NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — The 2011 Somali famine killed an estimated 260,000 people, half of them age 5 and under, according to a new report to be published this week that more than doubles previous death toll estimates, officials told The Associated Press.

The aid community believes that tens of thousands of people died needlessly because the international community was slow to respond to early signs of approaching hunger in East Africa in late 2010 and early 2011.

The toll was also exacerbated by extremist militants from al-Shabab who banned food aid deliveries to the areas of south-centralSomalia that they controlled. Those same militants have also made the task of figuring out an accurate death toll extremely difficult.

A Western official briefed on the new report — the most authoritative to date — told AP that it says 260,000 people died, and that half the victims were 5 and under. Two other international officials briefed on the report confirmed that the toll was in the quarter-million range. All three insisted they not be identified because they were not authorized to share the report’s contents before it is officially released.

The report is being made public Thursday by FEWSNET, a famine early warning system funded by the U.S. government’s aid arm USAID, and by the Food Security and Nutrition Analysis Unit – Somalia, which is funded by the U.S. and Britain.

A previous estimate by the U.K. government said between 50,000 and 100,000 people died in the famine. The new report used research conducted by specialists experienced in estimating death tolls in emergencies and disasters. Those researchers relied on food and mortality data compiled by the Food Security and Nutrition Analysis Unit.

Because of the imprecise nature of the data available, the toll remains only an estimate.

When asked about the report, Somalia Health Minister Maryan Qasim Ahmed said she didn’t want to comment until she read it because of questions she had about the accuracy of the figures.

Sikander Khan, the head of UNICEF in Somalia, also said he needed to look at the report’s methodology before commenting specifically. But he said generally that the response to the famine was problematic because it depended on political dynamics. He said the international community needs to change the way it classifies famines.

“You lose children by the time people realize it’s met the established definition of famine,” he said.

Marthe Everard, the World Health Organization’s country director for Somalia, said she has not yet seen the report but would not be surprised by such a high death toll.

“The Somalis themselves were shocked about the number of women and children dying,” she said, adding later: “It should give us lessons learned, but what do we do with it? How do we correct it for next time?”

Much of the aid response came after pictures of weak and dying children were publicized by international media outlets around the time the U.N. declared a famine in July 2011.

“By then you are too late,” Everard said.

A report last year by the aid groups Oxfam and Save the Children found that rich donor nations waited until the crisis was in full swing before donating a substantial amount of money. The report also said aid agencies were slow to respond.

Quicker action wouldn’t have prevented the deaths in areas controlled by al-Shabab. The militant group prevented many men from leaving the famine-hit region and allowed no emergency food aid in.

Thousands of Somalis walked dozens or hundreds of miles to reach camps in Kenya and Ethiopia. Countless numbers of families lost children or elderly members along routes that became known as roads of death.

 Source: AP


  1. Has anyone ever wondered this insane Isaaq Godane only kills non Isaaq people? of all those 260,000 killed 80% were from the Rahanweyn clan the rest 20% were hawiya and darood.

    • Take Ina Godane to court and sue him!

      Oh i forgot he is an AVATAR!

      Fuad Shangole and Dahir Cawys, Muktar robo and Hassan Turky are the real leaders…

      • @Buuxiye

        what is wrong with you? why make fun of the dead so you can score your cheep point with Puntlanders by by bringing up Fuad Shangole? what is Fuad Shangole got to do with the famine or Dahir Cawys, Muktar robo and Hassan Turky etc.?

        Godane is the leader of Al shabaab whatever he says happens because he's the boss he refused to comply with food organisations and he even forced people to stay indoors where they died slowly through starvation.

        Seriously can you not feel sorry for these innocent children's as young as 3 who died needlessly because of your uncle Godane refusal and prohibitions of allowing food aid in areas under he's control?

        You should be ashamed of yourself young man!!!

    • The famine killed these people and the famine was caused by darood leaders whose decisions only benefit darood scum.

  2. wow 260,000? that's about 5 % of somalia's population. Quite a high number, but surely the dead numbers was not an easy one. If the south is not stable, infested with civil war and religious extremests who are ready to form a qualition with the devil to make their idiology rule, then what is wrong with the what so called "somaliland government"? Why there were over 20,000 death last year, and over 100,000 people running away to hargeisa to escape the drought? If the international comunity are slow to respond, so it is your beloved silaanyo? You can't see beyond your nose of course, you are just a person living on other's paid taxes and just throw your normal "viva somaliland" like a blind sheep.

    • kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

      Siilanyo did not do this to you my friend, you did this to your self

  3. These people are mainly BANU, they lost their land due to Hawiye moryaan bush them out their farmland. so, if you don't farm starvation will kick in. it's sad situation.

    the GODANE issue, godane is the most wanted person in somalia . IC are looking to get him but lately he's walking around freely in Hargiesa.

  4. These pictures are heartbreaking, its hard for me as a dad to look these pictures and not shed tears. This is a good example why we should forgive each other and never again start a war.

    • you want the hawiye brothers to forgive you after doing this to them.kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

      why do darood daqomo always try to cover @ss

      • don't be silly brother, this situation is not a laughing matter. Its not about Hawiye, Daarood or Isaaq, its about saving poor children, elders, women. Its about saving the Somali race.

  5. The real number dead for starvation in somalia are 1.4 million from 1990- 2011.
    The real number killed bulled is 1 million from 1990-2006.

    Total= 2.4 million Somalis most are innocent. now, Somalilan region they always winging, complaining, never stop crying, keep mourning.

  6. The D&M even tho they have suffered the most sins Somalia's independence they're still one of the most nationalistic clans now if that's doesn't receive a standing ovations then i don't know what is.

    • The reality is When Hawiye were chasing the Darood our of Somalia to Utanga camp. The Darood made sure to destroy the poor D&M and their farms as they escaped out of Somalia.

      Furthermore the D&M have traveled to Bintilaa Province only to suffer the same and to this day the endure the pain and scars of Darood brutality in Bossasso and Gerowe.

      They just do not have the chance to do anything about it… I assure you they will seek revenge when they have the required level of confidence to do it well.

  7. Oh the world did not help us , Somaliland did not help us out, this is called displacement disorder. So let them all go to hell, do we care no we don't. This is of their own making and they should shoulder their responsibility and must not blame their own disasters on themselves and on no body else.

    The IC and Somaliland can not and will not solve your problems and we do not even care if you parish.

    • who needs your help? just tell your iidoooor uncle Godane to go home because if we found him we gonna feed him to hyenas not because he's an al shabab but for being from Isaaq clan.

        • ONLY a DAROOD would ever claim being a Slave to INA GOD-ANNE!!!

          Worry about Fuad Shangole who is in Gerowe.

          Not a ghost.

          • Darood the ranting boy has no brain to even justify what they are doing in Kismaayo and leaving their regions. They are so ignorant and arrogant to the point they invade other people's land and say we are here to build over regional government. Get off my life and region and go where you belong parasites.

          • Kismaayo Fake,

            Darood are many not minority like you they inhabit vast land of territory within somalia border and beyond.

  8. do i care simple answer is no these people only now how to bag and blame others for their own mess godane this godane that godane is only one person so take some responsibility for ones and for all southerners

    • Ina Godane is a figment of their imagination. Imaginary enemy they thought would unite them as one people instead they are more divided then ever before.

      There is nothing about somalia-Italia that we should feel sorry for it is experiencing a natural process of survival in the jungle. I do not feel sorry when a Lion chases and eats a wild pig and in the same way the people of Somalia-Italia are only experiencing that same type of Jungle law and it is neither bad nor good. It just is and will be so until they choose to leave the JUNGLE mentality.

      Nobody has ever MET or seen INA GOD-ANNE he is their FEAR personified. Majority of Shabab are Darood and D&M with Hawiye ranking third… let me stop… i do not give a damn who or whatever they are, may they enjoy their choices.

      • STOP lying mate, Godane xaara walks freely in Hargeisa all the western Agency know that. what you need to understand is al-shabab they don't believe tribe, but the majority everybody aware where they came from those young people who are blowing up them self's in mogadishu streets have nothing to do Darood Jaberti Ismail. most top leaders Al-shabab we know what tribe they belong to such as, godane, ali dheere, shangoole,

        EVEN west their intelligence pick them up source somalilaan region uses godane to destabilize some part of southern somalia . west sent good warning to s/land region about this issue, what a shame.

        • Don't think you guys know this but, Al-Shabab leaders of the highest rank are Isaaq… Godane is a well known Sacad Muse man who wants to destabilize Somalia for what they allowed to happen to Somaliland. I don't know if he walks freely in Hargeisa, but if he was, noone would say a thing. The same way no Marehan said a thing when Bare and Morgan were doing disgusting atrocities to the people of Somaliland. Anyway my point is GODANE DOES exist and Al-Shabab can never come close to Somaliland as their leaders are Isaaq. Sad fact, but all true.

          • Oh well Bahuko is from Somaliland too i guess?

            The intelligence submitted to the USA and UK came from Muuqdishu with regards to the Migration of Shabab.

            Days after the falsified intelligence report from muuqdishu what does shabab do? they kill 30people in a court house.

            There is nobody more senior within the ranks of Shabab then Hassan Dahir Cawys and since he is Hawiye to retain Darood and Rahanweyn allegiance only an ISAAQ ghost Leader can keep them united.

          • The reality is GODANE does exist moves freely Hargiesa duty streets. this is well documented fact stories. the British MI5 told somaliland region admin get your act together we aware your supporting indirectly Godane his mission in some parts of somalia.

            Those who think Hassan Aweys Moryaan is the real leader of Al-shabab you need strong coffee, hassan aweys he's well known informer of western intelligence. he lives in mogadishu and Afgoye no one arrested him.

            The ISSUE is if same part of somalia wants to fight terrorism and same wants to support for their own gain it's unacceptable in any standard.

  9. I'm a tough girl, I hardly ever cry, but this made me cry like a baby, looking at all those adorable, innocent eyes, I wish there were something I could do for them except praying.
    OMG seriously? We are so backward this has nothing to do with political or tribe.

    • Those pictures bring a smile on some somalilanders' faces. Those guys will sell anything, absolutely anything, to be recognised. Once some while back i was saying that those who call themselves somalilanders joke about those poor children, and they use them as a tool to say hey, we are better!
      Look at their comments not one of them is even troubled by those pictures

      • Don't be stupid… Your People did this to themselves.

        You want pity? are you f*cking brain dead?

        You are foreigners to us and you will always be foreigners why would i care what happens to a Kikiyu in kenya? specially if that Kikiyu is choosing to commit suicide and in the process harming his children…

        It is poetic justice if you ask me… Somethings are doomed to extinction like the dinosaurs

        Take responsibility and stop killing your future generations and if you don't care about them then don't expect others to either.

        Somaliland has 90,000 Somalia-Italia Refugees and in addition there are many others that are renting private homes and living among the general population i don't think we can do anything more for your Refugees.

        • You telling me those poor children did this to themselves? I really wonder if you grew up in a loving family. You are a twisted person with so many psychological complexes and all that hate to those poor children stems from your poor upbringing or maybe your parents abandoned you in an orphanage and that's why you hate all children as a result. A person with basic humanity values will not even say what you say to their worst enemies let alone that you suppose to be somali and a muslim person.
          Congrets somalilanders, this is your best guy on this blog, hahaha

          • Buuxiye is a rape victim he's was raped by he's white master priest while in British slave ship

          • 22 years you have been abusing your women and children in Somalia-Italia-federation.

            Do you want us to TAKE YOUR children away to orphanages to keep them save from their parents?

            I doubt the apple falls far from the tree since your ISSUE is 22years old. The children that were abused in 1991 are today the adults abusing their own children. Your entire Somalia-Italia social fabric is rotten and that nobody can fix for you.

            If Somalia-Italia is your country then go do something positive for those children instead of playing the blame game online… Go safe your children from your parents.

            No need to be angry at me i do not give a damn what you do in your stinking Failed Colony just don't expect to always be saved by outside intervention!

          • like I said this has nothing to do with Somalia-Britannia or Somalia-Italia, the truth is there is poverty and starving children all over in Somalia, some are suffering more than others but believe me if you make an effort to use your grey matter you'll know there are starving children in your block.

            and FYI no one is angry at you nor begging for your mercy.

          • I know Somalia-Italia refugees are everywhere in Africa and we do our share of looking after those that find their way to Somaliland and they are saver in our refugee camps then in their own country as IDPS.

            You are missing the whole point… If the grown ups in Somalia-Italia stop the abuse and murder those children would not be starving.

            Sheikh Sharif agreed to block all food aid to areas controlled by Shabab while at the same time Shabab was accused of not allowing in the food aid.

            The lives of those children were used as political pawns this was not a natural disaster it was man made…

            There are 1.27million somalia-Italia population still in Dadaab, Dollo, Ado, yemen, djibouti, somaliland and across the African continent… They have existed in a permanent state of poverty living off food aid for 22years…

            I do not see any of your leaders shed any tears for them, i do not see any of you even remember them while you concern yourself with other countries…

            Those Refugees and IDPs in their Millions will eventually be making up the Majority of the population of Somalia-Italia… How are they ever expected to get along to share a name and country?

            Let us be honest Hassan Mahamoud and Faroole never mention those children in refugee camps and they are your leaders.

  10. Somaliland forced to participate Somali Conference in London

    Somaliland was forced to participate Somali conference in London on 7th May 2013, diplomatic sources told
    Sources said that officials from office of the prime minister of UK told President of Somaliland Ahmed Silanyo to participate the conference . Though President Siilanyo refused to accept the request , but he was finally forced to participate Somali conference in London on 7th May 2013.
    President Siilanyo sent request to UK government that he would arrive the conference on behalf of Somaliland Government , but that offer was rejected ..
    UK government has warned that if Somaliland refuses to come to the London Somali Conference it will affect the friendship between UK and Somaliland as well as the humanitarian aid provided by UK.

  11. Whats up with buxiye these days? I mean he used to repeat the same 2state bs thing but now hes getting emotional attacking tribes,praying for the destruction of Somalia and laughing at the starving etc. Wallah its sick. He needs to grow up.

  12. Staggering numbers, especially for the figures under 5 years old. A whole generation wiped out. It has been like this in Somalia for more than two decades, and there is still no sign of any change. The most unfortunate thing is that these people are apolitical, just want to have a decent life.

  13. Its disgusting to see so many people on the comments bringing tribes and blaming 'Somalia-Italia' for MUSLIMS dying of starvation. In all honesty, if I saw Buuxiye or anyone else talking this kind of trash about tribes when really its about innocent people dying of starvation, i'd probably knock his teeth out wallahi. If this is what the Somali race has become, I fear for the future. Inshallah Khayr

    • It is not innocent people dying though is it?

      It is not happening in Djibouti is it?

      It is stinking Somalia-Italia and it's 22year old failure to protect their children that is on debate.

      You people should be disgusted with yourselves:

      Dadaad, Dolo Ado, Yemen, Djibouti, Somaliland, and across the African continent there are 1.27Million Somalia-Italia REFUGEES for 22years. Entire generations born in refugee camps and you people have the nerve to show your face in public or comment online about people being disgusted with your failure.

      I did not cause your failure nor do i care if you ever recover so enjoy where Somalia-Italia is for another 22 years. You people killed the name of all Somalis.

      • The fact that you just said it's not innocent people dying is disgusting in itself? The Children dying aren't innocent? Muslim indeed. And for the record I am a Somalilander…

        • @allinnuh

          you were probably breastfed by your mum just like me that's why you turned out so well into a fine young man who has dignity and honour and wouldn't bow down for white trash folks but unfortunately Buuxiye wasn't that lucky because he had a swollen female dog nipple looool

          • The Truth hurts but sometimes it just needs to be said…

            I would rather feel sorry for the Syrian children.

          • I just think Buuxiye is a bitter old man. Be proud of what you are, a Somalilander, but don't degrade others and forget you are Muslim please. Anyways, I LOVE ALL SOMALI'S… SOMALILAND HA NOOLATO THOUGH

          • @allinnuh

            Somaliland ha noolato???? You said your muslim but you support a foreign christian white trash english policy which aims to divide the Muslim ummah in Somalia.

            Man your worse than Buuxiye in fact you're a disgusting creature.