GALKAYO (Somalilandpress) — Hundreds of families in Somalia’s state of Puntland have fled inter-clan fighting in the town of Galkayo in Mudug region, witnesses said.

The fighting, the second as many months broke out early Wednesday morning when heavily armed militants from Puntland attacked opposing Galmudug positions in the south of the town after a police man from Puntland was shot dead.
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Residents told local reporters, that Puntland forces opened fire while on a man-hunt, however they shot dead a by-stander from the Galmudug side, the Galmudug locals avenged his death. Inter-clan battles and revenge killings is common in many parts of Somalia.

Witnesses said the fighting intensified on Thursday and involved machine guns, mortars and rocket propelled grenades. While a tank positioned at the national airport from the Puntland controled side fired shells at southern end, killing at least seven civilians.

Galmudug on it’s side used heavy mortars and artillery fire many landing on residential homes killing at least 21 people most of them civilians.

An eye witness said, at least 13 people were killed from Galmudug side while on the Puntland side as many as 31 lost their lives, including 10 soldiers. Galmudug forces have also taken control of Puntland bank and it’s central police station. According to sources, nearly 115 people were wounded in this renewed clashes.

The two sides backed by warring clans are said to be re-arming and preparing for fresh fights.

Efforts to reconcile the two were made but no official a ceasefire has been agreed on yet. It is expected elders from both sides to hold talks later today [Friday 25 December] to find a durable solution to the inter-clan unrests.

The fighting comes days after hundreds of internally displaced people (IDPs) fled from the town, furthermore hundreds more have fled the town.