Mogadishu (Africareview) A newly appointed Somalia Minister Mr Abukar Hassan Ali has resigned, citing clan expectations.

The resignation came a day after his appointment as Deputy Minister by the country’s Prime Minister Abdi Farah Shirdon. The PM also nominated 5 state ministers on the same day.

According to Mr Ali, his clan Galje’el deserved more than the position of Deputy Minister of Finance and National Planning.

“I consulted with the elders, religious leaders, youth and other prominent persons from my Galje’el clan. I was urged to resign,” stated the resigning deputy minister.

He added that the fact that each of the ten ministries will have two deputy ministers meant that even a deputy ministerial post he was to assume was just half the position.

“Considering the influence of my clan, I cannot accept to assume the position in a ministry with two deputy ministers,” remarked Mr. Ali. “There was an earlier consensus that my clan would get a state minister. Thus, this nomination must be undermining my clan’s status and I would not go down into the history books as the man who accepted an inferior position for my clan,” he added.

When the Transitional Federal Government ceased and a non-permanent government was established in September, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud and PM Shirdon agreed to form a lean government of 10 ministers.

However, several clans that missed ministerial posts complained privately. This, however, is the first major protest against appointments in a nation where clan balance and political roles are closely linked.

Earlier on November 5, the Premier appointed a lean cabinet made of 10 ministers that included two women ministers.

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