By: Eng. Hussein Adan Igeh (Hussein Deyr) [Hargeisa, Somaliland]


No one knew him! Nobody has ever heard of him! Neither was he an ordinary nor a religious warlord.  A year and two months ago, by a mysterious and inexplicable way he came to power.Prior to his appointment, he was anonymous and unknown in the Somalia political battle ground and few people knew who he was. His vision, political opinion or train of thoughts as well as his leadership capacity were completely unknown.


Somalia is one of the world’s classic failed state. ‘The President’ of the failed State of Somalia is less than a year and half in poweryethe created more enemies than friends. He behaves as a real and legitimate president freely and fairly elected and trusted by his own people, simply because a double standard world community let him believe in this illusion. Behind his fake smile lurks a dangerous and toxic agenda. He is elected by no one; he is responsible for little; he is manipulated and threatened by many, both internally and externally. He is covertly detached from the sense of reality. He is not sensitive to his people’s suffering and a quarter of a century ongoing national misery with no end is in sight.


There is no doubt the President of Somalia and the government he leads are their own worst enemies. They are deaf and blind to the gathering storm that sooner or later will ultimately sweep them away. They master the art of making enemies and blunders, and turned millions of ordinary Somalis who have never voted for them into bitter enemies. Instead of respecting and acting in conformity with the national constitution and the directives of the legislature of his own country, the President of Somalia follows and implements the orders and instructions from other foreign powers who rules his country by default.


This man is unpredictable on all accounts! He cannot be trusted. He is more dangerous than any of his predecessors. He denies blindly the ethnic cleansing and immeasurable destruction campaign that was done to the civilian population of Somaliland, by no one else than the former brutal dictatorial regime of Somalia. Above all, ‘the President’ of Somalia does not have the wisdom, sensibility, vision or the political acumen to tackle the complex structural and existential challenges which Somalia is facing at the moment.


The president of Somalia had been given a full mandate and the legislative means to do things better. The fate and future of his people and country has been entrusted to him, however in vain. Strangely enough, he carries out the orders and instructions commissioned by invisible rulers who make every effort to ensure that this country will never be able to stand on its own feet. The lot in life and prospect of the country is decided and determined by others and this is what everyone is worrying about.

They are those who are supposed to run the country properly but President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud and his government are neither players nor spectators of the political drama that is taking place right under their eyes. Whenever his government attempts to implement small-scale community projects, he is rebuffed and overruled, namely by his invisible bosses. Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud’s Somali government has no credibility content to save the country and people from a looming sovereignty-threatening situation. He is the wrong man to lead a nation in limbo like Somalia.


The President of Somalia should be very realistic and he must accept the inevitable and irreversible reality: Somaliland’s independence and sovereignty is a fact. The history shall not repeat itself; the fate of the union is sealed off for good and forever!  Legally, historically and politically Somaliland has a unique case. The Republic of Somaliland was once an independent and sovereign country that voluntarily merged with Italian Somalia and the nuptials failed.  Today, Somaliland could have enjoyed its independence and would have been a success story had they not voluntarily united with Somalia Italiano on 26th June 1960.


The voluntarily union with Somalia has caused nothing but destruction and lost opportunity for millions of Somalilanders. It was a missed opportunity prospect that obviously never turns back. However, the people of the Somaliland Republic will not, cannot and must not make another historic and costly mistake; they will never fall again into another trap of their own making by sacrificing the hard-won independence and sovereignty for the sake of an unfruitful and problematic concept of the Greater Somalia.

Long Live the Somaliland Republic and its Noble people


Eng. Hussein Adan Igeh (Hussein Deyr) [Hargeisa, Somaliland]



  1. Hey Hussain,

    I wonder why would you really care about someone who can't fully control his country? Aren't you a proud somalilanders? Does it really matter if Hassan goes with or against your project guys? You either love repeating yourself, or you think you did something wrong and you're trying to blame it on someone else. Be careful though, don't put so much hope on the president of somalia, he is just as bad as your beloved silaanyo.

  2. I seconded Mr. Igeh analysis on Somalia's amateur leader. Somali for sure Somalia is a classic failed state, there's no doubt the need for a visionary leader who won't be afraid to embark on decisions that are outside the norms. Sadly, Somali politicians are not familiar with the basic fundamentals of democracy e.g transparency, accountability and rule of law. They only understand and encourage at times hidden agendas and backdoor deals are the ways to govern. It's hard for them to admit these're what failed them in the first place.

    Mr. Mohamoud perhaps doesn't intentionally per se rubs Somaliland on wrong way but he doesn't know any better. To understand about him a bit, one has to look a the environment he was brought up of which on my observations basically it's vision statement spells out in bold letters "be the hunter or you will be hunted" for that notion alone it's a waste of time for Somalilander politicians to expect a fruitful outcome from a man who doesn't value the art of negotiations and diplomacy.

  3. Problem is anybody can apply for this post, you don't even have to be a Zoomalian. It is not him, but the westerners Zoomalian worship as if they will turn t heir fortunes for them when the same westerners send all Somali kids to penitentiaries so they would be raped by Bubba.

    Same Bubbas are sent to Zoomalia for raping them whether they be off an American ship or flown from Uganda.

    All Zoomalia posts are advertised on American professional journals. Latest one is the one for Zoomalia Bank.

  4. This guy is not president to anybody, he is nothing more than little thief of Bagdad who is roping to his dying people. Now he supporting his clan against Jareewayn to take their land, these people are ancient, unarm and defenceless people who haven't got anyone to protect these bloody thirst people . Somali people need to remove this guy by force from his office before he started another civil war.

  5. Dear Hussein,

    You clearly fear that Somaliland is not a recognised, independent country and that it might well have to rejoin greater Somalia. Otherwise why the furious rant against Somalia's President and not the President of Djibouti or Ethiopia!

  6. How inconsiderate, how indelicate, how irrational, how unfeeling the author's conduct is? This is one question. The other question is :What blindness, what madness, what myopia had led Osman Qaal on to second Dyre's article? How is your beloved Siilaanyo? Is he fit for the job?

    • Whoever you are stop talking about Somaliland president Ahmed Siilaanyo and respect other people opinions. I have seen many times writing this website irresponsible words which are offensive to the people . My friend I don't think If you have a father or uncle you seems to me if you're belong to no one, please respect your eldery people like Siilaanyo is like your father if you have any father.

      • Ignorants never understand why the sauce that is good for the goose is not good for the gander. what this means is that stupids and uncultured people like you and others of your own stock think always fail to differentiate between what is offensive,abusive and what is not. "I think you do not have a father? What kind of language is this, you son of a b""ch.

  7. It is a little bit hush to critize this guy. Yes , it does not matter to Somaliland people whether this gentleman stays or goes. However, do we want Al-shabaab again stone to death another Somali little girl and I think the answer is no! Denying what Siad Barre did to Somaliland people, he is not first one and will not be the last. Moreover, he rather rules Somalia than twist terrorist Al-Shabaab.

  8. puntlandgeezer = cagdheer = adoon ciilan oo raba in reer shikh isaxaaq xabashida gumaysata ka xoreeyo waryaa mr cagdheer xaaraantii nebi xarimay bay kaa tahay inaan dhiig dambe oo isaaq loo khasaaraynayn faqashta la haysto

    • Pis,
      I mean that misslovely is garadag foxtrot that could tame you to become a slave to the
      Garadag World powers of the Silaanyos, you know.

  9. waryaa mr cagdheer ciilan somaliland is and will always be a isaaq majority state just like djibouti is a issa majority state but the question for you is what are you ganna do about it

  10. @pis,
    All that you are saying is irrelevant nonsenses. The Somaliland Sovereign State is a Nation
    and Country within recognized jurisdiction. If at all my ideology has any taste for the Govt
    of Somaliland, there is only one top priority trajactory issue and that's to secure the
    Hargeisa-Jigjiga-Addisababa Security and trade agreements in tact and that takes care to
    saveguard and guarantee the joint policy/poltical interests between the strategic alliances
    of Somaliland and Ethiopia!. Meanwhile the FGS roadmap Signatories agenda conflicts
    and the Alshabab and then Kenyan and other stakeholder key players could devour each others!.

    • If we so irrelevant, we wouldn't have received Fawzia Yusuf Adam and other unionists Isaaqs in xamer don't you see this is just the tip of iceberg certainly Mogadishu will be absorbing large Isaaq immigrants years to come.

      You're certainly a supporter of the cockroaches stooges from Ethiopian SNM who attempts to extract a british colonial mandate in Somalia which will be challenged by pan- Somalis to strongly oppose the creation of any post-colonial enclave in Somalia.

      • @pis,
        No comments about Fowzia and other unionists who chose to become failed Somalia
        citizens. The pan-Somalis that you keep talking about failed for the past 50+ years to
        bring about satisfactory peace and stability. Right now the FGS of Somalia is in pretty bad
        shape when Somaliland is in pretty good shape. What then can preclude that the
        pan-Somalis could come about from Somaliland instead of Somalia under the prevailing conditions???
        by peaceful means…through Hargeisa-Jigjiga-Djibouti-Addisababa???

      • geezer you fat dog dont you know that fawzia is half hawiya and her husbend also they paid her off so that they say there is ( Issaq ) in our Gov but we all know the truth she is only there 4 the money once they get rid of her she will crawl all the way to Hargeisa like the former members of your parliament and ask for forgiveness from Silanyo

  11. @pis,
    Seeking refuge in Mogadiscio is a dead case. HSM thinks he's smarter than all those warlords
    before him since 1st July 1960 to current(2013). He's the most dumbest of all. Within the
    roadmap Signatories agenda, he's sitting on a looming fiasco inderno! and worst of all,
    his funny attitude to belittle the Somaliland quest is another overridding danger to accelerate
    his down fall into his coffin. Only then. his good adivsor "pis" would become a poor orphan
    shedding crocodile tears over the fallen orgy choirs.

    • Who you thought was you'r president? Silanyo??? I think your paranoid because Silanyo is a fugitive Ethiopian stooge SNM cockroach who's holed up somewhere in Hargeisa.

      Listen you'r president is Hassan Sheikh Mohamud besides you have no choice even you'r white trash british colonial masters abandoned and forced you to accept the London conference mohahahahhahah

  12. SNM has taught FAQASH unforgettable lesson. Those called Dhabayaco (in the so called Puntland) and Cagdheer will never face Somaliland National Armed Forces. Faqash will be under the feet of Hawiye Madoobe. They are just what we call '' Afkanool itaal baranbaro.''

  13. I think darood dogs KULUC and geezer should shut the f@ck up they r all patriot and national people here but the truth is they all sons of b"ches ( except dul and wrsan of course ) majertin dogs sucked the hapashi c@ock 4 years untill he finally stand up and occupy the capital and that was for 1 reason to make moq a darood ruled capital again capital even if it means killing all haweya living inside it that is why AY resigned after he got deeply depressed not to forget what raskamboni dogs did few months ago in south Somalia the marexar did exactly like majertin but this time they switched their masters to the Kenyan black ass so yes geezer and kulu r big sons of b"tches and nothing is gonna change that faqash piece of sh@it some day you"ll pay for all unforgivable and repeated betrayals to the Somalian nation