on till
    11-1-2013 S.O.S U.S UK

  2. Ciise Mahmoud would rather declare independence of Gerowe then to Allow Omar Mahamouds to come to Gerowe and sit on their Piracy funded PALACE.

    Abdi Wali wants Faroole's Favourite Toilet seat since he failed to inherit Sheik Sharif's.

    Dhulos, Warsan, Leelkase, Ali saleebaan, Dhashiishe, Yibir, Akiisho, Gabooye, Arab saalaxs, Rahanweyn and Hawiye NON of them have a chance of becoming a President in BintiLaan.

    Ciise, Omar and Osman have taken turns since 1998 and they will keep doing it forever!

    It is time to give IlkoJiir the Presidents SEAT.

    • Mind your language STUPITO,how about garadagland one of The habro declare independent since There's underground fight going on marqaanland as we speak.

      It is time marqaanland give chance other tribes live in That region to lead atleast They will change The course 21 years of dilution.

      • @xeero,
        what's the difference btn garadagland and marqaanland? can you comment more

      • LOL that Binti is on head and begging for REAL men to rescue her from that Malasian looking faroole!

        5000 Somalianders could pacify the whole Pirate cave.

        🙂 These people have never known how to fight in their history!

        Amina Boqor Cismaan Mahamoud who was given to Douglas Collins to help fight against the Midgans… They were so afraid of the Midgaans the Boqor GAVE his daughter to an uncircumcised WHITE GAAL.

        I wonder if Cismaan Mahmouds today will offer their daughters to remove Faroole from the SEAT?

        60,000 Somaliland troops have no real job but to sit around and get bored… it is time to send them on a lil mission.

        • Buuxiye, do u know Only jaahil fights, and die for nothing? The civilized society, don’t use violance instead any type of politics and ability to achieve their goal without moving a finger. I’m sure, folks from those regions understand that.

          • Amina Boqor Cismaan Mahamoud

            So you are OK with giving your daughters away to win politically?

            Who is the highest bidder of the season?

            If you want Faroole out you need cut some deals, i Want Puntland Constitution to never claim 1mm of Somaliland territory!

            Maybe we should supply arms to Ali Salebaans?

          • MR DILUTED sort out your own problem first before you talk unemployment 90%,bad roads hospitals,sanitation problem could cause health issues in The cities.

            The territory your claiming it doesn't exist anyone's book it's all in your little fake imagination since This territory drew crazzy british officer while he was drinking.

  3. It's total fabrication saracen trained forces surrounded Abdiwali his house while visting bosaso other genuine somali websites didn't mention involement of saracen train forces in This matter.These forces only deal piracy in The area and beyond Puntland goverment not Paid Their salaries but international maritime Authority.US,EU are The brain behind creating These forces and fund.

    Well,all somali regional addmin including s/land region leaders abuse use Their position faroole is no months ago silaanyo arrest journalist banned some papers kill innocent civilian in Hargeisa we all know That.

    Jan 2013 if Faroole choice not to go election Than he will face The full force of Puntalnd constitution without drop of bloodshed Puntlanders are too civilize to fight when it comes to local affairs They can sorted out Their problem as They done in The past.

  4. Nothing really new here. We always know that Puntland is authoritarian state that has tight lid on political freedom, media freedom and exercising of basic human right. This is why implementation of Tribal rule was declared in 1998 which empowers only the Ciise,Cumar, Cusmaan Maxahuud tribes. Even the constitution has been written in such a way that these three tribes can lead and rule Puntland. The rest are denied any political participation of any type, Furthermore the local militia and regional authorities are used to enforce this status cou and to harras the citizens. All the groups mentioned by Buuxiye especially the Eastern Warsangali people have suffered greatly under the regime. And the world support in the fight against piracy has only negatively contributed to this suppression of basic citizen rights.

    This is why Puntland has tries hard to deflect attention from its domestic problems and bent on engaging in territorial conflict with Peaceful and Democratic Somaliland, which is coming to bite them in their behind at the moment as the same malitia they have created in this proxy is turning their weapons to fight the same Puntland forces. Atom's malitia-alshebabe and Khaatumo Seeg are just few examples.

    I think the solution for puntland lays in the adaptation of homegrown democracy similar to that of Somaliland which elicits the participation of all of its citizens regardless of their tribal or political affiliations. Peace without democracy, justice, political and media freedom and basic human rights is meaningless. Puntland can learn a lot from its good neighbor and Faroole can learn a lot from our tragic and extensive Somali political history. Don't be die-hard Asad Regime…accept your political exit with humility and allow others to contribute to puntland's future for the better. Furthermore, I urge all Puntland people to not be persuaded to partake in what has become common activity for puntlanders; Somaliland bashing and hateful propaganda against their neighbor to DISTRACT THEM FROM THE REAL ISSUE AND CHALLENGES THEY FACE. This is what Siad Barre and the Sayid used to do and their is lots of history in there for you. Somaliland will always be your democratic neighbor and will help in ur transformation.

  5. Any tribal system will never serve the public interest; It is funny though, to see gaas talking about it now.

  6. of course everyone knows Faroole is a mini dictator, it's time he should back to his taxi, but wish the best for peace loving people in Puntland 🙂

  7. The media is magnifying this thing out and making it a big deal. It is not new to us to see-pirates fighting for a small piece of Territory. The IC must deal with these guys by freezing their ill-gotten assets and Western passports. I'm sure peace prevail in Somalia after they are both gone to prison.

  8. Almost all the comment are the same.. Why so much hate towards Puntland? I don’t understand what Puntland people have done to others!! Who can name reasons?

    • You want a reason, here it is: they took the goodness of all Somalis for granted. They are greedy hypocrites, who want to share the resources of others, but want to keep the little they have for themselves. They call themselves pro-Somali union, but call Puntland a different country. They claim what is not theirs and show little regard to rights of others. Do you still want to go on and on, of course I can, but I do not want to waste my time futher on this…. you know what.

      • and im assuming you have met every single puntlander and politician. WOW Generalizing a whole group of people like that is sick and disgusting. Wallahi so manny people dont know the difference between stereotyping and having their say..

        VIVA SSC peace.

      • You have alot of issues to sorted out one of Them is "CUQDO".in your little information says Puntland declare Them self's a country This's one of The reason you need help Puntland never declare independent Thoe They could.They are not diluted people as your runing around gembale flag claiming They are different counrty without The approvel from IC which will not happen.

        I suppose nothing is greedier Than claiming a terriroty which doesn't belong to you mistake made by colonial drank british officer.

        Today The goverment we see in mogadishu without Them it will not happen.PUNTLAND will always advocate somali unity but self AUTONOMOUS same as U.S,UK.

      • Do Somaliland or Mugdisho share their resources with others? Puntland Vs Somaliland which one declared themselves seperate country? Who killed and displaced thousands of Puntlanders from Las anod and Mugdisho and still occupying their homes? My friend, these crimes are more severe than those you mentioned. Do you have sympathy for others?

        • Future
          Apart from your piratical schemes and politics, have you forgotten the thousands and thousands of poor Somalis that your cruel Puntlanders damped in the seas and fed to the sharks and doing this for the last 20 years? Better for u to be silent!

          • Those are greedy Somali and Arab businessmen operating in those regions, btw they don’t force anyone. Still nobody gave me enough reasons caused them the hatred.

          • I don't hate them but they are power maniacs and deeply believe they can't live without it. Do you remember when a group of military officers of MJ origins led by Abdullahi Yusuf Yey attempted to revolt Afweyne Bare 1978 while Somalia was at war with Ethiopia ?

          • Gujis.
            This is africa revolution is common.your ill inform person have no clue somalis history all you know is fake country call"somaliland region",and fake flag look like Gambela region of ethiopia. The revolt led by mr yusuf They were not all MJ also hawiye habargidir were part of The revolt and other somali tribes.READ history before you write.

  9. Hahaha, this ladies and gentlemen I have being waiting for Allah has answered our prayer. Pirateland is going up in smoke, slowly but surely right in front or our eyes, sit tight and get the popcorn ready. Now our cousins habar Gedir can reclaim their lands all the way to garrowe. God willing the murusade & habar Gedir mujahideens can move in and remove the pirates and return law & order.

  10. Farole was the best taxi driver in Melbourne. I miss him taking me from Keilor Downs to Heidelberg. I want my Silver Top taxi driver back…piracy is no business for him.

    Farole had extra finger to operate that steering wheel…

    This was Farole's exact taxi, he won few awards for running it 24/7 non-stop and Royal Automobile Club of Victoria (RACV), a road assistance company, never had to respond to Farole.

    I will be waiting for him in Tullamarine airport with a sign "Have you seen my Taxi Driver Faroole? The last time I heard pirates kidnapped him in Pirateland"

    • kkk,kayse lunatic you just took few picture of melbourne taxis rank somewhere melbourne CBD.There's no proof if faroole was taxi driver in melblourne stop making up stories from The back door.

      What i heard faroole bought four taxi licences each worth $500,000 AUD while still your on welfare

      • You heard things and I know things. You see son go ask Faroole. That guy went to Pirateland with a fake "PhD" in piracy and he was running piracy collecting $200 ransoms.

        If he had half a mill dollar worth license, he would be next to me in Keilor Downs not in the housing commissions in Heidelberg.

        You get me sxb?

        When you pirates get out of Heidelberg and Carlton, then we will talk about license. The guy can't even renew his Vic license thats why he run away.

        Don't let me expose my all time favorite Silver Top Taxi driver hehehehehehe….extra finger on the steering wheel. Rageedi.

        Those Osman Mohamud and Omar Mohamud are after him even in Melbourne.

        • I also live melbourne mate i know alot about faroole his background. what i said was he bought These taxi licences After he became Puntland president not mention he purchased a house in mill park worth $1,000,000 AUD.

          why he couldn't renew his victoria lincense only cost $40 for Three years This is joke.

          • Pirate lies never seem to amaze me. The dude still lives in Lower Plenty and in that housing commission with no fence. I don't need to expose him. I do visit Heidelberg once a while for that mall and few of the future elite forces hehehehe.

            Anyways houses in 3082 (Mill Park) are not even worth half a mill forget a mill, it is just a project right next to Lalor, the home of Australian thugs and underworld gangs.

            If you said South Morang, I would take you slightly serious. Near Kurrak RD isn't bad but Farole is still down in L P.

            If anti-pirate forces (Osman Mohamud) wish to take him out using Lalor figures, just let me know hehehehe

          • The real Pirates are your related samali folks.Faroole and all his family not live anymore Heidelberg or lower plenty since These areas are invested Moryaan.He bought a house in mill park + four taxi licences as i Told you.The south section of mill park houses are all above one million.

            kkk,when i go heildelberg mall i don't go There without heavly arm Escort The place too dangerous ex moryaan warlords.

            Keilor down it self have alot of housing commision maybe your Tenant,south morng not That expensive.if people of Puntland not want faroole Than he have no choice but to go or he will be chase out no EXTENTION allowed.